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Top 6 Islands in Sri Lanka that you must-visit on your Sri Lanka Trip

The Sri Lankan country is home to many beautiful attractions with stunning architecture in form of religious spots like temples and monuments. Planning a breezy Sri Lanka honeymoon packages? Or a family vacation with your kids? Sri Lanka is indeed the best choice! The pearl-shaped island will stun you with its breathtakingly beautiful beaches and tiny little islets. These islands in Sri Lanka are scattered throughout the Indian Ocean, greeting travellers from all over the world. They shine with white sand beaches, magnificent temples, warm people, natural parks, coral reefs and more. Visit these Islands and witness the crystal clear waters, amazing natural landscapes. In addition to this, you can enjoy entertainment activities for children and adults.


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Top 6 islands in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known for its beautiful Islands towards the North and the east. We present to you the top 6 islands in Sri Lanka which you must visit during your next vacation.

  • Mannar Island
  • Nainativu
  • Velanai Island
  • Pigeon Island
  • Delft Island
  • Baththalanguduwa Island

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1. Mannar Island

Mannar Island is a beautiful Island located in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. It is slightly off the Mannar coast. Do you know that the island linked to the mainland by a causeway? Yes, it is. It is even said that Mannar Island was connected to India via a chain of limestone shoals. On the Island, you can spot a chain of limestone shoals that connect Sri Lanka to Pamban’s Island. This link is also popularly known as the Adam’s Bridge.  Fishing is the most important economic activity on the Island. In addition to this, you can spot several monkeys loitering around the beach as well.

Why Visit?

Mannar Island will stun you with its tourist attractions. You can choose to roam around the main town of Mannar and observe the fishing community. Or you can spend a day with the fishermen folks to feel the village experience. You can also head to Keeri Beach and relax for a while. In addition to this, you can climb up above the Talaimannar Lighthouse and enjoy sightseeing. Mannar Island is also known for its 700-year-old Baobab Tree which was planted by the Arab merchants centuries ago. Moreover, the Island also has the famous Mannar Fort which belongs to the Dutch. The Mannar fort is a square-shaped fort and has four bastions.

Arugam Bay
Image Source: Unsplash

2. Nainativu

Nainativu Island is located in Gulf of Mannar region is covered by palm trees. With a population of around 3,000 people, Nainativu belongs to the Naga people. These Nagas are one of the oldest tribes in Sri Lanka. Nainativu is one of the great sightseeing spots in Sri Lanka. Nainativu Island is also called Nagadeepa in the Sinhalese language. Being one of the famous islets in Sri Lanka, it has a deep-rooted cultural history. The Nagapooshani Amman Kovil is one of the famous Hondu religious spots on the island. In addition to this, you can also spot the holy Buddist spot, Nagadeepa Purana Viharaya  

Why Visit?

If you are in the Northern Sri Lankan town Jaffna, after enjoying a fantastic breakfast, you can proceed towards Nainativu. To reach Nainativu Island, you need to take the Kurrikaduwan Jetty. You and your family can embark on a 15-minute journey and visit the tourism hotspots like Nagapooshani Amman Kovil, or the Nagadeepa Purana Viharaya. Interestingly, you can either walk from the temple to reach the Buddist holy spot. Or if you wish you can also take a short tuk-tuk ride and savour the experience.

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Image Source: Unsplash

3. Velanai Island

Velani Island is named after the popular Tamil god called ‘Velan’. It is also popularly called ‘Leiden’ in Dutch. It is a small island away from the Jaffna Peninsula in the North of Sri Lanka. The Island has a cluster of villages with very less population. Moreover, this island stands several significant archaeological spots and hence is a favourite Island for history lovers.

Why Visit?

Kayts is a quaint little village inhabited by a fishing community and swaying banyan trees. This village is of colonial importance as it used to function as a port to ship elephants. When you are here, you can visit Fort Hammenhiel which guards the Jaffna peninsula.


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4. Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island has two islands within itself, called the Small Pigeon Island and the Large Pigeon Island. It is located in the Eastern Province towards the north of the Trincomalee region. The Island also houses a famous marine park in Sri Lanka called the Pigeon Island National Park. Moreover, Pigeon Island is named after the endemic Blue Rock Pigeons which inhabits the beautiful Island. In addition to this, Pigeon Island is a must-visit one for all the water sports lovers out there! Wanna know why? You can spot many multicolour coral reefs which border the National park. Moreover, the Island is also the best snorkelling spot with 300 species of coral reef fish!

Why Visit?

The Large Pigeon Island is known for its colourful and widespread coral reef species. These corals are very diverse and hence is an important spot for those who want to explore the marine ecosystem. This coral-rich habitat is also surrounded by quaint little smaller islets, where you can also spot 300 species of reef fish. Go witness the underwater magic with your snorkelling kits! The best months to visit the island national park is between November and April. You can also take a speedboat ride and capture many iconic pictures. In addition to this, kids can enjoy swimming or engage in fishing.

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5. Delft Island

Delft Island is also called the ‘Neduntheevu’ in Tamil is located in the Jaffna region. It is popularly known as the ‘little Island of the North’. The Island has very less population but various resources for tourism. With umpteen of things to do and see, friendly locals and tasty food, the island is slowly turning into a tourism hotspot. It is one of the best islands to visit in the Jaffna region. From Jaffna, you need to reach the Kurikadduwan harbour and then take a ferry from the main island to reach this oval-shaped beauty. To roam inside the Island, you can hire a tuk-tuk or simply walk around.

Image Source: Unsplash

Why Visit?

From a backpacker to a luxury traveller, everyone can visit Delft Island. There are several attractions on the Island that can entertain you for a day or two. Local tuk-tuk drivers can be your best tour guides on the Island. The top things to visit on the Island are the Dutch Fort, Delft Island baobab tree, Hanuman footprint and more. So yes, all you need is your water bottles and sunscreen to roam around Delft Island.

6. Baththalanguduwa Island

The Baththalanguduwa is one of the beautiful Islands in Sri Lanka. It has a very less population but several tourism resources to entertain the travellers. To reach Baththalanguduwa, you must take a ferry from the main island. The quaint little fishing village knowns for its watersports. Moreover, it is also the best place to enjoy a cup of tea in the evening breeze, chilling with your friends. You can witness the spectacular sunset and spend the night with friends. Later in the morning, you can wake up to the sweet sound of the waves. Dreamy isn’t it?

Why Visit?

The best time to visit Baththalanguduwa Island is between November and April. This is the time when the sea is calm, just perfect for a dreamy holiday. It a well-known place for beach camping with friends and family. In addition to this, you can also visit the Kalpitiya Dutch Fort and other attractions on the Island.


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