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top things to do in Menorca
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Things To Do In Menorca – Make Memories In The Magical Land

Going through dull winter working days and stranded summer weeks? It’s time to press a fast forward button. Escape into a beautiful destination where nature is waiting to hug you with all its charm. Menorca, a Balearic Island located in Spain is one dramatic destination that you should never miss. Get a glimpse of the Mediterranean sea, Golden beaches, Coasts bordered with trees and much more. Also, the Biosphere Reserve in the place has volumes to say. Read this article and get to know about the top things to do in Menorca, the tourists’ paradise.

More about Menorca

Initially, Menorca has named a Biosphere reserve in 1993. A scheme was introduced with a good motive to preserve the natural assets of the state. Building a positive relationship between humans and wildlife, Menorca has become the home for a wide array of rich wildlife. In addition to the wildlife assets, the place also possesses amazing landscapes, warm water bodies and natural beauty. There are various things to do in Menorca which is the key reason for tourists to storm into the Island every year. 

Things to do and see in Menorca

Bodegas Binifadet

Taking a wine trip is always a good idea during your vacation. Bodegas Binifadet is an amazingly beautiful winery in Menorca. Opened in 1979, the winery offers high-quality wines and lip-smacking food as well. With bricks aligned in the interiors, the place projects a vintage ambience. Take a free guided tour to this winery during the noon and enjoy a full filled lunch here.

Taste the two remarkably delightful wines and a sample of the winery’s homemade goat cheese marinated with red wine. This tour is one of its kind as it offers you the best knowledge about wineries. Since all the products of the winery are naturally grown, the place boasts a sustainable production technique which complements Menorca’s Biosphere Reserve.

Address: Cami De Ses Barraques, Menorca, Spain
Contact Number +34 971 15 07 15

Mahon Port

Lively Mahon Port one of the top things to do in Menorca
Image credits: Unsplash

Mahon Port simply tops the list of things to do in Menorca as it holds the pride of badging the ‘Certificate of Excellence’ award. Being the second-deepest natural port, the place welcomes a number of tourists round the year. With remarkable views and panoramic vistas, the landscape looks like a paradise land.

You can witness the whole of the city from this miraculous port. Get down the stairs of the harbour to enjoy the charming atmosphere offered by the sea. Do not miss trying out the food served in the welcoming restaurants and lively bars. Stroll around the boutique shops and explore the gin distillery housed in Mahon Port. With peculiar features and unique attractions, the port is truly a must-visit attraction.

Address: Illes Balears Menorca, Spain
Contact Number: +1 639 676 351

Isla del Rey

Isla del Rey is a protected natural space in Spain which played a significant role in crafting the history of the country. Initially, the place was used as a hospital for sick and injured British soldiers in 1711. Meanwhile, during the latter days, it was used by French, Spanish, American, Dutch and Italians as well. This tiny island is now isolated and out of use. However, currently, the place houses some local plants and vegetations. You can also spot ancient stones and architectural remains. You can also spot colourful fishes and other rare aquatic species in the water bodies of Isla del Rey.

Address: Illes Balears Menorca, Spain

Cova d’En Xoroi

beautiful scenery at Menorca
Image credits: Unsplash

It’s time to take in the beauty of cliffs, rocks, sun and the moon. Cova d’En Xroi is one of the best things to do in Menorca. The luscious views of sunrise and heart-melting sunset and moon view over the ocean will make your heart skip a beat. Write your romantic stories in the coasts of Cova d’En Xoroi with your loved one for you’ll cherish the memory for a lifetime to come. Also, do not miss enjoying the disco nights, live music and themed parties held here. 

Address: 07730 Alaior Menorca, Spain
Contact Number: +34 971 37 72 36

Naveta d’es Tudons

things to do in Menorca Naveta d'es Tudons
Image credits: Unsplash

Make way to the majestic historic monument and a physical reminder of Menorca’s history. Naveta d’es Tundos is easily a 3000-year-old structure that stands strong even today. Initially, the place was used as a burial ground or a collective funeral chamber. As the word “Naveta” means a vessel, it was connected by stones and nothing else. You will be amused to know that no other media was used to put up the stones together. The surrounding landscapes along with the age-old history that’s been preserved definitely demands a visit.

Address: 07769 Ciutadella de Menorca, Spain

Aero Club and Hippodrome

Situated in the hamlet of San Lluis, Aero Club and Hippodrome is a one-stop entertainment in Menorca. Indulge in the fun-filled events hosted by the club. Also, the most interesting fact is that you will get amazing offers if you are visiting the place for the first time. Initially, the place served as an airport until 1969. Currently, the place houses planes for visitors to take a ride around the island. Also, enjoy go-karting courses and other events while taking a day trip in this enjoyable location.

Address: Avda JA Clave, 396, Menorca, Spain
Contact number: +34 971 36 16 72

Jeep Safari Menorca

Jeep Safari, an activity that ensures both natural and adventurous retreat is indeed one of the top things to do in Menorca. Honoured with the certificate of excellence award, the activity ensures an amazing experience for the tourists. You can pick among the three excursions namely The Explorer, The Archaeological Expedition, and The Sunset Experience. With each excursion better than the other, The Jeep Safari will definitely give you memorable memories to cherish.

Address: Carrer s’hort de jurats Menorca, Spain
Contact Number: +34 687 773 248

Planoram Paragliding

Are you an adventure junkie? Spend a thrilling day while experiencing the adrenaline rushing Planoram Paragliding activity. This is truly one of the best things to do in Menorca that will offer you an experience of a lifetime. You will be accompanied by a certified guide and a professional pilot while taking this safe free falling jump. Also, you will be given an electronic parachute to ensure further safety. Take this adventurous activity during the time of sunset to enjoy the jump as well as the mesmerizing views.

Address: Carrer de San Fernando, 20 Menorca, Spain
Contact number: +34 971 35 00 43

Cala Pregonda

Beautiful beaches of  Cala pregonda
Image credits: Unsplash

Soak in the sands of the Golden beach and dip your feet in the rushing tides. Indulge in this unique beach experience at Cala Pregonda, one of the most important things to do in Menorca. A deadly combination of rocky landscapes on one side and lush greeneries on the other side will truly impress you during your visit. Take a relaxing trip to the beach, stroll around the shore, get into a boat, kayak or jet ski and live the moment. 

Address: Diseminado Poligono 03, 14 Menorca, Spain

Cami de Cavalls

Head to the most spectacular open-air museums in the world with your travel buddies. The Cami de Cavalls in Menorca is one of the top things to do in Menorca. Showcasing a multitude of ecosystems with a wide array of species of animals and endangered species, the place is truly a delight for nature lovers. Explore Cala Pregonda by walk, bike or via a trek. The beautiful trail that recollects the history of Menorca with its watchtowers and lighthouses will definitely be your favourite.

Address: 07740 Illes Balears Menorca, Spain
Contact Number: +34 622 055 025

Write the best chapter of your travel story in Menorca while exploring the endless beaches, sandy crescents and tree-fringed coasts of Menorca. Also, the beauty of the surroundings and idyllic landscapes will find a permanent place in your heart. Moreover, these things to do in Menorca will make you jump in joy. Make way to the magical land and live the best days of your life here. Slide into the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your trip to Spain right away!

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