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things to do on Greece honeymoon
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10 things to do on a Greece honeymoon- Go all romantic!

Greece is such an ethnic and perfect destination for a honeymoon. There are thousands of attractions all over the country and you can never get enough of Greece’s beauty. You can enjoy the rustic cities. waterfalls, temples, islands and amazing restaurants. Also, there are many fun activities and things to do especially for couples. Here are the 10 best things on how you can elevate your honeymoon trip in Greece! You will surely fall in love with the country’s grace and history!


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10 things to do on a Greece honeymoon

  1. Explore Athens city
  2. Beach holiday in Crete island
  3. Watch sunset in Santorini
  4. Partying in Mykonos
  5. Candle light dinner at a rooftop restaurant
  6. Ride an ATV around Santorini
  7. Explore a Greek winery
  8. Go island hopping
  9. Swim in the Bay of Ammoudi
  10. Go on a hike

1. Explore Athens city

things to do on greece honeymoon
Image Credits- Unsplash

Athens is undoubtedly one of the most famous cities with the most number of UNESCO sites in Greece. There are hundreds of ancient temples, Greek churches, archaeological sites and museums. Some of the most important landmarks are the Acropolis of Athens, Parthenon, National Archaeological Museum and Temple of Zeus. You can just walk around the Roman and Greek excavations, ancient streets and pretty villages. Visit any local Greek restaurant and have a delicious meal. You can also do window shopping in the marketplace in Athens. Finally, after a busy day have a good dinner with a view and call it a day!

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2. Beach holiday in Crete island

Image Credits- Pixabay

How can ever a honeymoon be complete without a romantic beach holiday? Crete is one of the most romantic and best honeymoon destinations in Greece. Also, it is one of the top party islands in the country. There are many extremely fun things and extravagant beach games to play. You can even try beach exploration activities like deep-sea diving, snorkelling, cave explorations and swimming. There are plenty of cruise trips and sailboat trips to and from this beach island. You can plan a 2-day beach stay on this island and experience the best of Crete.

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3. Watch the sunset in Santorini- things to do on a Greece honeymoon

Santorini, Greece honeymoon
Image Credits- Unsplash

Santorini is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world and a great place to spend your vacation. The perfectly whitewashed buildings, pastel colour paints, warm lights and the amazing sea view makes the whole experience an incredible one. There are many romantic things to do in this city like watching the sunset, shopping on the streets, listening to local music and dance shows in public, cruising and swimming. Watching the crimson red sunset during the evening is one of the most romantic things you can do with your partner on your Greece honeymoon. Imagine gazing at the sunset, hand in hand, having a delicious meal with some drinks with the mesmerising view of the ocean! Sounds incredible right? Try this one out on your Greece vacation!

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4. Partying in Mykonos

Image Credits- Unsplash

Mykonos in Greece is very similar to Santorini and a spectacular honeymoon destination. There are many unique things to do in Mykonos. You can visit the Mykonos windmills, Matogianni street, Delos archaeological museum, the old harbour and Alefkandra (Little Venice). Also, Mykonos is a great party island in Greece. There are many cocktail parties, beach parties and cultural events, dances and music shows. You can party all night and still not get enough of the city’s vibe! This is one of the must-visit destinations at least once in a lifetime!

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5. Romantic candle light dinner at a rooftop restaurant

Candlelight dinner on a honeymoon comes without saying because it is the topmost romantic thing to do with your loved one. There are many stunning restaurants with rooftops and spectacular views in Greece. Especially, you can find many restaurants in Athens, Crete and other Greek islands and cities. You can choose anyone and organise a surprise dinner party for your partner. This is one of the best things to try during the evening on your Greece honeymoon!

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6. Ride an ATV around Santorini- romantic things to do on your Greece honeymoon

How about trying something adventurous and romantic at the same time? You can go around the city of Santorini on an ATV. All you have to do is rent an ATV and produce your license. The ride will be 1 to 2 hours long and you can utilise it to the maximum. Never a trip is complete without a visit to Oia, a small village in Santorini. You can find plenty of ATV rides and packages all over Oia. This is one of the most worthy things you can try doing in Greece on your honeymoon!

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7. Explore a Greek winery

Wines are always a fantasy especially in ancient Western countries like Greece. There are some amazing wineries, vineyards and traditional wines to taste in Greece. Some of the best wineries you can visit are Douloufakis winery in Dafnes, Domaine Sigalas in Old Santorini and Lyrarakis in Crete. Some of the wines that you should taste are Limniona from Thessaloniki, Mavrotragano, Nemea, Fokiano Ikaria and Peloponnese Moschofilero. All these wines are traditionally from Greece and are made with traditional winemaking methods. This is one of the classic things to do on your Greece honeymoon.

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8. Go island hopping

Zakynthos island, Greece
Image Credits- Unsplash

Island hopping is one of the must-try things in a country with so many beautiful islands. Some of the best islands you should not miss visiting in Greece are Zakynthos, Crete, Hydra, Mykonos, Kefalonia and Naxos island. There are plenty of things to try like beach games, water sports, cliff jumping and cruise trips. Some of the interesting activities are snorkelling, cave exploration and swimming. The clear waters, massive cliffs, the warm sun and the vibe altogether will make you fall in love with every possible Greek island. You can spend a couple of days hopping from one island to another! Try this one out on your Greek vacation with your partner.

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9. Swim in the Bay of Ammoudi

Swimming under the warm sun is always a great choice. Here is one of the best places to swim in Greece, the Ammoudi bay or Ormos Ammoudi. This place is an ensemble of stunning beaches, clear waters, cliffs and restaurants. You can reach this beautiful place by travelling west from Santorini. You can reach this place from Santorini by ATV, sailboats or even by walk! It takes less than 15 minutes to reach this place. You can swim in the water as long as you please, have delicious meals, drinks, enjoy the sun and sunset and call it a day! This is a must-visit place if you are travelling with your partner!

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10. Go on a hike- romantic things to do on a Greece honeymoon

If you love hiking, then you should try this on your honeymoon in Greece. There are many famous hiking trails across the country and one of the popular trails is around Santorini. There are many hiking and trekking essentials near the trail for your safety. The hike normally takes 1-1.5 hours so this is such a perfect activity to do in the morning. After a great hike, you can spend the whole day relaxing at the beaches in Santorini!

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So, that is the 10 best things you can try on your Greece honeymoon with your loved one! Of course, there are more and more fun activities, sports activities and amazing places to visit. But the above said 10 things will elevate your romantic Greek honeymoon! Visit Pickyourtrail, build your trip and book your packages at jaw-dropping prices! Also, check out Greece honeymoon packages to know more about the pre-packages. Or you can also customise your Greece package according to your comfort and preferences! Have an amazing stay in the most beautiful country!

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