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Written by Shilpa Sardesai on May 23, 2017 Share on

Most Exclusive 5 day Bali itinerary

Our traveller Shilpa Sardesai discovered friendship, adventure and more on her Bali trip. Here’s the story of her 5 day Bali itinerary unfolded:


It all first began when my bestie and I decided to take a trip by ourselves to rejuvenate and catch up with each other.  When we were discussing international trips, an acquaintance referred Pickyourtrail to us.  After narrowing the destination Bali, we discussed activities, inclusions, experiences and more. And, *tada*, our 5 day itinerary was ready and we were raring to go.


For our first two nights in Bali, we stayed at Munari Resort & Spa in Ubud – a quiet, serene place away from all the city buzz. Our day began early the next day with a journey to the USS Liberty dive site. Being long drive from our hotel, we caught up on some sleep. It was beautiful and located close to the shore so we didn’t have to take a boat to reach it.  We simply swam.  For the non-swimmers, you can sign up for the Undersea walk experience like this couple did.

The USS Liberty wreck dive in Bali
Image credit – scottnkarengortw

Next day began even earlier! We had to leave for the trek to Mount Batur at 2am in the morning. The idea was to catch the sunrise at the top. I expected the trek to be a more touristy one, but surprisingly, the trek wasn’t a very easy one! At an elevation of 5600 feet, it was chilly at the summit despite my warm jacket. Luckily we had breakfast and hot chocolate to warm us up.

Catching sunrise at Mount Batur
Catching sunrise at Mount Batur . Pic: Shilpa Sardesai

Bags packed, our next stop was Kuta  


Touchdown in Kuta and we are placed by another spectacular property by the Kuta beach. The next day was devoted to temple surfing and, of course, the mandatory shopping spree. The beach side Kuta Art Market caught our eyes for the longest time while, for vintage shopping indulgence we went down the Garlic Lane.

Garlic lane shopping street
Image credit – bali-indonesia

And, of course, the Petitenget Temple is a must-visit. Ancient and built entirely in sandstone and red bricks, it is located by the Petitenget beach. Its staircase, designed to resemble a dragon, only piques this temple’s ancient aura.

Petitenget temple
Image credit – expedia

The next day we left for the Telega Waja white water experience.  With waterfalls at side, the waters here are lovely and fall in refreshing sprays on your face. I realised I should have worn my sandals as my flip-flops kept slipping off my feet and then in one stretch one of my flip flops simply flowed away in the water.  

River rafting at Telega Waja
River rafting at Telega Waja. Pic: Shilpa Sardesai

The 15km long rapids were lovely and the part with  the 4 metre fall was particularly awesome.  

It was a lovely vacation and a much needed break and we returned thinking how we should have had a couple of days more at least.  I had heard so much about Bali earlier and finally experienced it.


Along with comfortable trail shoes, wear clothing in layers while trekking Mount Batur as it gets chillier towards the summit.

Some temples may restrict the entry of non-Balinese. For those who don’t, ensure you are dressed appropriately, respecting their religious sentiments. Ensure your shoulders, midriff, knees and ankles are covered.

The Telega Waja rafting is a fun experience. Ensure you wear well-fitting footwear, so it doesn’t get washed away like mine did!

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