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Kuala Lumpur Famous Landmarks
Written by Siddhi on May 23, 2020 Share on

Top Landmarks of Kuala Lumpur That Will Leave You In Surprise!

Most of you might not even know how beautiful Malaysia is and it is one of the countries that exist in Southern Asia. Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia that is located between Singapore and Thailand and is home to almost 1.8 million citizens. If you are searching for a place where you can savour the Malaysian local delicacies with iconic structures in the background, then please do make your bookings to Kuala Lumpur now! This is the place that all you travellers! Welcome or ‘Selamat Datang’ to the Malaysians here!

Petronas Twin Towers:

Petronas Twin Towers
Image Credits: Google Images

The 88 floors building with a height of 452 meters above ground level will certainly leave all visitors in awe. The 2 towers are interconnected with a double-decker sky bridge at level 41 and 42 levels, and don’t miss the chance to run on the sky bridge particularly throughout the sunset. The view from on top is amazing! Do keep in mind that this place is closed on Mondays. The Petronas Twin towers connected are connected with the Suria KLCC which might have already excited shopaholics! It is one of the foremost far-famed looking spots and has always had a fancy look in cinemas.

KL Tower:

KL tower in Kuala Lumpur

KL Tower is another tower you should visit for all those enthusiasts out there! This tower has a variety of souvenir shops and an observation deck for all its visitors. Ever heard of a revolving restaurant? Yes! I’m not kidding it revolves! The restaurant keeps rotating in a much simpler word. There is a revolving restaurant on the upper deck of the tower that is called Atmosphere 360 Revolving Restaurant. You can enjoy your lunch or dinner at this restaurant along with enjoying the panoramic view of the sparkling city of Kuala Lumpur. You can also visit this place at the annual event which is the KL Tower International Jump Malaysia where you get an opportunity to skydive from the KL Tower which is 300 meters above the sea level!

Sultan Abdul Samad Building:

Sultan Abdul Samad Building in Kuala Lumpur
Image Credits: Google Images

Built during the 18th century, it originally served as the secretariat for the colonial British during the colonization period. Later on, the building was the superior courts of Malaysia after its independence. The Federal Court of Malaysia, the Court of Appeals and the High Court of Malaysia used to reside here but now transferred to Putrajaya. The Sultan Abdul Samad Building is a historical landmark of Malaysia and will always be for the future generations to see know the history of Malaysia.

Merdeka Square (Dataran Merdeka):

Merdeka Square in Kuala Lumpur
Image Credits: Google Images

Late Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra al-Haj, the first Prime Minister of Malaysia in 1957 announced independence of Malaysia at the historic Merdeka Square. Malaysians gather at the Merdeka Square on 31st October every year to celebrate their Independence Day. This is a must to visit for all tourists! The Sultan Abdul Samad Building has a magnificent architecture and was constructed entirely of bricks. This has the influence of both the western and the Moorish-style.

Bukit Bintang:

Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur
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Apart from Suria KLCC, you can always take a walk in the Bukit Bintang area if you are all set to spend your money and shop here! Bukit Bintang has numerous famous shopping malls of Kuala Lumpur. Bukit Bintang is the trendiest shopping and entertainment district among Malaysians and the tourists; as this area also has a vibrant nightlife. Pavilion KL, is one of the shopping malls which owns European luxury retailers and Sephora KL is where you can find all renowned French cosmetics. Lot 10, Starhill Gallery and Fahrenheit 88 are a must-visit for all tourists looking to buy amazing souvenirs! Bukit Bintang is definitely the place for the foodaholics and you can easily spot local delicacies along the streets in Bukit Bintang at an affordable price.

Istana Budaya:

Istana Budaya in Kuala Lumpur
Image Credits: Google Images

Istana Budaya means ‘The Palace of Culture’ and is the main venue for various types of theatres, be it the musical theatres, classical concert or opera performed by Malaysians and the international performers. You can buy the tickets if you have the intent to see the performances and these are quite expensive at times. The unique feature of this building is its architecture which is based on authentic traditional Malay. The design of the theatre was inspired by a flying traditional moon kite as the architect in charge was a Malaysian citizen. You can take a walk around the Titiwangsa Lake Gardens as the park is located close to Istana Budaya.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park:

Want some time off from the busy streets of Kuala Lumpur? Then make a visit to the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, which is home to almost 3,000 birds of different species. It is the world’s largest ‘free-flight walk-in aviary’, where you can see birds let free in the aviary as if they are flying in their natural habitat instead of being caged like in most of parks and zoos all over the world. There are 4 zones overall out of which, the first 2 zones have birds flying freely. Zone 3 has the Hornbill Park and zone 4 has rare bird species placed in cages and small aviaries. The park can be visited between 9.00 am and 6.00 pm.

National Museum

Top Landmarks Of Kuala Lumpur
Image Credits: Google Images

Ever wondered about Malaysia’s history, its independence and how the development happened? Pay a visit to the National Museum, which is a unique building that shouldn’t be missed by tourists. The building has a traditional architecture based on Malay interior detailing and Minangkabau’s culture. The National Museum portrays the natural history, local cultures and Malaysian customs. The museum’s outdoor also exhibits artefacts that reflect the country’s past. This will definitely be a different experience for all visitors after all the fun in the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur.

Petaling Street

Petaling Street
Image Credits: Google Images

The street has wows and rows of stalls selling souvenirs at a very a good affordable price. Don’t miss the vibrant nightlife in Chinatown which hosts the night market. The large signboard of Petaling Street and the red ‘tanglung’ or Chinese lanterns attracts all visitors and make them at least spend an hour or two shopping in there. You can easily spot Chinese food stalls, restaurants along these streets and hawk on them!

Central Market (Pasar Seni)

The Central market just lies across the Petaling Street and is the best place to buy beautiful local handicrafts at a really affordable price. You can also do some bargaining and get them at unbelievable offers. Don’t forget to try some of the local delicacies at the food stalls.

Reasons outnumbered for you to kick-start your bookings to the vibrant city. Spending a vacation with your loved ones in Kuala Lumpur will be a delightful experience for you filled with adventure, luxury and tasteful experiences. We at Pickyourtrail ensure our best travel experience is put into planning your vacation with lots of excitement. Start planning your trip to Malaysia and Happy travelling!