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Things to do in Sedona
Written by Shanmugam on September 18, 2020 Share on

Things to do in Sedona, Arizona, United States of America

Sedona is yet another peaceful and amazing place to visit near Arizona. It is one of the top tourist cities that has gorgeous red rock cliffs, buttes, and valleys. Moreover, Sedona is one of Arizona’s most charming city. A place where all the hiking and trekking enthusiastic head to every year. The place will amaze you with its stunning and unbelievable sceneries. Right from spiritual centres to adrenaline rushing trails, Sedona has something for everyone. Things to do in Sedona include visiting the Native American ruins, an ancient structure, museums, and saintly sites. Almost all these things to do in Sedona are budget-friendly and free. If you are someone who loves stargazing, it has a designated Dark Sky groups. With its pollution-free air and picturesque attractions, Sedona is a haven.

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Photo by Edmundo Mendez, Jr. on Unsplash

List of Top things to do in Sedona

There are a plethora of things to do in Sedona. Moreover, all the tourist attraction in Sedona are picture-perfect. Take a break, pack your bags and head to Sedona this summer. Check the below list of top things to do in Sedona.

  1. Cathedral Rock
  2. Sedona Star Gazing
  3. Uptown Sedona
  4. Cathedral Rock Trail
  5. Hiking Trails

1.Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock is one of the most picturesque attractions in Arizona. You can spot plenty of photographers at this place. The rock is very much visible if you are driving in Highway 179 from Oak Creek Village into Sedona. This highway drive will always stay in your vacation memory forever. Ensure you keep your camera ready to take some instagrammable pictures. To get the best view and able, it is highly recommended to see it from Red Rock Crossing Park, at the Crescent Moon Site. Moreover, if you can climb up the amazing rock through the trails, you will be amazed by the incredible aerial from the rock.

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Things to do in Sedona
Photo by Kaileen Fitzpatrick on Unsplash

2.Sedona Star Gazing

Sedona is known for its air and light pollution-free environment. These two factors play a major role in stargazing. To get some amazing star gazing experience, the environment has to be pollution-free. Sedona star gazing experience is blissful. You can have the best stargazing experience here. The crystal clear desert sky makes for great stargazing experience. Though there are other places in Arizona to do star gazing still, Sedona tops the list. Moreover, it has world-class stargazing tours and precise astronomical equipment. Also, all these tours take a limited number of tourist, so everybody will have enough time to use astronomical equipment to stargaze.

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Sedona Star Gazing
Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

3.Uptown Sedona

Uptown is the vintage side of Sedona. This old town has plenty of vintage boutiques, shops, museums, cowboy cafes, and eateries. Plan your visit when if you are heading up Oak Creek Canyon. Apart from cafes and restaurants, you can also see jewellery and craft stores to crystal sellers. It is one of the top tourist destinations in Arizona. People from all over the world love visiting this place so much. Also, you can find a lot of jeep tours at uptown. Moreover, an astounding place to stay for a day or to with your family and loved ones. Explore Tlaquepaque through museums, stores, and more eateries, or take up the various tours that start from Uptown.

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4. Bell Rock

Bell Rock is one of the main things to do in this city. It is one of the most astounding tourist spots that is covered by scenic nature sites. Easily commutable by road, bell rock is just located south of Sedona in the Village of Oak Creek. Along the Red Rock Scenic Byway, you can see the bell rock formation approaching from the south. The place attracts almost ten thousand visitors every year. You can very well take a walk on the hiking and trekking routes or if you wish to have an adrenaline-pumping ride, take the mountain bike rides. Just behind the bell rock formation, you can see yet another beautiful spot called Courthouse Butte. Also, the trekking route takes you through the outskirts of the rock. There are also other short walkways to reach the bell rock.

5.Hiking Trails

Probably the most ideal approaches to investigate the regular excellence around Sedona is to bind up your climbing boots and hit the path. It is one of the most loved things to do. People from all over the world visit the district just to do the hiking and trekking. All these trails can be done by people of all ages. Huge numbers of the climbs are under three miles and should effortlessly be possible in only several hours, however, they offer admittance to probably the most astonishing perspectives in the zone. Longer and additionally testing climbs can likewise be found around Sedona, prompting peaks and up ravines.

Ravine climbs offer simple climbs, with a marvellous view and the gigantic orange bluff dividers encompassing you. On the other hand, you can climb to the head of a mountain or butte for fabulous perspectives out over the scene. The absolute most mainstream climbs are to Devil’s Bridge, Cathedral Rock, and Bell Rock. These are a couple of the standard proposals from the vacationer data office, however on the off chance that you need to get away from the groups and appreciate a portion of the nearby top picks.

Hiking Trails
Photo by Drew Farwell on Unsplash

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