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This man wants to circumnavigate the globe in a flying car and it is happening for real!

Jennings-Bate, the Vice President Sales of PAL – V International B.V. made an interesting revelation at World’s Fair Nano held at San Francisco a month-back. He announced his ambitious plan to circle around the world in a flying car.

Yes, you heard that right! And it is not just an ambitious plan. The flying car has been already tested a million times by some of the finest engineers and the commercial vehicle is already available for pre-order. Referred to as ‘A car that flies and a plane that drives’, PAL – V Liberty offers best of the both of the worlds and will impress you right away!

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As per the announcement, the journey is believed to start somewhere in North America, most probably in San Francisco with PAL – V’s Liberty flying in a clockwise direction over the North Atlantic Ocean and reaching Europe in short 5 hour hops. Then the less complicated route through Europe & Asia will lead the vehicle to the eastern shores of Russia, within touching distance of Alaska. The incredible feat will then end somewhere close to San Francisco.

While the plan looks overly ambitious, the company has been toiling hard for a long time to put this in motion. Started in 2001, the Dutch Company of PAL – V was determined to design road-friendly aircrafts. The first breakthrough came in at 2005 when PAL – V matured DVC tilting technology. Following which PAL-V International B.V. successfully tested its proof-of-concept prototype in 2012. Building on the success, PAL – V engineered the commercial version, which is now available for preorder (costing between $ 399,000 & $599,000).

flying car
Image credit – PAL-V

During the entire voyage, PAL – V Liberty will be piloted by Mark Jennings himself and will be accompanied by another pilot in a second vessel. Although the landmark journey is estimated to take 90 days, Mark Jennings believes it can be done in 60. He is also in talks with a popular TV channel to track the entire voyage.

The biggest threat to the landmark journey is considered to be the vehicle’s fuel limitation. Liberty has a range of 1,315 Kms (817 mi) in driving mode and a range of 499 Kms (317 mi) in flying mode. Despite Bate’s accompanying pilot testing Liberty to the limits over a difficult stretch of Greenland, the fuel issue is something that is keeping the team stressed.

While the trip preparation is already underway, there is no official confirmation from PAL – V as of when the incredible feat will begin.

The plans of PAL – V International B.V. doesn’t just end there, the company is setting new standards as far as transportation is concerned combing fun and safety together. Added to it, driving the Liberty is not all that complicated. It is as easy as driving a conventional helicopter and can be learnt in 5-8 hours roughly.

The ground-breaking product will start rolling out as early as 2018.

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