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Written by Akshaya Devi on June 19, 2019 Share on

Dubai desert safari — quad biking, sand skiing, belly dance and more

Topping bucket-lists. Hitting headlines. Slaying milestones in the travel industry. Still striving for the envy of its rivals. It’s Dubai for you. Adding a jewel in Dubai’s crown is its plain barren sandscapes — The dusty desert in the Persian gulf catering to scintillating adventures and spectacular getaways is a world unto itself.

For those thinking it doesn’t quite equate luxuriating in the sky-piercing Burj Khalifa or the wild corners of Palm Jumeirah, here’s a list of ideas to do it just right.

10. Quad biking

Unleash the beast in you as you race through the fine-grained desert landscapes thrashing the dunes in speeds you have never imagined. Look out for the ephemeral moments in the air that will sure count as the most exhilarating seconds of your whole Adventurous Dubai trip!

9. Sand skiing

Surfers out there who have gotten the enough of water are welcomed to brave the Persian sands. Prepare yourself for the ultimate fun of gliding over dunes that are as high as 300 metres. The best time to go sand skiing is during the sunrise or sunset, when the luscious orangish landscapes seem merged with the vibrant sky above. This way you can also escape the heat — save the time you spend on dehydration fix!

8. Hot-air ballooning

Step aboard the hot-air balloon for relishing the 360-degree view of the lavish vistas of Dubai and its wildlife which are nowhere else to be found. The bird’s eye view of the seemingly endless deserts will leave you in awe!

7. Falconry experience

Falcons are inevitable symbols of Dubai’s cultural heritage and hence the emphasis on wildlife preservation is a serious business here. The Falconry experience that lets you wield the majestic raptors of the sky is sure to give you chills! You can even try flying a Falcon like the Bedouin do.

6. Dune bashing

Dune bashing is basically cruising over the sand dunes and plain lands in such a way that maintains the vehicle’s balance on powdery sands. However it’s advisable to take the driver seat only if you feel affirmed with your driving skills. It can be overwhelming! Or you can just hop on a 4*4 land cruiser or an SUV to go explore the feral corners of the Arabian deserts with wind spurting all over your face.

5. Camel ride

Take a step back and give your adrenalines a moment of calm by mounting the pride of Dubai for a leisurely stroll along the pristine sands of Dubai. Camel trekking basically, is the best way to savour those golden moments of sun descending down the massive deserts.

4. Arabian dinner

Why do you think there’s an Arabian kebab centre or Iranian barbeque on every nook and corner of every place you’ve been to? Perhaps because it is mouthwateringly delicious and intensely flavourful? Arabian dinners are not plain food. It comes with colourful lights, frenetic dancing and sleepless nights. Celebrating Arabian food is celebrating life itself!

3. Belly dance

Watching graceful dancers setting the stage on fire is an exquisite sight to behold! As the traditional dance of the middle-east, Belly dancing here is more than an evening relaxation. Here in Dubai you’ll watch the art being performed to perfection as it sticks to the Raqs baladi method — the unadulterated form of belly dance. It’s more folkloric than western.

2. Moonlight camping

With golden lanterns and exotic drinks adorning your bedside, you’ll truly feel like a king reigning in his palace. Grab a shisha experience by the campfires or catch on your night’s sleep while musing over the unforgettable vacation you happened to have.

1. Stargazing safari

For the night owls — there can be no better experience than lying on top of your jeep while admiring in awe the stars ornating the desert skylines.

In Dubai even vacationing by the dusty sands is nothing short of luxurious, if done right. Choose any Dubai tour packages you like the most from Pickyourtrail and head on to conquering the rustic wilderness of Dubai.

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