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7 things to do on your first trip to South Africa (And the one thing NOT to do!)

South Africa has its fair share of both untamed wilderness and indelible urban elegance, making it a versatile destination for any kind of traveller. Here are some tailor-made ideas for you to catch a glimpse of everything South Africa has to offer. Keep reading and then add SA to your bucket-list (if you haven’t already) 🙂

Things to do on your first trip to South Africa

1. If you think you are an adrenaline junkie, think again: #Bloukrans Bungee

What’s Special: Bloukrans, world’s highest bridge for bungee jumping, is an epitome of every adventure sport that is there. Seek thrill in the wildest way possible

Where: Western Cape, South Africa

Cost: $54 for Advance Bookings, $57 for On-the-spot bookings

Hack: You won’t get a refund if you back off. But relax, Bloukran has 100% safety record

Facts: Only 8 in 10 people actually complete the challenge. Celebrities like Prince Harry and Jack Osbourne have tried unleashing their wild sides on Bloukrans. If still need convincing, note that Mohr Keet, the oldest man ever to jump, set the world record at Bloukrans when he was 97

2. Witness wildlife where they belong: #Kruger National Park

What’s Special: Catch a glimpse of Africa’s wild beasts roaming about in their natural habitat in Kruger Park, one of Africa’s largest animal reserves. Relish the best of wildlife safaris here

Where: Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces, North-eastern South Africa

Cost: $102 per person per night, $60 if you drive yourself

Hack: Don’t forget to carry mosquito repellent creams and anti-malarial tablets since the area is heavily prone to Malaria

Facts: Not only is it renowned for being home to the big 5’s of Africa: The Lion,The Leopard, The Rhinoceros, The Elephant and The Cape Buffalo, it also has traces of human inhabitation, dating back to a million years

3. Traverse the road to paradise: #Drakensberg Grand

What’s Special: Having one of the longest untrodden trails, this extremely challenging range can humble even the best of hikers

Where: Southwest to Northeast of South Africa, with its perimeters touching the territories of Swaziland and Lesotho

Cost: It’s based on your itinerary, do check out our suggestions to get a clear picture

Hacks: The ideal time to visit is between April and May. Also, be sure to check Tugela falls off your list of things to see. It’s the second-highest waterfalls in the world

Facts: Drakensberg translates literally into “Dragon mountains”, alluding its jagged terrain to the dragon’s reptilian skin. The Tugela falls completely freezes at its escarpment into ice strands during winter

4. Bask in the Bewitching Beauty of the #Boulders Beach:

What’s Special: Stroll with the charming African Penguins along the pristine outlines of the deep blue sea with rock-solid boulders. With swoon-worthy beach braais and a terrific amphitheatre, this destination is perfect for a family vacation and is super kid-friendly

Where: Simon Town, Cape Town, South Africa

Cost: $80.79 for Adults, $40.53 for Kids

Hacks: Though it’s a year-round destination, try to avoid the sultry weather. Also remember, penguins, especially African aren’t domestic and have intense security instincts. Hence restrain from getting in close proximity with them

Facts: The cute, donkey noises these penguins make pretty much sums up where the name jackass penguins came from

5. The all-encompassing road trip through the Garden Route:

What’s Special: Officially breaking the hearts of the adventure-obsessed since long, this majestic 300 km stretch engulfing breath-taking amphitheatre and adventure spots caters to an absolutely thrilling road trip. It doesn’t matter if you prefer luxuriating in lavish resorts or seek solitary long-drives. This trip unrelentingly astonishes you in every way possible

Where: Stretches from Mossel Bay in the west to Storms River in the east

Cost: Itinerary based, and here are some cool packages to zero in on

Hacks: A gist of other stuff you can try:

  • Bike through the N2 national highway with the mandatory munching on padkos
  • Zipline through the Tsitsikamma Canopy
  • Hike in the St. Blaize Trail, Mossel Bay
  • Go Blackwater tubing at the Storms river

Facts: July festivals that take place in the Garden route are every foodie’s paradise. Treat your taste buds with delicious kinds of seafood and wash it down with some phenomenal brandy you can get in Route 62

6. Sail with the sharks in #Gansbaai:

What’s Special: Conquering the deep abysses of the aquatic world whilst being closer than ever to the astonishing great white sharks is assured to send chills down your spine. Well, who wouldn’t want to go down the memory lane when the notorious filmy Jaws rendered us sleepless for days?

Where: Overberg district, Western Cape

Cost: $142.40 for Adult divers, $121.56 for Adult non-divers and $93.78 for kids

Hacks: Take medication for motion sickness or else it would be incredibly tough to spend over 4 hours underwater. Also, never rest your hands on our outside the cage

Facts: Though sharks are one of the deadliest predators ever to be on earth, they don’t usually prey on humans. However, being overly inquisitive, they might try a ‘sample bite’ before swimming off

7. Revel in the luxury of just being idle: At the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

What’s Special: End can be as beautiful as the beginning if done right. Can anything be more satisfying than gawking at the distant sea sipping on fine wine, whilst musing over the indelible experiences you happened to have on the trip?

Where: Cape town, South Africa

Cost: No entry fee, only individual activity and sightseeing expenses based on your itinerary

Hacks: Cross check prices with various sources if you’re on a budget and be wary of your belongings. You’re good to go

Facts: ‘A place to meditate on freedom’ as fondly referred to by the New York Times magazine, this rapturous setting of docks overlooked by the grandeur of table mountains is perfect for indulging in idle pleasure

I almost forgot! The one thing not to do? Never think you have gotten enough, and impart a lot of specificity in planning your vacation as it’s easy to get carried away by the magnificence of South Africa which has much more waiting to be unwrapped.

Feel this article is missing your favourite spot in South Africa? Comment in the section below to keep the discussion going! Let the excitement of trailing South Africa grow unto you while checking out our perfect South Africa Tour Packages.

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