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Top Hotels in Greece
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Top Hotels in Greece that will make your Stay a Memorable one!

Greece is one of the most culturally rich places in the world. Also, the destination has so much within it. Right from the vast diversion of cuisine, splendid mountains views and scenic beaches. Located amidst the borders of Europe and Asia, Greece is a throbbing land, deep in traditional perfection. Also, the natural charm of Greece is amazing as you can witness heaps of diversions here. The coastline here will amaze you with its beauty.

Hotels in Greece
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Greece is widely known as the most romantic nation in the world that you must make a visit at least once in your life! Being the land of the classic blend of black sand and white homes, it is also blessed with some of the most scenic and luxurious hotels. These hotels in Greece will surely leave you agape in amazement. Hotels in Greece are perfect and they will add some ‘extra’ to your ‘ordinary’ holiday. So, are you eager to stay in some amazing hotels in Greece on your holiday? If yes, then, let us suggest you with the top hotels in Greece that will make your stay marvellous!


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Top Recommend Hotels in Greece

  • The Lesante Luxury Hotels
  • Daios Luxury Living Hotels
  • Volcano View Hotels
  • Amalia Hotel Delphi
  • Spetses Hotel
  • Brasil Suites Hotel Athens
  • Melia Athens

Greece – the home of myth, saga, antiquity and splendid hospitality is an ideal holiday destination for many. Whether it’s Rhodes, Sparti, Athens or Santorini that has your interest excited, you’re assured heavenly stay in Greece. The hotels in Greece offers top-notch services and it has no match in this world. People from all over the world visit this destination for its luxurious and magnificent stay. They love the level of hospitality and the experience which they get from these top hotels in Greece. Every resorts and hotel in Greece has its own unique style and traditions. Hotels in Greece will never disappoint you. Be it a honeymoon or family vacation, these hotels in Greece got something to offer for everyone. Have a look into Pickyourtrail’s top recommended hotels in Greece for a mesmerizing stay experience.

hotels in greece
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1. The Lesante Luxury Hotels

Greece has tucked with so many beautiful islands. All these islands have some of the best hotels and resorts. The Lesante Luxury Hotel & Spa located on the Ionian island of Zakynthos hits the list first. This world is also called Paradise of Zakynthos. The hotel is set amidst delightful greenery with the beaches at a walking distance. These hotels will treat you with its elegantly designed rooms and impeccable service. Book a luxurious stay at this Zakynthos hotel in Greece to feel the best leisure hotel experience during your stay.

The Lesante Luxury Hotel & Spa in Greece
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2. Daios Luxury Living Hotels

If your willing to soak yourself in the culture side of Greece, Thessaloniki is the place to head to. This vibrant place is well known for its festivals and nightlife. In Thessaloniki, you can definitely come across so many festivals and people gathering frequently. The place is so lively and the people here are friendly. Don’t worry you will a festival or something to do every day. Almost all the festivals and events happening nearby to the famous hotel called Daios Luxury Living Hotel. Tourist stays in this hotel because of its seafront location and nearby to all these gatherings. There are so many hotels stay and luxuriate in Thessaloniki. But we recommend the Daios Luxury Living Hotel because of its location and close to almost all the best tourist spots in Greece.

3. Volcano View Hotels

Is there any more enjoyable way to experience a Greece vacation than on a caldera? This five-star hotel in Santorini Greece places you as close to the volcano as plausible. With excellent Cycladic design, simple décor and the highest comfort, you’ll feel on top of the world – quite accurately!
What’s special is so special about this hotel in Santorini Greece is that it presents remarkable views of the volcano. If you are travelling as a couple, never miss out this place. It is most suggested to opt for a superior room. Also if you wish to have a candlelight dinner while watching this scenic volcano, ensure you reserve table well in advance.

Volcano View Hotel
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4. Amalia Hotel Delphi

Amalia Hotel Delphi is one of the top hotels in Delphi Greece With wonderful views of the valley and the towns of Itea and Galaxidi, this hotel in Greece will make you fall in love with its scenic view. Also, the hotel overlooks the grand Mount Parnassus. The hotel is best to recommend to families.the rooms here are very much enough and sufficient for kids to move around. It is located closer to the archaeological site of Delphi and the two bustling port towns.


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5. Spetses Hotel

Islands in Greece has so many luxurious and magnificent hotels. one among them is the marvellous Spetses hotel in Greece. The hotel is also well known for its astounding structure and seafaring rooms. The great Spetses Greece hotel will be the perfect place to spend your summer. Spetses Hotel is a couple of minutes from the beach and also 10 minutes away from the town centre. The 4-star hotel caters rooms and secluded villas that overlook the Saronic sea. The hotel offers a private beach where you can unwind and experience the Grecian sun.

6. Brasil Suites Hotel Athens

Greece tours are incomplete without making a visit to Athens. Athens is one of the most attracted tourist destinations in Greece. There are so many activities to cover and it is most recommended to take accommodation at the centre. If you want to stay close to all the top attraction, Glyfada or the ‘Hellenic Hamptons’ is what we recommend. The beachside neighbourhood is well known for its comfortable vibe and seaside pleasure. You can stay at the Brasil Suites Boutique Hotel, which is one of the most famous hotels in Glyfada Greece. It’s two blocks from the city where connoisseur restaurants, boutiques and a buzzing nightlife can be seen.

7. Melia Athens

It can be difficult finding hotels with no smoking limitations as cities increasingly clamp down on it. But, Melia Athens is one of the very rare hotels in Greece that has smoking rooms. Located in the heart of Athens and next to the National Archeological Museum, it features a Turkish sauna and a periodical pool and sizzling tub.


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Greece is a truly magical destination that will etch memories of a lifetime in your heart. With the plethora of places to visit, you can indeed be spoilt for choice. Book your Greece tour packages from India through Pickyourtrail to revel in a hassle-free holiday.

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