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Nice in France
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Top 7 Things to Do in Nice: Best place to Visit in France

Nice’s informal anthem is Nissa La Bella, and you can’t hold the agree to concur with this slant when you visit the French Riviera’s biggest city. Nice’s excellence originates from the nineteenth-century mansions on its promenades and streets, from the city’s Italianate old quarter and the rugged terrain that gives numerous wondrous vantage focuses. 

Artists have always valued this view, rendered more progressively wonderful by the unique light. So Nice is presently furthermore probably the best place to go to Europe for art galleries, with historical centres bound to Chagall and Matisse. Just add brilliant food, an ideal environment and Riviera excitement, you have an extraordinary place. Nice is best experienced when you have a plan for two days. If you wish to visit places like Monaco, Villefranche-sur-Mer, Cap Ferrat, and Ezethen then add in a day extra to your Itinerary. However, If you are in a hurry, two days would do the best here. 

So, How about we explore the best Things to Do in Nice:

1. Promenade des Anglais 

Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France
Image Credits: Unsplash

There are coastline walks, and afterwards, there’s the Promenade des Anglais, which is something beyond a fantastic walkway close to the Mediterranean: It’s been an essential part of Nice city life since this dam was built during the 1820s. Parades for the elated Nice Carnival drop by in February, while the rest of the year joggers, couples, skateboarders and families spend throughout the day. The Promenade bends for seven kilometres, and on the eastern side is surrounded by magnificent nineteenth-century royal residences. You can sit down on the benches underneath pergolas and palm trees and have a beautiful day at Nice. 

2. Vieille Ville 

The most organised part of the city is a change from Nice’s wide roads and squares like Place Masséna. It’s a grid of streets with nearby shops and cafés, clouded by tall ochre-painted buildings and overwhelmed by the Colline du Château toward the east.

Glaciers, crêperies and bistros all flow onto the squares, which are frequently busy until the early hours of the day. There’s a solid Italian feel about the design and setting, which is no coincidence as Nice wasn’t French until the Treaty of Turin in 1860. 

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3. Parc de la Colline du Château 

In the park at the highest point of this lofty hill on the east side of the city, you’ll be given a portion of the French Riviera’s majestic views. 

Parc de la Colline du Château in Nice
Image Credits: Google Images

You can think back over Nice and the sky blue ocean in the Baie des Anges, and it’s a sight you’ll need to get lost and watch it for a while. Believe us, It’s worth it!

You can select all the landmarks, similar to the Hotel Negresco and the port toward the east. In case you’re feeling fit, you may visit the top by walking from the Vieille Ville. All things considered, there’s also a free elevator to the top, which is recommended during autumn in France

4. Musée Marc Chagall 

Chagall was so connected with designing of this gallery that he had decided that every work of his would-be here for sure, provided the format of the gardens and designed the stained glass windows in the concert hall. So from multiple points of view, the gallery is a true masterpiece by itself. 

In any case, it was made was to house Chagall’s arrangement of 17 artworks with religious biblical themes, partitioned into the New and Old Testament. Among these are the renowned Resistance, Resurrection, Liberation triptych, painted earlier, during and after the Second World War. 

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5. Nice Cathedral 

Image Credits: Google Images

Situated in the Vieille Ville, the outside of this landmark is fairly unprepossessing, apart from its designed dome. An easygoing visitor to the square in front probably won’t understand this is the city’s cathedral. But when you are inside, it’s a different story, and the structure takes on new heights once you step through its hallway. It is worked in the seventeenth century with an expensive ornate design, made out of ten exceptionally shining churches with characters, artistic creations and plating. It is the sort of building you’d hope to see in Italy or Spain. It is definitely one of the best places to visit in France.

6. Cours Saleya Market 

Likewise in Nice’s old quarter is this dazzling flower and fresh produce market, which sets up each day except Monday when it’s replaced by a flea market. If you’re holidaying in a condo in Nice, at that point this market is a gift from heaven, selling new products, regional luxuries like socca made on-site and flowers sourced from the places nearby and Alpes-Maritimes countryside.

Many vendors will tempt you with free samples, which is a powerful method of getting your business! The flower shows stay open the longest, staying until 17:30, long after the food businesspeople have gotten together. Beat the visitor rush and arrive during the early hours of the day.

7. Musée Masséna 

Interiors of Musée Masséna
Image Credits: Google Images

This nineteenth-century mansion on the Promenade des Anglais was given to the city by the Duke of Rivoli in 1919 depending on the prerequisite that it ought to be opened to the general population as a historical centre of neighbourhood history.

You need to go to see what it resembles inside one of these Belle Époque mansions, and it has gardens that were designed by Édouard André, which resemble the Monte Carlo Casino. There’s an interesting collection of curiosities inside, similar to Napoleon’s death mask and a tiara of his wife, Empress Joséphine. , just as a gathering of nineteenth-century French art on the second floor.

Well, Nice is indeed a great place to visit while on vacation in France. It is recommended to plan your Itinerary well ahead to grab the best deal. Pickyourtrail app allows you customise an Itinerary in just the way you prefer. Download the app, and you are guaranteed a memorable vacation ahead!

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