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Modesto CA
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on November 17, 2022 Share on

11 Things that you should definitely do in Modesto, California

Modesto literally translates to Modest in the Spanish language. Just like its name, the county has been modest to its residents. Unlike other towns and counts, Modesto in Calfornia has a tiny mixture of pop culture. The city is known for its farmlands and wineries. Visit all the splendid attractions and spend some quality time in California. Here are the top 11 things that you should definitely do in Modesto, California.

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County of Modesto
Image Source: Unsplash

Must-do things in Modesto

1. Modesto Certified Farmer’s Market

Modesto Certified Farmer's Market
Image Source: Unsplash

The Modesto Certified Farmers Market has an amazing 30 years of existence in the field area. There’s an unknown fact about the Modesto Certified Farmer’s Market. This place is known for being one of the pioneers of the Farm-To-Table philosophy in the United States. The market has various delicious and the freshest produce from the Central Valley area. Fresh fruits, veggies, cheeses are also available. Is there anyone who hates jams and jellies? The market also hosts seasonal events like live music, festivals, and much more.

2. Gallo centre for the arts

One of the amazing and notable arts centres is the Gallo centre for the arts. It is also known as the ‘Home’ of the Mary Stuart Rogers Theater. This theatre has a vast capacity which can accommodate more than a thousand spectators. Not only this, but the Foster Family Theater is also another notable venue here! The main cultural hub here is, The Gallo Center for the Arts! You can enjoy various performances here in the theatre. Mark the dates on your calendar!

3. McHenry Mansion

This historic house was built in the year 1883 and later announced as a tourist destination during 1983. McHenry mansion adds extra beauty to the Modesto! This place is the only remaining Victorian home in the city and it was painstakingly restored only before some years to preserve its history.  Worried about choosing the best place to visit in and around Modesto? Choose McHenry mansion- Family-friendly tours in the Mansion of free charge. You can host your gathering too at the Victorian Home. From weddings to recitals, satisfy your guests and revel in the velvet comfort of luxury!

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4. Graffiti Summer

Have you heard about Graffiti summer’s famous past? The illustrious film director George Lucas’s birthplace is the Graffiti summer and the “American Graffiti” was released in 1962, serving as the inspiration of the venue. Dear vintage lovers, please do not visit this place. You might decide never to leave this place. Drive to Graffiti summer to enjoy 60s themed nights, carhops, and diners that open their doors to celebrate this classic story.  June also means Joy!  From street fairs to classic car parades, concerts, and an impressive showcase of American Graffiti culture as we celebrate this important pillar of our community.

5. John Thurman Field

If you want to catch a game of baseball in Modesto then you need to head to John Thurman Field which is the home stadium of the local baseball team the Modesto Nuts. Here you will find a large arena that has a capacity of 4,000 spectators for sporting events, but that can be transformed into a 7,500 seat stadium for musical concerts. Make sure to check what’s on when you are in town, as there is an eclectic range of events held here throughout the year.

6. Virginia Corridor Trailway

Trip to California? Don’t forget the Virginia Corridor Trail way!  To your surprise, the lush gardens dotted along the way will attract and impress you! The trail way has also several amenities like picnic areas, shade structures, barbecues, and gardens to entertain you. This is the destination that will give you a fulfilled tummy as there is a feast laid out for your thirsty eyes!

7. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park
Image Source: Unsplash

The mitochondria or the powerhouse of the US, this place is known for its splendour is a should-be in your checklist! No introduction is needed for this magnificent Yosemite Park which is located outside the Modesto. With a stretch of 1200 miles, the park has many features like deep gorges, pictures, waterfalls, flower meadows, and vast scrub plains. People visit here often because of their love for the flora and fauna. Even if you’ve travelled a hundred times to the park, you’ll surely find new reasons to visit again.

8. Deer Creek National Park

For vistas and the flora, fauna collections, the Deer creek national park stands out to be the best! Modesto is not modest about its history. Memories that deserve to be re-lived are here, put your heart and soul in finding new meanings to past stories. A shout out to all the history lovers, we guarantee you will end up marrying this place. You can find that Agricultural history is etched in architectural beauty.  In conclusion, a perfect evening is indeed guaranteed!

9. Sunshine Rafting

Aqua lover? The Stanislaus River which is a tributary of the San Joaquin River is one of the top water bodies to soak your body in water! Sunshine Rafting is one of the best rafting companies. You will be given proper care and complete guidance during rafting.  More than that, enjoy knights Ferry rafting, paddles and life-jackets, group snaps, and a shuttle at the end of the trip! Enjoy the California sunset view and soak!

10. Graceada Park

‘Graceada’ insists on the first names of the wives of the families that donated the land for the park ( Grace Beard and Ada Wise carver). Adding up the two names, ‘ Graceada’! An early reminder of existent women kindness and women power. If you are a feminist, this place might be an inspiration.  Being the most charming legacy after naming the local names of the residents, this place has a quite beautiful history. Isn’t it? From basketball to volleyball courts, the park is full-on entertainment. Let’s not even talk about missing it. Above all, enjoy the nice breeze during the dawns and feel the glee, watching the fountains and other water features!

11. The State Theatre

The State Theatre, Modesto
Image Source: Unsplash

Since the 1920s, the state theatre has kept entertaining people. It was restored in recent years and is open to the public again. Seeking a venue filled with a cultural atmosphere? Do visit the state theatre. You can also enjoy dance recitals and musical performances here. Apart from the shows, the theatre is also worth visiting the building which makes our eyes impossible to get rid of the interesting art pieces showcased!

California is going to be a delightful experience for you and your loved ones. Head to the  Pickyourtrail and plan your holiday to the USA. Check out the amazing packages to the USA and get packing! Ping us on Whatsapp with your contact information. Start planning and Happy travelling!

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