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Top thrilling adventures in Malaysia for all adrenaline junkies out there!

Malaysia is a beautiful country located in Southeast Asia close to the country of Singapore. From scenic beaches to the culmination of Malaysian culture, there is nothing that this country does not offer. It is also home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites making it a popular tourist destination among tourists. If you or someone who loves thrilling adventures, Malaysia is the place to be. Malaysia will never disappoint you and will live up to your expectations of having the best holiday. To help you make the best choice, we have narrowed down on a list of the top thrilling adventures to take up in Malaysia for that much-required dose of adrenaline.

1. Diving at Mabul and Sipadan Island, Sabah

The best way to experience the Underwater World at its best is by diving into the best diving spots. Mabul and Sipadan Island in Sabah have the most exotic marine life which will be a treat to the eye. You will come across barracuda, manta rays, turtles and other sea creatures at the island. You can even take up diving in the Western region of Malaysia at Redang Island. These diving spots are considered to be one among the best in the world and are even compared to the Galapagos Island. If you are a beginner, you can always take the help of trained professionals who will be available on-site to help you with the diving activity.

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Diving in Sipadan island
Image source: Google Images

2. Trekking or ziplining at Sabah

Trekking is always an adventurous activity to take up whenever you are on vacation. Hiking up Mount Kinabalu in Sabah is a truly surreal experience to take up in Malaysia. Trekking up to Mount Tahan in Pahang is also a great experience that you will enjoy. Although it is a fairly difficult trek to take up, once you reach the summit you will experience picturesque views of the entire island making it a truly magical emotion. Ziplining as an activity is available in every country. You might of heard about zip lining across the mountain or above a river. Have you ever tried ziplining between two islands? Well you can do that in Sabah. You will be passing through Gaya and Sapi Island and getting panoramic views throughout.

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Ziplining in Malaysia
Image source: Pixabay

3. Tandem Paragliding

Paragliding as an activity is truly breathtaking. You can take up the tandem paragliding activity in Selangor and Sabah. Get ready to expose yourself to brilliant views of the mountains, quaint little villages, valleys and rice fields! There are many companies which offer the tandem paragliding activity at a cost of RM 220. This is the best way to take up the activity especially if you are a beginner as the professionals are qualified and you will feel extremely safe when you take up the activity. Your bucket list of most thrilling adventures to take up in Malaysia will be incomplete without taking up the paragliding activity.

Tandem Paragliding
Image source: Pixabay

4. Rock climbing in Sarawak’s Fairy Caves

This is an experience which you can take up irrespective of the weather. The wall for rock climbing within the caves is situated in such a way that it is devoid of rain. A large number of tourists and locals throng the Fairy Caves every year to indulge in the rock climbing experience. It is located in a village close to Sarawak’s Capital city Kuching. Apart from the rock climbing, you can also indulge in self-exploration of the village to understand more about the customs. Interestingly, the Fairy Caves have a history associated with it and the villagers consider it to be a sacred part of their life. A thrilling experience indeed to add to your bucket list in Malaysia right?

Rock climbing in Malaysia
Image source: Pixabay

5. White Water Rafting

This activity is adrenaline redefined and is one of the most thrilling adventures you can take up in Malaysia. You can take it up in Perak or in the adventure hub of Sabah. You can experience this activity in Perak on the Kampar River which has a whopping 14 rapids as you raft. Get ready to witness exotic jungles around you and you might spot some four-legged pals along the way. At Sabah, you can look forward to white water rafting at Tamparuli’s Kiulu River. The entire tour is the longest ever in the whole of Borneo island in Malaysia. If you are experienced in white water rafting you can look forward to better rapids and extra speed at Beaufort’s Sungai Padas River.

White water rafting in Malaysia
Image source: Pixabay

6. Flyboarding

If you are an adrenaline junkie, flyboarding in Malaysia is your true calling. You will be attached to a flyboard and strapped up to a water jet pack. The speed boat in front of you will propel you up and down in the water making it one of the most thrilling adventures you can expect in Malaysia. It is an upcoming activity, especially among youngsters. If you want to take it up, make sure you block your slots in advance. But if you are travelling on a budget, this activity is not recommended as just a 20 minutes flyboarding will cost around RM 370. If you are not on a budget, go ahead and get on that flyboard!

Flyboarding activity in Malaysia
Image source: Google Images

7. Bungee Jumping and Skydiving

How can we finish off the list of adventure activities in Malaysia without talking about bungee jumping and skydiving? You can take up the bungee jumping activity at Selangor. This is an ideal place to take up bungee jumping if you are a beginner. The height is not too much, just around 72 feet making it relatively safe as well. You can look forward to the sky diving activity in Langkawi. Like the paragliding activity, this is again tandem skydiving. Don’t worry about the safety aspect since you will be attached to experienced professionals who will guide you through the entire activity. Get ready to be exposed to scenic views of the whole of Langkawi and make a majestic landing on its beach and guess what? This is the only place in Asia where skydivers land on a beach!

Tandem Skydiving in Malaysia
Image source: Pixabay

Well, there you have it! A complete list of what you can look forward to if you are a true adventure enthusiast in Malaysia. Try your hand at one of them if not for all and it will definitely be an experience that you will cherish for your lifetime. So go ahead and book your Malaysia tour package with Pickyourtrail and if you have more queries, you can drop us a WhatsApp message right here. You can also download the Pickyourtrail app for further details about your vacations.

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