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Top beaches in Langkawi one shouldn’t miss!

Langkawi whose official name was “The Jewel of Kedah”  is a small district in Malaysia consisting of 99 Islands and few other islands which can be viewed only during low tides. The islands belong to the Kedah borders which is adjoint to the Thai Borders. Langkawi is located towards the Northwest of Malaysia in the Andaman Sea and is the best-loved holiday destination for people around the world. Here’s a cluster of the top must-visit beaches in Langkawi which have the marvelous sunrise along with numerous water sports and last but not least you ending your day with a walk on the perfect white sand letting the luke-warm water soak your feet while you watch the beautiful sunset.

Few things you need to know about the beaches of Langkawi

While all the beaches in Langkawi are surrounded by the beauty there are a few things you will need to keep in mind such as the islands do not have sufficient toilet facilities, Changing rooms aren’t great either and many islands do not have food and beverages available as well. In such cases it’s always advisable to carry food along with you as most of the island visit will be a whole day activity. The three most commonly used words that you’ll come across are ‘Pantai’ meaning beach, ‘Jalan’ meaning road, and ‘Pulau’ meaning Island.

Pantai Cenang Beach

This beach is a 10min drive from the Langkawi international airport. Pantai Cenang Beach is one such beach which has a variety of restaurants, cafes, duty-free outlets and souvenir shops. Most of the people traveling along with their families make sure they add this beach in their itinerary as it has an amazing aquarium named Underwater World Langkawi along with Rice Garden Museum which excites the kids. Along with the above mentioned, Pantai Cenang beach also has water rides such as jet skiing and parasailing, attracting millions of tourists every year.

The view of Pantai Cenang Beach
Image Credits: Google Image

Pantai Tengah Beach

When compared to the other beaches this beach isn’t that developed making it a more peaceful place for travelers wanting to relax and swim or take sunbaths during the day. This beach is usually called as a continuation of the Pantai Cenang Beach since if you head down southwards you arrive at the Pantai Tengah Beach. If you are one seeking privacy and wanting a calm place to spend your day gazing at the beautiful ocean, this is your stop.

Pantai Kok

If you are looking for a luxurious vacation with the best beach resorts on along the coastal area Pantai Kok is where you need to unpack your bags! This is one of the finest beaches in Langkawi due to its amazing nightlife. It has numerous bars and restaurants along with many live music concerts being performed to date. This beach is located on the western coast near the Langkawi Cable Car.

a walk on the white sand along the sunset with a loved one.
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Pasir Tengkorak Beach

This is one such beach that provides you with the opportunity to explore the dense forest which surrounds the Pasir Tengkorak Beach. Since this beach is situated in a secluded place on the Northern coastline, not many water activities are conducted here making it the perfect place for swimming and snorkeling in the clear greenish-blue water. Pasir Tengkorak Beach is isolated from the main city which means the visitors can basically have the beach to themselves.

Jalan Tanjung Rhu Road Beach

Located on the northern coast of Langkawi, Tanjung Rhu Road Beach got its name from the long stretch road leading to this beautiful beach named “Jalan Tanjung Rhu Road”. This beach doesn’t have a lot to offer since not much water sports are conducted here, but a lot of solo travelers and the ones who love to capture the beauty of this place in their camera’s make sure they don’t miss this location. Many photographers along with couples interested in photo shoots chose this as their ideal location

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get going on this amazing journey filled with surprises throughout your way. Langkawi has got a lot more to offer than just beaches. It has the highest Sky Bridge in the world, one experience you wouldn’t wanna miss. Visit Pickyourtrail to check out many more exciting Langkawi itineraries and giving us the opportunity to help you plan the vacation of your dreams. Book your trip to Malaysia today!

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