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Top 6 beautiful day trips from Messina.

A harbour city in Northeast Sicily, separated from mainland Italy, Europe, is Messina. It is known as the door to Sicily. Its port shaped like a sickle, it is known as the trading city. Messina is known for its history, travel, beaches, and beautiful scenery. Just Offshore are the Aeolian islands, which has a scenic cluster of volcanoes, few extinct and few very much alive. There are plenty of beaches near the shore, with windy roads that climb into tiny villages. Due to Sicily’s continuing volcanic history, you can find hot springs and spas. Experience interacting with the locals of Silicans and Italians. Messina is one of the less explored places in Italy. It is one of the top 6 beautiful day trips from Messina.

1. The Aeolian Islands-

Situated in Sicily’s North Coast, you can reach out to the Aeolian islands through ferries from Messina. With a sea depth of 4000 meters, the archipelago has 7 main islands. Namely- Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Alicudi, Panarea, Filicudi, and stromboli. Stromboli is an active volcano which showcases a stunning display in the night. With the mild-moderate climate and volcanic landscapes, these islands offer an ideal holiday vacation. These islands also offer various other activities to tourists like hiking, diving, and many water sports. Take a boat trip to these islands to find out the hidden secrets behind these caves. Aeolian islands are one of the top 6 beautiful day trips from Messina.

Volcano in Italy
Image Credits: Unsplash

2. Lipari-

Situated on the Eastcoast, Lipari is the main city of the Aeolian islands. Bordered by the Marina Lunga on the North, and the Marina Corta on the South, Lipari is a picturesque town of narrow streets with a castle hill. Acropolis stood here in the ancient times, which were later on replaced by medieval castles in the 13th century. The Barbeque Cathedral of San Bortolo and Museo Archalagico Eolina are worth the visit. You will get to see excavated findings, which will take you back to the Neolithic period. The main attraction is the collection of ceramic finds from graves, dating to the 6th century of both Greek and Roman periods. Lipari is one of the places which will take you back to the history islands. It is one of the top 6 beautiful day trips from Messina.

Lipari, Messina
Image Courtesy: Unsplash

3. Monti Peloritani-

Situated in Southwest from Messina, Monti Peloritani has beautiful landscapes with deep indented valleys. It has few highest mountains which are 1,340 meters Rocca di Novara and the Pizzo di Verna at 1,286 meters. You can reach out to these mountains from Messina on panoramic roads with lovely views. Rocca di Novara’s summit has its own nickname as “ The Matterhorn of Sicily” due to its sharp point. Imagine have a lovely drive with spectacular views and landscapes on either side of the roads. Monti Peloritani is one of the top 6 beautiful day trips from Messina known for its scenic beauty and landscapes. 

4. Milazzo-

Milazzo is an upper old town with a castle. However, it is nothing more than an industrial port. Although it is just an industrial port, the Borgo Antico (old town) that is below the castle, is worth the visit for several churches present and for the castle itself. If you want a small break from the scenic views, and love exploring the past, then you will find history lies layer upon layer here. You can visit the Bronze Age Huts, Arab Foundations, a Geek Acropolis, and a castle built in the 13th century which was later restored in the 16th century by the Spanish.

However, they are generally closed on Mondays. Although, if you do happen to visit on a Monday, you walk around the base and have views of the Aeolian islands and its surroundings coast. You will find a beautiful little peninsula which extends into the sea North of the city with lovely beaches. Milazzo is the nearest place for boats to travel to other islands.

Messina, italy
Image Credits: Unsplash

5. Taormina-

Between Messina and Taormina, take the slower route in the coastal road through the beach towns and the small peninsula of Santa Margherita. Although there isn’t anything that you would miss if you opt for the direct route, it has a number of small towns and beautiful scenery to witness. Experience some splendid views of across the Coast of Calabria all along the Northern part route. If you want to see the most of Taormina and its attractions, the best way is to see it on a private tour to Taormina, and Castelmola from Messina. The tour will begin and end at your hotel. You will also get some time for shopping in the pretty town of Calabria. It would approximately be a 6-hour tour which includes several filming locations in Savoca, and Bar Vitelli. Taormina is one of the top 6 beautiful day trips from Messina.

Ancient door in Sicily, Italy
Image Credits: Unsplash

6. Monti Nebrodi-

The Monti Nebrodi also called Caronie is a continuation of the Westward of the Monti Peloritani range. This range of mountain roads is less accessible by cars as the roads lead around the perimeter mostly. On the North Coast, you can reach the mountain hamlet of San Fratello, followed by the watershed of Portella della at 1524 meters height. You can have views of the Aeolian Islands, and Mount Etna in the South. It is beautiful to do hiking with the surroundings full of scenic views and landscapes.

Messina is a beautiful city in Italy. It is an offbeat place and offers simply stunning views, and landscapes. Experience a little bit of hiking and other small activities in the small islands, and towns. Explore the history of the place at your own pace. Visit the top 7 day trips from Messina to get the real experience. Do check at Pickyourtrail for some amazing offers and International Packages. Also, drop a Whatsapp inquiry for any further details.

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