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A click of Tyrna in Meghalaya
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Top 8 things to do in Meghalaya – Explore the Abode of Clouds!

Meghalaya is a hilly state in Northeast India. It is one of the most visited destinations and one of the Seven Sisters of India. Meghalaya is a living paradise, its matchless natural beauty, culture, bewildering caves, stunning waterfalls, and blissful valleys will give you goosebumps for sure. Meghalaya presents you with a lot of places to visit and amazing things to offer. A visit to places such as Cherrapunji and Shillong are some of the top must-visit places in Meghalaya. You will experience the best of nature at Meghalaya. Already excited? Well, keep reading… Meghalaya is a lot more than you can imagine. Here is the list of top 8 things to do in Meghalaya for a perfect vacation.

Tyrshi Falls in Meghalaya
Image Credits: Unsplash

Top 8 things to do in Meghalaya

  • Living Root Bridges
  • Don Bosco Museum
  • Umiam Lake
  • Mawsmai Cave
  • Bara Bazaar Shillong
  • Balpakram National Park
  • Nohkalikai Waterfalls
  • Trekking at Laitlum Canyon

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1. Living Root Bridges

Living Root Bridges
Image Credits: Google Images

A visit to the Living Root Bridges is definitely one of the top 8 things to do in Meghalaya. Living Root Bridges in Meghalaya is a UNESCO World Heritage site and your vacation to Meghalaya is never complete without visiting this place. This place is one of the scenic mysterious marvels of Meghalaya. These wonderful structures have grown over a period of time and are made up of tangled thick roots that provide formidability to the structure and is good enough to hold more than 60 people. Impressive, right? And yes, never miss visiting the double-decker root bridge in Cherrapunji & the single-decker root bridge in Shillong will make you awe-struck.

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2. Don Bosco Museum

An image inside Don Bosco Museum which is one of the major attractions in Meghalaya.
Image Credits: Google Images

Interested to know about the culture of Meghalaya? Well, Don Bosco Museum is the ideal place for that. Interestingly, you will find the museum in a hexagonal shape. Don Bosco Museum is situated in Shillong and its 7 floors represent seven different states of Northeast India. Interesting, right? Also, it has 17 galleries which will take you through the history and tradition of Northeast India. In addition, you will find splendid collections of artworks, paintings, artefacts and sculptures. You will also find a large cultural library, conference hall and a media hall. Have a visit to Don Bosco Museum and learn a lot about history.

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3. Umiam Lake

A click of Umiam Lake
Image Credits: Unsplash

Looking for some adventure sports and for a perfect picnic spot? You have Umiam Lake to make it happen. Umiam Lake is known for camping, adventure sports and for being a perfect picnic spot. One can indulge in adventurous sports such as rappelling, rock climbing, zip-lining and many more. Also, you can admire the huge trees, the sound of playful chirping birds, houseboats and lush green scenic beauty. In addition, never miss witnessing the sunset which is a treat here.

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4. Mawsmai Cave

Mawsmai Cave in Meghalaya
Image Credits: Google Images

The fourth one to enter the list is a visit to the Mawsmai Cave. This cave is one of the most famous caves in Meghalaya. This place is incredibly popular among tourists. You will find the cave deep, dark and narrow. Entering the cave can be very challenging as the cave has only one entry and exit point. The experience might be a bit scary but at the end of the day, you will love the thrill. Mawsmai Cave is found 6 km away from Cherrapunjee and remains as one of the best attractions in Meghalaya.

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5. Bara Bazaar Shillong

A click of Bara Bazaar Shillong which is one of the best attractions in Meghalaya
Image Credits: Google Images

Love Shopping? Well, you should read this. Bara Bazaar Shillong is located in the capital of Meghalaya. The bazaar is famous for its local artworks, textile works, and handicrafts. You will find some amazing products in this bustling market. It is also advisable to explore the bazaar with a proper guide as there are high chances to get lost for the first time visitors. Also, you will find some mouthwatering dishes. Never miss tasting the delicious dishes available at the Bara Bazaar.

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6. Balpakram National Park

Balpakram National Park  in Meghalaya
Image Credits: Google Images

Land of Spirits – Ever heard about this place in Meghalaya? Well, Balpakram National Park is famously known as the Land of Spirits. This national park is one of the must-visit places in Meghalaya. This park serves as a paradise for all wildlife enthusiasts. You can spot animals such as Wild Cows, Leopards, Boars and many more.

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7. Nohkalikai Waterfalls

A splendid click of Nohkalikai Waterfalls
Image Credits: Unsplash

Here comes the beauty… Nohkalikai Waterfalls is a breathtaking attraction and is located 5 kilometres away from Cherrapunjee. It is one of the most photogenic waterfalls in India. The force of water has carved a waterhole which remains blue in the winter & turns green in the summer months. Cool, right? Never miss visiting Nohkalikai Waterfalls, one of the mesmerising waterfalls in Cherrapunji, which is a delight to watch.

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8. Trekking at Laitlum Canyon

A click of Laitlum Canyon
Image Credits: Unsplash

The final one to enter the top 8 things to do in Meghalaya is a visit to the Laitlum Caves. Laitlum Canyon is situated around 30 kilometres from Shillong and it is one of the incredible trekking trails. Love trekking? Well, you definitely can’t miss trekking at Laitlum Canyon. Trekking here might be challenging due to its testing routes. Also, you will find some picture-perfect views from the hilltop. Make sure you capture the beautiful views on your camera. Interestingly, the trek can be completed within 4- 5 hours and you will find a lot of people who are willing to trek at Laitlum Canyon. Also, never miss the stunning sunrise.

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Quick Travel Tips

  • The best time to visit Meghalaya is from October to June.
  • Respect the culture of Meghalaya. They have a unique culture and most of us might be not familiar with that. So, never make fun of their culture. Try learning their culture by connecting with the locals and taking part in their festivals.
  • Get to know the permits around Meghalaya.
  • You won’t find buses frequently in Shillong. So, you will have to use local taxis to travel around Shillong. There are many local taxis available in Shillong which are quite expansive. So, plan your visit accordingly in Shillong.
  • Guwahati railway station is the nearest station which is well-connected to other parts of the country.
  • Some of the popular dishes in Meghalaya are Ki Kpu, Jadoh, Bamboo Shoots, Tungrymbai.

Well, isn’t Meghalaya a lovely place to visit? It is, right? The natural beauty is quite enough to attract every kind of traveller. Also, the attractions in Meghalaya will make you come back every time. Plan your trip to Meghalaya and experience these top 8 things to do in Meghalaya for a lovely vacation. You can reach out to Pickyourtrail website and find out some cool travel packages. Also, customize your own travel itinerary with the help of our Travel Consultants. Get ready to share your own travel stories to Meghalaya with us. Happy Travelling!!

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