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Taiping War Cemetery
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Things To Do In Taiping When You Visit Malaysia With Your Loved Ones!

Taiping is a charming old tin-mining town in Perak, northern Malaysia. While not known as a popular tourist spot, it is an idyllic place for a leisurely stopover vacation for travellers to northern Malaysia. Behind its unassuming facade, historic gems abound in Taiping including the first railway, the oldest museum, hundred-year-old rain trees, the first zoo, and the oldest prison.

Taiping, also known as the wettest town in Malaysia has a tropical climate and summer all year round. However, for easier travelling, the months of June to August may be more convenient due to the slightly warmer and drier weather. You can carry light and cool clothing coupled with appropriate rain accessories when travelling in Taiping.

Taiping Lake Gardens

Taiping Lake Gardens
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Originally a tin mining ground, Taiping Lake Gardens later converted into the first public garden during the British rule in Malaya in 1880. The iconic rain trees are part of the Taiping Lake Gardens. These massive rain trees lining the lakeside were planted over a century ago. Their huge branches arch dramatically downwards towards the lake, almost touching the waters.

Burmese Pool

Located at the foothills of Bukit Larut, the Burmese Pool is a large rock pool along a stream. This natural attraction is a popular weekend attraction among locals. Nestled within the rainforest, visitors need to go through the Taiping Lake Gardens and look for the signboard pointing towards the Burmese Pool. A short drive later, you’ll arrive at a car park at the end of the road. You’ll have to pay a small fee in order to park your car. The rock pool is spacious but mostly shallow, and its water streams in gently via a small waterfall.

Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve

Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve
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Covering an area of more than 40,000 hectares, this well-managed expanses of mangrove swamps makes the Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve well recognised worldwide. Established in 1902, it is the largest mangrove reserve in Malaysia, stretching for 50 kilometres from Kuala Gula to Pantai Remis along Perak’s coastline. About 80% of the reserve is used for coal production under sustainable harvest policies, while the remainder is completely protected for biodiversity preservation. The state of Perak has received various international awards for their excellent maintenance of this mangrove. Explore this coastal habitat by walking along the boardwalk into the mangrove swamp and when night falls, take a boat ride down the river for an amazing view of flashing fireflies.

Bukit Larut

Founded in 1884, Maxwell Hill is a charming hill resort with a nice little English garden and colonial-era bungalows. To ascend the hill, you will have to hire a Land Rover, as private vehicles are not allowed. You can also walk up the hill, and you will find many people doing this as a form of exercise. Remember you need to trek up to 13 km on a hill which may take up to 5 hours!

Taiping Prison

Established in 1879, the prison was called The Perak Prison and better known as “Taiping Gaol” now. It’s the first and oldest modern prison complex in Malaysia. Also, this prison is the largest prison complex at the time. The prison operates till date as Penjara Taiping in Malaysia. Driving past the imposing yet forbidding walls, it is hard to imagine the inmates’ lives in the past.

Taiping Railway Station

Malaysia’s first railway station was situated in Taiping and was opened in 1885 when the Taiping-Port Weld Railway Line opened. The modern station existing today is the third railway station built in Taiping. The old station has stopped functioning and conserved into a small haven of cafes. Now, it is an excellent photo spot and place to go on dates!

Perak Museum

Perak Museum in Taiping
Image Credits: Google Images

Founded in 1883, the Perak Museum is the first and oldest museum in Malaysia (1883). To date, the museum has accumulated over 8,000 artefacts, consisting of cultural collections, nature collections, and archaeological items. There’s also a guided tour for interested tourists. The museum still maintains its old colonial architecture. This striking white Moorish building sits along Jalan Taming Sari, which is just a short walking distance from Lake Garden.

Things to eat in Taiping

Lian Thong Restaurant: One of the oldest restaurants in Taiping, Lian Thong Restaurant is a place for nostalgia with its old-style tiles and decor. Do try its speciality, Bomb noodles, which is a bowl of crispy, deep-fried Chinese Ee-Fu noodles. Fried noodles at Larut Matant Food Court with Taiping’s famous char kuey teow with fish balls. There are four stalls selling this local speciality here but do try Stall 63’s version. Famous Taiping cendol: Try the amazing Ansari Famous Cendol at a small outlet on Jalan Chung Thye Phin, Taiping.

Watch and interact with unique fauna at the eco-friendly Taiping Zoo

Rhino in Taiping Zoo
Image Credits: Google Images

When travelling with kids and in families, a great activity to check out when in Perak is the night safari at Taiping Zoo. This zoo has been around since 1961 which gradually became a refuge for over 1,200 animals in Malaysia. To date, this zoo stands out in contrast to other Southeast Asian zoos for its profound and in-depth conservation measures developed in their own research centre. Due to many unsafe conditions and mishandling of animals from various parts of the world, Taiping Zoo puts in loads of effort to preserve endangered species. They properly take care of the animals sent to this world-renowned zoo with amazing conservation facility. Bring your children to this one of a kind experience, and hopefully learn a few interesting facts about animals as well as their care and safety measures when visiting Perak.

Get a snapshot of the historic Colonial Clock Tower

One of the must-see attractions in Malaysia is the Colonial Clock Tower, which has been in a landmark in Malaysia as far as 1881. As part of the development of British colonial structure in Malaysia, this tower is unique. Initially made of timber, the clock tower renovated later with bricks in order to further preserve this historic icon. It’s a landmark many architect-buffs will definitely enjoy seeing in real life. The Colonial Clock Tower has served as a city clock and timekeeper, as well as a police and fire station. But today, it is a Taiping information centre for tourists.

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