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Your Chamber of Secrets – 8 Top Places to Shop in Greece

Planning to head to Athens? Yes, we know visiting Parthenon, Acropolis of Athens and Syntagma Square are some of the default places you’ll be crossing off your list. But, here goes the unrivalled part – the top places to shop in Greece! Boasting some of the best shopping places like the Plaka and Monastiraki, Athens is loaded with shops which will trigger your shopaholic side to a great extent! Take a read to know more about the same!

1. Ermou Street Clothes Shopping

Ermou Street Clothes Shopping,places to shop in Greece
Image credit- discovergreece

If you are looking to shop something that’s BANG on quality be it clothes or shoes – Ermou street is your haven! Housing international brands like Marks & Spencer, Zara, Berksha and H&M – don’t be surprised if you’re not able to control yourself from getting some heavy shopping done! Adding to this, Fokas – a Greek departmental store built in a neo-classical style is a prime shopping spot which has an amazing outer look to it.

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2. Sweet’n’Spicy Bahar

Bahar,places to shop in Greece
Image credit- sweetnspicy

Sweets and savouries are some of the best things you can take back home. Load your bags with the Greek spices and gravy sauces at the Sweet’n’Spicy Bahar. The shop is run by a Greek-Canadian-Lebanese woman who curates the ingredients and flavours of the sauces she sells. Fascinating yeah?

3. Sklopa

Sklopa,places to shop in Greece
Image credit- business

Sklopa is a tiny shop at the Kissamos known for its adorable hand-crafted items like clothing, jewellery and soaps. It also has another twin shop at the end of Kissamos, where edible items like wine, cheese, meats, honey can be purchased. If you are all game to buy fashionable products and contemporary souvenirs, Sklopa is your place to be!

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4. The Hondos Center

The Hondos Center ,places to shop in Greece
Image credit- grekomania

The Hondos Center can be called as Walgreen’s rivals when it comes to cosmetic collections. We’re talking about a huge cosmetic store which has everything and anything related to beauty products. So, if you are a husband who wants to surprise his lady love with the best cosmetics, stop right at The Hondos Center – which is one of the top places to shop in Greece. You can also take a break in their in-house cafe if the shopping gets you worked up!

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5. George Dolkas Shop

George Dolkas Shop,places to shop in Greece
Image credit- grailed

How can you leave Greece without flaunting the Athens 2004 T-shirt or Athens 96 Olympic T-shirt? Even though the Olympics took place years ago, wouldn’t it be super grand if you could get hold of the Greek souvenirs and flaunt about same back home? Adding more joy to your shopping experience are the unique varieties of t-shirts and hats you can purchase at George Dolkas Shop.

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6. Athinas Street

Athinas Street,places to shop in Greece
Image credit- greece

The Athinas street is famous for its tiny clothing shops where you can suit yourself to casual jeans, T-shirts and Polynesian shirts. Stop at Davos if you are into sweaters, jackets and fancy pants.

7. Aeolou and Agios Markos Streets

Aeolou and Agios Markos Streets,places to shop in Greece
Image credit- wikipedia

You can pamper yourself with clothes, fabrics, yarn, shoes at slashed rates if you are to shop at Aeolou and Agios Markos Streets – one of the top places to shop in Greece. Hair accessories, purses, blouses and house slippers can be bought for nominal rates. The Ribbon stores, button stores are also common here.

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8. Abyssinia Square

Abysinia Square,places to shop in Greece
Image credit- athensattica

Are you one of those people who gets high on antique stuff? Woohoo! We have news for you! Hit the Abysinia Square where you can witness the wonderful collections from the 19th century displayed in a haphazard- yet an attractive manner. From ancient heirlooms to expensive furniture and jewellery – its everything at one shot if you are to pay a visit to the Abysinia Square.


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