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Street art in Shoreditch London
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6 Best Things To Do in Shoreditch, London in 2021

London, rightly known as the capital city of the world has an amazing array of experiences to offer. One among them is Shoreditch, a bustling neighbourhood in East London. Ranging from trendsetting fashion chains to hip bars and cafe shops, this neighbourhood has a rusted look. Things to looks for are the street wall graffitis and independent shops where you can be sure to strike a bargain. There are numerous things to do in Shoreditch from pub hopping through its ramshackle bars, to trying out its unique street food. Some of the finest London bars and restaurants call Shoreditch their home. Definitely a place to see the suburban charm of London, we bring to you a list of top things to do in Shoreditch.

Shoreditch main triangle
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

6 Best things to do in Shoreditch

  1. Visit some rustic pubs and discover the London evening rush.
  2. Adorn the best street art of London – take a stroll along the cobbled streets.
  3. Go for a shopping spree and strike a bargain.
  4. Visit the Flower Market on Columbia Road.
  5. Dine-in some of the best restaurants in London.
  6. Satisfy your taste buds with some unique street food.

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1. Visit some rustic pubs and discover the London evening rush

Shoreditch will surprise you with some of the best pubs in the London club scene. You can choose to visit some rustic old pubs which will take you back in memory lane or check out the new trendsetting joints. Notable pubs to visit would be The Owl and Pussycat, which is recently refurbished to serve its regular clients. Also check out the Bricklayer’s Arms, which is an antic neighbourhood pub known for its superb cocktails.

The Owl and Pussycat entrance
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Though the drinks can be a bit heavy on the wallet, the evening rush is something to look out for. As the Londoners are very outgoing and have a history of pub -culture, try visiting the pubs in the evening to meet some interesting people and strike a candid conversation. You can also try out some bar hopping to explore the pub scene around the scenic neighbourhood.

Upscale pub in Shoreditch
Credits: Google Images

Also worth mentioning is the secret pub scene, which is a unique activity among things to do in Shoreditch. Look forward to some prohibition-era decor and drinks at Nightjar. This place also has some amazing live jazz scenes and live music. Also, another popular bar Happiness Forgets has some incredible cocktail offerings which are refreshingly different to try out.

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2. Adorn the best street art of London – take a stroll along the cobbled streets

A contemporary Shoreditch street art
Credits: Google Images

One of the best cities in the world to have a street art culture, each suburb of London has something unique to offer. Shoreditch is definitely one of them. Famous for having some of the best murals and abstract art, take a walk down its winding lanes and savour the beautiful street art, which is among the top things to do in Shoreditch. You will be amazed to see various historical and cultural influences etched in the city walls, subways and central square. The best place to see the open canvas would be the Shoreditch triangle and along the street of Brick Lane as you make your way to the central shopping area.

3. Go for a shopping spree and strike a bargain

Flea market in Shoreditch
Credits: Pixabay

Like some shopping as a part of the holiday experience? Shoreditch is one of the best places to shop till you drop in London. Right from the high street fashion brands to several individual outlets, this place is surely a shoppers’ paradise. One of the better-known secrets is the Sunday market in Brick Lane, which is a mecca for binge buying as you get factory seconds at throwaway prices. Also, If you are looking at shopping something contemporary and vintage, head out to Blitz London for some awesome finds. One of the best things to do in Shoreditch, if shopping is a mandatory part of your culture trips.

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4. Visit the Flower Market on Columbia Road

Flower market in Columbia Road
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Want to see or buy some amazing display and variety of flowers? Head out to Columbia road during the weekend, which is home to one of the most popular weekend flower market in London and is one of the best things to do in Shoreditch. From sensual Lilacs to Rhododendron and Lavender, this flower market has it all. Check out the amazing boutiques made by the street vendors as you walk past the street taking in the aroma and sights of this place. Do remember to bargain as this is a part of the larger flea market of the area.

5. Dine-in some of the best restaurants in London

A gastronomy spread
Credits: Google Images

Home to some of the most popular restaurants in London, Shoreditch sure is a culinary delight for the foodaholics. If you are fine to shell out some big bucks one of the best things to do in Shoreditch is to try out some Michelin star restaurants. Try out Brat which is one of the top-rated Michelin starred restaurant in London run by the famous chef Tomas Perry. Also, not far behind are Lyle’s and The Clove Club. The Clove Club is famous for its five-choice fixed menu, which is a gastronomical delight and very popular. Lyle, run by Chef Lowe is again an intimate with bright and airy interiors and low key food. Also worth mentioning is Long Kee, a Vietnamese restaurant at the end of Kingsland road. Though not as fancy as its earlier counterparts, the food here is heavenly.

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6. Satisfy your taste buds with some unique street food

Street food in London
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

After finding gastronomical delight in Shorditch’s restaurants, how about finding some bliss in Shoreditch’s street food? Head out to Brick Lane, for some soul-satisfying bagels, Thai and American delicacies. Surely a must-try among things to do in Shoreditch. Although most of the outlets are temporary, they do have an enclosed area where you can sit and enjoy your meal. Lastly, try visiting here on weekends preferably Sunday afternoon, as many part-time vendors put their stalls, leaving you with a potpourri of choices.

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Every city has some places, where you will truly experience the culture and feel the vibe. Shoreditch is definitely one of those places in London which you can look forward to exploring on your London trip. Although, London is a big city with a far-reaching suburb and lots of options, a visit to Shoreditch is highly recommended. There are more than enough things to do in Shoreditch as you see an exciting part of London.


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