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Top FREE(!!) things to do in Prague

In the mood for travelling the world but weighed down by the lightness of your wallet? There’s absolutely no need to put your travel life on hold till you get that big incentive or that long-awaited appraisal. Especially in beautiful European cities like Prague, there are tonnes of exciting things to do without having to shed a penny. Here’s a curated list of the top free things to do in Prague.

For the European dreams we all grew with

But this also means you have to give up the excuses you so long had for not travelling! Brace yourself 😉

#10 Go for a walking tour around the Old Town Square

The famous astronomical clock of the town hall, the sky-piercing Tyn cathedral, the truly-Baroque St Nicholas church, and countless other attractions work together in catering to the transcendental charm the whole place possesses! A relaxed stroll around the Old Town Square is all it takes to see Prague in a unique light, all for free.

#9 Window-shop in the streets of Na Prikope

A simple walk along the alleys of Na Prikope lined with classical boutiques, cosy cafes and lively bars is a true test to how long you can go without breaking your wallet (Sorry!). It will be a good run though. One of the world’s most luxurious streets in the world, Na Prikope accessible from Wenceslas Square and the Republic Square is a must-visit! You can experience it for free though-window shop to your heart’s content.

#8 Inspect the impressive Baroque features of St Nicholas Church

If St Vitus built for centuries is the epitome of all that’s Gothic, then St Nicholas is a jewel in the crown of classic Baroque! As you enter you’re invited by some of the intricately put together art you can ever see. No wonder why the Baroque era stands truly noteworthy in the changing scenes of European architecture. Needless to say, it’s absolutely free to enter.

#7 Trek to the Bohemian Paradise for an exotic getaway into the woods

One can’t help but wonder how fittingly named is this paradise (Not figurative)! For adrenaline junkies who can never get enough, artists complaining there’s not enough beauty in this world to paint, writers who want to sit atop a fairyland and fall short of words to describe the same, this place is a true paradise! Visiting the Bohemian paradise is one of the top free things to do in Prague.

#6 “Czech out” the Prague castle, one of the most historically significant monuments in the Czech Republic

Just because. It’s sufficient to say, the Premyslid dynasty worked in bringing together a majestic castle as a symbol of the city’s culture and history in 880’s century and it stands to this date telling tales of medieval Europe. Say no more? Okay!

Off the record, the Prague castle looks exactly like this when it snows! God, have some mercy!

#5 Stop by the historic statues in the streets to relish the city’s culture

Child’s prank or Horatian satire, however you name it to be, statues erected across many landmarks in Prague truly mean something other than turning heads. Stop by, adore, critique and learn how their existence came to be.

#4 Admire the Prague cityscape from the Eiffel tower of Czech!

The Petrin tower in the centre of Prague will be a Deja Vu moment and yes you’re not mistaken. It’s intended to imitate the world famous Eiffel tower. Not just that, once you climb atop you are welcomed by the views of Prague you have never seen before.

#3 Spend countless hours in reverie while you watch the Charles bridge waterfront painted golden by sunset hues

Sunsets your thing? Lovely skylines over a stunning bridge? Reliving Ryan Gosling’s City of Stars for once? Say hello to the one stop shop for all your fantasies!

#2 Pose for a selfie with the Dancing house!

The quirky modern touch to the otherwise ancient city! And you are not imagining wild if you think this resembles an uncanny dance move! This architectural marvel is indeed inspired by the famous dance duo Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. It started with the vision of Vaclav Havel, the first president of the Czech Republic to make this place a shout out to the arrival of the democratic era.

#1 From medieval to modern, Prague celebrates everything that’s art! You should, too!

Art in Prague is not restricted to the frames of art galleries or the walls of museums. It’s omnipresent — in places you’d never imagine. Just don’t blink and observe with all your senses and you’ll never consider leaving Prague!

Seems you can have the cake and eat it, too! Time to ‘Czech’ the Czech Republic off with Pickyourtrail!

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