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Top 7 wedding experiences of UK

Regardless who we fall in love with, we have all – at some point in life – fantasised our dream wedding. Royal weddings complete with an orchestra at hand while a flower shower engulfs your wedding suit. Or a quiet exchange of rings over vows whispered in your secret getaway. Without further ado, here are wedding experiences of U.K that could make all your wedding dreams come true. And when you do decide to say the ‘yes’, remember to send us an invite! ~

♥ A Windmill

Image credit – weddingvenues

Wedding bells a-ring but want it to be an intimate affair only? One of the more intimate wedding experiences of U.K,  exchange your vows and slip your rings in a windmill. Not just any windmill. The Cley Windmill in Norfolk, located a kilometer away from the beach, is a beautiful, rustic setting that accommodates up to 20 people. An airy, round ‘Sitting Room’ houses the wedding. Head to the room across for the reception. Rings and vows exchanged, cake sliced amid much cheer, head to the Windmill Dining Room and indulge in a glass of champagne or, the local speciality, Norfolk cream tea.

With a balcony offering panoramic views of the surrounding marshes, catch the sun  as it dips into the horizon or just savour each other’s company away from the crowds. With a variety of accommodation, hosting your guests is no headache. Wedding chapel set and everything done, it’s time to bring out the camera and make some memories – plus, who in their right mind would pass on such great photo opportunities?!

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Book your wedding tour with Cley Windmill – they are a click away.

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♥ A Submarine

HMS Warrior 1860
Image credit – thebossardquartet

Got a lovely wedding planned but, want to up the quirk factor a little bit? One of the quirky wedding experiences of U.K to try – get married in a submarine. No, we aren’t going all out. At Porstmouth in England, you can host a wedding and, if you fancy, a reception in a submarine! With a capacity to accommodate upto 300 guests – the interiors of HMS Warrior 360 incite awe. The Officer’s Hall, with a capacity for upto 100, or for a more intimate affair – the Captain’s Cabin that can hold upto 25 guests.

If you anticipate a larger crowd for reception, then hold the reception at John Fieldhouse building that hosts brilliant views of the Portsmouth harbour. Don your wedding garb and get to solemnising and some memory-making aboard a submarine!

To solemnise your marriage in a submarine, contact the Submarine Museum!

♥ A Castle

Image credit – artbydesignphotography

Fairy tale weddings are no longer a thing or dreams and movies only. Not true. They are also the thing of wedding experiences in U.K. Fancy being wedded in a castle among dense woodland? At Castell Coch castle, you can. This gothic-revival castle can accommodate upto 30 people at a time and requires you make a booking 13 months in advance. The wedding will be solemnised in the well-decked Drawing room of Castell Coch. Woodland in purview and the additional perk of miles of seclusion – the wedding is an intimate affair, complete with the charm of the rustic locale.

You can plan to wed in the morning or afternoon as sun takes stage. Be warned, Castell Coch can’t host receptions. Maybe conclude with picnic nearby or a scenic ride out of there.

Image credit – artbydesignphotography

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♥ A Subterranean Lake

Image credit – britainsbestbreaks

Fancy marrying on the shore of a dramatic underground lake? A walk down 60 steps will bring you and your folks to Cornwall Lake’s candle-lit chamber. Bring your closest here – it can accommodate only 40 people at a time. Beside the blue green waters, proclaim your vows to each other among family and friends. If you are planning a trip with your family and friends then check out the International tour package!

The reception, meanwhile, will be held in a cavern in the vicinity. With a capacity of 400, the party begins here. From food to cake cutting and a little dance breakout – save it for the cavern.  Rings and vows exchanged, yours will be a one-of-a-kind wedding experience.

Image credit – pinterest

Look up Carnglaze to design your own under-the-ground wedding!

♥ A Palace

Image credit – sarova

Here is one if you want to be go all Band Baaja Baaraat on your wedding. After all, who doesn’t love a little indulgence? Over-the-top indulgence actually. With a theme, red carpets and grand fixtures to accompany. How about, hm, a palace? The Hampton Court Palace is the place to wed. With four great venues in place – starting from the breathtaking King’s Guard Chamber complete with 3,000 swords and more weapons to the airy Garden Room adorned with ceiling to floor glass doors, a private terrace and splendid gardens to accompany.

Something more picturesque? The Little Banqueting House by the Thames river is your fix! In a garden by the river you will be wed in holy matrimony. Aah, just the thought of it. The photo opportunities here are, of course, endless. Enjoy your couple trip with a International honeymoon package with us!

Image credit – bigday-weddings

Discover what else Hampton Court Palace has in store for you.

♥ A Film Studio

Image credit – venuefinder

Everybody loves a filmy wedding – minus the twists involving protagonists, of course. Heatherden Hall in Pinewood Studios offers a filmy wedding experience – literally. A stage for many popular movies this, be rest assured your spatial needs will be more than taken care of. Heatherden Hall, around which the Pinewood studio was built, has seen filming of movies like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Doctor in the House, From Russia with Love, The Great Gatsby. The Hall is essentially a Georgian style Victorian mansion surrounded by a lush carpet of well-kept gardens. With a variety of halls in the venue itself, choose the one that best accommodates your wedding fantasy.

The Hitchcock Suite, for instance, is endowed with an impressive fireplace and french windows that open to the spectacular views outside. What’s more, you can choose to wed to movie themes like P.S I Love You, Hitch and Love Actually – minus the drama, of course. Dreamy, movie weddings are now a reality.

Image credit – linaandtom

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♥ A Walk to Remember

Image credit – steppingbeyond

Ever wanted to talk a walk in the rain but, abandoned the idea because it seemed too crazy? Or you had work the next day and the better part of you didn’t let you throw caution to the wind? It is your wedding now – probably one of the most memorable moments in life. You are allowed to do something crazy and absolutely make memories. So here’s one – a Walking Wedding. Straight out The Five-Year Engagement movie, you are thinking? It probably is.

Plan a walking route to the spot you’d want to get married at! It is really that simple. You could arrange to pass through the places special to both of you. Maybe even take a route cutting through parks where you can pitstop for some homemade picnic-ing. Make an adventure of your wedding, too.

Image credit – steppingbeyond
walking wedding
Image credit – steppingbeyond

Come winter, autumn or summer, Stepping Beyond will make your walking wedding a reality!

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