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Phoenix Arizona
Written by Athul K V on August 21, 2020 Share on

Best things to do in Phoenix, Arizona

Being the fifth most populous city in the United States, the city of Phoenix in Arizona is a pretty unique place to be. The geographical characteristics of Phoenix make it one of the hottest places in the US. The “Valley of the Sun” is an awesome destination which brings out a new face of the US. As the capital of Arizona state, Phoenix is a happening city in the middle of a desert and offers plenty of activities to do and places to see. Although the summers can be a bit rough, due to the heat, winters are calm and peaceful. Because of the variety of options here in terms of its culture and gastronomy, Phoenix is a fun vacation destination. Furthermore, it is an excellent location for families to chill out and enjoy a nice time. We will look at the best things to do in Phoenix.

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Phoenix Arizona
Image Source: Unsplash

Desert Botanical Garden

Home to thousands of plants and birds, the desert botanical garden is one of the must-visit in Phoenix. Additionally, the garden helps us to understand more about desert plants and landscape. This 140-acre complex is a mix of art and nature, including different types of art installations. Furthermore, the garden is best-explored walking and it has plenty of walking trails perfect for the explorer in you.

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Musical Instrument Museum

This museum has the largest collection of musical instruments in the world. It has a great collection of American instruments as well as from all around the world. This is a temple for music lovers where they get to see the journey of musical instruments over time. There are also interactive displays, which gives a unique experience as well. Also, here you can see the instruments used by all-time greats such as John Lennon and Elvis Presley etc. A visit to the museum is surely worth your time where you see how music has changed over time.

Heard Museum

Heard Museum is the place where you learn about the story of the Southwest of the US. The museum is home to Native American art pieces, jewellery, textiles, weapons and other things used by them. Founded in 1929, this museum is a living monument of the life and culture of the Native American roots of the Southwest. Additionally, it has a sculpture garden, an open cafe, an art gallery also. The purpose of the Heard Museum is to preserve and propagate the history and culture of Native Americans in the Southwest. Heard Museum should be at the top of your list of best things to do in Phoenix.

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Heard Museum
Image Source: Google Images

Papago Park

Unleash the inner adventure lover here, as the park is the perfect location for plenty of outdoor activities. There lots of walking and hiking trails here where you get to experience the real Phoenix sun. Also, it has cycling trails which takes you through the rugged red rock terrain. In case you are taking a walking or hiking trail, it is suggested to do that early in the morning before the sun hits. Also, if you are lucky you can spot the wildlife here.

Papago Park Phoenix
Image Source: Unsplash

Camelback Mountain

This is a popular destination near downtown Phoenix, especially for hikers. Camelback mountain offers difficult hiking trails, which is not easy for amateurs as the scorching sun and rocky terrain make it more difficult. The two main trails are Echo Canyon Trail, which is a steep ascend through the difficult landscape. But, what makes this worth is the amazing view of the whole city from the top. The Cholla Trail is just as difficult as the Echo Canyon Trail, it just starts easily from the bottom and as you get to the top the size of the rocks get bigger and the ascend becomes more difficult. Also, you need to hike carefully as you may come across some wild animals like chuckwalla lizards and rattlesnakes.

Camelback Mountain
Image Source: Unsplash

South Mountain Park

Stretching almost 17000 acres, the South Mountain Park and Preserve is one the largest in the country. Follow the trails to see some parts of this gargantuan landscape. Hiking, cycling and horseback riding are the best way to get around the park. Similar to the Camelback Mountain, the view here is simply unbelievable. You can climb all the way to the Dobbins lookout and just marvel at the beauty of the city down below. This is also the highest reachable point in the park. This is one of the best things to do whenever you are in Phoenix. Also, make sure to stay hydrated and use sunscreen.

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Old Town Scottsdale

A hip and happening shopping place lined up with the best street shops and other options, the Old Town is a joy to walk around. You get all kind of window shopping options along with nice galleries as well. This is also where you find an amazing selection of restaurants and dining options. The best way to explore is by foot and getting lost in the million shops. The area is also well-known for its jewelry stores, so if you’re planning on popping the question in the future, we suggest that you check out the wide array of engagement rings in Scottsdale and buy something to make the moment truly special. Apart from the dining, shopping and gallery options, you will find a great selection of bars and pubs here. Old Town has a brilliant nightlife which is perfect for the party animal in you.

Old Town Scottsdale
Image Source: Pixabay


What started as a health tourist retreat has now transformed into a home of high-end luxury spas in Phoenix. The spas and resorts here are perfect getaways for relaxation and rejuvenation. Thus, luxury hotel brands and spa chains have identified Phoenix as a prime location for a calm and soothing haven for massages, beauty treatments etc. Additionally, the sheer variety and exclusive services make it a lucrative spot for tourists. Big players such as Hyatts and Marriots have their ultra-luxury properties and spas here. Phoenix is where you want to be for a nice weekend of revitalizing your body and soul.

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