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Top Things To Do In San Jose On Your United States Vacation

San Jose is California’s third-largest city, recognized as the Silicon Valley urban core. It is also famous for its warm, mild weather, where attractions. In its growing loans, shopping malls, sporting centres, restaurants and a thriving cultural option, San Jose’s purchasing power is difficult to overlook. The Guadalupe River enters the city centre and the numerous downtown Guadalupe River Park & Gardens are also a destination for visitors and locals.

Living in San Jose will be filled with technology, the state-of-the-art VTA light rail, the immersive museum, the internet giant and the Cinequest film festival. The southern bay also helps you to set up a lane for the Diablo and Santa Cruz tracks, to look at the Lick Observatory and to see the sea lights flashing as the sun sets over the valley of Santa Clara. So check out some of the best things to do in San Jose on your United States vacation.


This place tops the list of things to do in San Jose. This historical hot spot, one of the few traditional Japanese towns in the United States, dates back 120 years ago to the arrival of the first Japanese settlers. The chance to spend a day in Japan means having plenty of fun, with tasty Japanese restaurants, retail stores and countless art galleries and theatres. It chronicles Japanese immigration into America and the bleak intern days, and the San Jose Tofu Company is a beautiful, home-made tofu. One of the long-term inhabitants is Kazoo, who makes sushi combs, curry katsu and noodles for a snack.

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Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House
Image Credits: Pixabay

Sarah Winchester, widow of Wilhelm Winchester, and heiress to the vast wealth of Winchester from the Winchester’s development of the repeating rifle — often referred to as “the arms which won the west.” Sarah Winchester not only considered her husband’s loss; she also started to suspect that the ghosts of the victims murdered by Winchester rifles haunted her. When Sarah died, her work ceased indefinitely, but there are 161 rooms in the Mystery House Winchester. As a whole comprising of 40 apartments, two banquet halls and more than 10,000 glass panels. Doors opening on the walls and stairways in the Escher-esque interior lead to sealed roofs. From 1923, the estate has been accessible to tourists with a mix of lovely and often weird guests.

Heritage Rose Garden

Heritage Rose Garden
Image Credits: Pixabay

The Heritage Rose Garden was created in 1927 and became one of the city’s widely visited attractions. Much of this 5 hectares park in the centre of a beautiful city neighbourhood is characterised by rows and stripes of roses, with a peak flowering during May. The Heritage Rose Garden was developed by dedicated volunteers in 1995. You will be in time for the pruning season if you stop in January and February. There are professional potato training skills you can add to your household on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

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San Jose Museum

The Museum of Art in San Jose presents several exhibitions which intrigue people from every corner of life. The stock consists of over 1,000 items, among them quilts, textiles and clothes. The museum keeps three short-term showcase at any moment, though Know the meme was at the forefront in late 2019. Another important draw in the district is neighbouring the San Jose Museum of Art, St. Joseph’s Cathedral Basilica. This Roman Catholic church is easy to enjoy from the street, and it dates back many centuries and is still popular on the street today.

Santana Row

Beyond an open-air mall, Santana Row is a lifestyle. In the fashionable shopping district, there are also fine brands and famous local businesses. Santana Row looks like an urban neighbourhood due to palm trees, oaks, fountains, artists, footpaths and restaurant terraces. So none of this occurred on more than 40 hectares until the start of the 2000s, when it was considered to be a “place in the forest.” Santana Row has a weekly Summer Concert Series and a number of cultural festivals. Also, you can see group activities like weekly yoga, and a Children’s Bash towards the end of summer. There are stores, galleries and some well-known retailers including Ted Baker available for shoppers.

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Los Gatos Creek Trail

Los Gatos Creek Trail
Image Credits: Unsplash

Situated on San Jose downtown from Meridian Road, the Los Gatos Creek Trail ends in downtown San Jose, near Guadalupe River Park, in the city of Los Gatos, for approximately 10 miles, in the south towards Lexington Reserve at the foot of Santa Cruz Mountains in Los Gatos. There are more trails open. Governed by the Santa Clara County to travel to the city of Los Gatos you have to drive across the south from downtown San Jose. The Creek Trail links many community parks, open space preserves and other beautiful attractions. You can see that visiting this place is famous throughout the city as a well-known weekend trip.

California Theatre

An enigmatic shrine of the SoFa District is the principal venue for the Silicon Valley Symphony and Opera San José. With its effusive plateresque forms, coloured glass chandeliers and single pillars, the exuberant Jazz Period of the theatre was reborn. The creations by Brahms, Mozart, Beethoven and Schumann, Il Trovatore and the Magic Flute, Hansel and Gretel, as well as screenings and film pieces, were on the menu from 2019-20. The Annual Cinequest Film Festival will be presented at the California Theater in March, and will be presented next.

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Sikh Gurdwara Sahib

Sikh Gurdwara Sahib
Image Credits: Pixabay

Last but not the least, one of the top things to do in San Jose. Indeed, apart from Amritsar’s Harmandir Sahib in India there’s no bigger Gurdwara. The Gürdwara San José was founded in 1984 and took over 40 acres of property on the Evergreen Hills as a reward to the huge and increasing Sikh minority in Santa Clara Valley. You can watch the Silicon Valley from the outside fountain, and the scene at night is amazing. According to Sikh tradition, everybody at the Gurdwara is welcome to describe the temple in a variety of languages.

Finding this guide useful? Reasons outnumbered for you to plan and start your bookings to this amazing city. Start customising your itinerary with the top things to do in San Jose. Check some of the best United States holiday packages with Pickyourtrail and book your dream vacation now!

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