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Things to do in tivoli, italy
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Top 5 Amazing Things to Do in Tivoli Italy in 2023

There’s definitely something seductively charming about Italy, its people and culture. Travel experts and tourists have long agreed that Italy is indeed a special place with incredible food, esteemed art, rich historical sites, quaint small towns and equally beautiful cities, countrysides and coastlines. Italy offers a magnificently rich array of splendid natural scenery. It also offers opportunities to see the renowned masterpieces of renaissance and to visit some of the most iconic places in the world such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain. Despite its remarkable beauty, there are times when you seek to escape from Italy’s urban fervency. Now, all you have to do is to travel about 18 miles east of Rome, all the way to the hill town of Tivoli. Tivoli is a popular retreat since the olden days. Read on to know about the things to do in Tivoli, Italy.


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Top 5 Things to do in Tivoli

Situated on the Lazio region of Italy, the hilltop town of Tivoli served as a summer retreat for the then ancient Romans and the renaissance Richings. The well-preserved archaeological sites and the lush gardens of Tivoli will make you instantly fall in love with this Italian paradise.

Let’s have a look at the 5 best things to do in Tivoli:

  • Villa d’Este Palace and Gardens
  • Villa Adriana
  • Rocca Pia
  • Via Delle Cascatelle
  • Chiesa di Sant’Andrea

1. Villa d’Este Palace and Gardens

Representing the pinnacle of the Italian garden design, the Villa d’Este Gardens is the most beautiful and popular garden in Italy. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites. 

Villa d’Este Gardens in Tivoli, Things to do in Tivoli
Source: Google Images

The beauty of the Villa d’Este gardens is not so spoken off. However, the architecture and the design of the gardens was an inspiration for the construction of the well known Versailles Gardens in France. Not just the Versailles Gardens, but it served as an inspiration to garden design throughout the continent of Europe.

Villa d'Este Palace Waterfall in Tivoli
Source: Google Images

Villa d’Este is celebrated for its terraced Italian Renaissance gardens. This garden holds about 500 baffling fountains ranging from Fountain of Dragons, Eagles, Neptune, Pegasus, Organ, and so on. 

Villa d'Este Palace in Tivoli
Source: Google Images

Villa d’Este Palace, constructed during the 16th century, offers sublime views of the adjoining landscapes and the sumptuous Villa d’Este Gardens. The notable rooms in this place include the Hall of the Hunt, the Hall of Noah, the Hall of Glory and the First Tributine Hall. The intricate detail, colour and decoration in these rooms are spectacular and mind-boggling. This is definitely a no brainer when it comes to things to do in Tivoli, Italy. 

2. Villa Adriana

The Villa Adriana is also known as the Hadrian’s Villa. This Villa is no different from the villas built for the retreat of prominent and wealthy of Romans. Apparently the Roman emperor Hadrian disliked the palace of Palentine Hill and this eventually led to the construction of Hadrian’s villa in Tivoli. 

Villa Adriana in Tivoli, Things to do in Tivoli
Source: Google Images

Although this UNESCO Heritage-listed site is in ruins today, the architecture is well-preserved and it offers a glimpse into the imperial Roman life, i.e. about 2000 years ago. In simple words, it is a charming mix of stunning natural landscapes and historical ruins. 

3. Rocca Pia

The ancient medieval fortress, Rocca Pia was constructed during the 15th century, to strengthen the defence of Tivoli during the conflicts of the Guelph’s and Ghibellines.

Witness the beauty of Renaissance military architecture through its intimidating walls and four crenellated towers, each of a different height. The wonderful symmetrical design it has and its ability to stand in such good condition despite being over 500 years old, makes it a fine example of the Renaissance military architecture. 

Rocca Pia in Tivoli, Things to do in Tivoli
Source: Google Images

Note: Entry is not allowed inside the Rocca Pia. However, it is still an important building that stands in the heart of Tivoli.
(Though entry is not allowed, make sure you see it from the outside.)

4. Via Delle Cascatelle

Via Delle Cascatelle is a walkway that leads along the Aniene river. It offers beautiful views of the magnificent waterfall that cascade in the northern part of Tivoli. It passes through some gorgeous Parkland and allows its visitors to get stunning views of the town. 

To see the waterfalls, all you have to do is, walk from the Villa Gregoriana and towards the Via Quintilio Varo. There is also a small path from Via Quintilio Varo that heads to the edge of the falls. From here, you will be able to see the cascades of water. 

Via Delle Cascatelle, Things to do in Tivoli
Source: Google Images

This pathway is a pleasant place to hike during fine weather.

5. Chiesa di Sant’Andrea

The Chiesa di Saint’Andrea is a hidden gem of Tivoli. It is overlooked and understated in favour of Trivoli Cathedral. Though this church has underwhelming features on its exterior that include Marble statues and Latin inscriptions, it has amazing features and decorations inside. While entering the church, the opulent decoration of the ceiling is very interesting with checkerboard design decorated with many golden reliefs. If you walk further, you will be able to see the beautiful swirl patterns of the marble columns in the main aisle. Also, have a look at the main altar. It is embellished with colourful frescos.

Interior of Chiesa di Sant’Andrea, Things to do in Tivoli
Source: Google Images

How to Reach Tivoli?

Tivoli is about 33 km away from Rome. There are several ways of getting to Tivoli from Rome. One of the simplest options is to take a day tour from Rome. There are a number of Tour operators who offer a full-day trip to Trivoli. However, you can also use public transportation or you can also drive to reach Trivoli.

Rome to Tivoli by Train

Exploring Italy by train is an adventure on its own. The Roma-Avezzano-Pescara regional (Regionale) line departs from Rome’s Tiburtina rail station to Trivoli, every hour between 9 am and 11 am. You can board any train marked as Tivoli and Avezzano. Purchase the tickets well in advance to avoid long queues at the ticket counters. This train journey takes about 45 – 75 minutes, depending on the train you board. 

Rome to Tivoli by Bus

Blue Cotral buses from Rome’s Ponte Mammolo stop on Metro line B and take you to the main square, from where you can walk to Villa d’Este. This Bus departs every 10 – 15 minutes (Monday to Saturday). The frequency of the buses is less during Sundays.

Rome to Tivoli by car

This is the quickest and easiest way to reach Tivoli. It is only about a 30-minute ride from Rome. However, it can take twice that time under heavy traffic conditions.

When in Rome, do not miss the exciting opportunity to spend a full day in this small town outside of Italy’s capital. You will undoubtedly be mesmerized upon touring this immersive sight that fuses natural beauty with human ingenuity.


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These are just a few things to do in Tivoli. Tivoli as a tourist destination has much more experiences to offer than these attractions. It is also a great base from where you can explore Rome. While planning your vacation to Italy, make sure to plan a day in Tivoli. Apart from Tivoli, there are many day trips that you may want to take from Rome. Read Pickyourtrail Blogs for more suggestions on places to visit in and around Rome. Check out some best selling Italy tour packages from India and book your dream vacation to Italy. 

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