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Sydney in Australia
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Know The Top Things To Do In Australia Before You Pack Your Bags

Australia is one of the most popular places visited, especially among backpackers and budget travellers even though it is remotely located in the world and not many located across the pacific tend to visit Australia. This place is a land of dreams and deserves all hype. Taken from the divine fables of the indigenous Dreamtime, when the holy spirits enchanted the coral reefs, rainforests, and burned red deserts, to all travellers everyone describes Australia as their ideal destination. Australia is a mix of contrasts and spectacular beauty. It has got vibrant multicultural cities, ancient rainforests, vast sand islands and a true natural wonder – the Great Barrier Reef! It doesn’t make sense for travellers to take long and expensive flights if they are looking for only a few days to spend in Australia. Nevertheless, let’s look at what Australia has got for its visitors:

Scuba diving in Australia
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1.The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most famous reef systems in the world and has an abundance of marine life and world-class diving opportunities. You can spot turtles, sharks, vibrant coral, and beautiful fish. You can spend a complete day diving in this reef. Cairns, in general, is chosen for diving by most visitors but leaving from Port Douglas will get you to less crowded dive spots. This is one of the seven wonders of the natural world with more than 1600 species of marine life. Don’t miss out visiting the Great Barrier Reef when in Australia!


Not only is Sydney’s opera house and harbor famous across the world but it also has an incredible bridge, great parks, delicious food, lots of free stuff to do, and amazing surfing. Whether you go to Manly Beach or hang out at Bondi Beach, it is a place to relax in the sun and enjoy the waves. Darling Harbor has numerous restaurants and great entertainment venues, and the Chinese Garden is quite relaxing. For a night out with colorful locals, don’t miss out to visit the King’s Cross.

Uluru in Australia
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Did you ever wonder how a giant round rock covering eight kilometres of land would be breathtaking, but it is. The rock looks like a wave of sand by wind-blown cuts throughout climbing over the desert. The Uluru rock has amazing shades of red and orange during sunrise and sunset which is due to the presence of iron. 


Australia has got a lot of things, and one of the best is trying out its authentic barbecue. The Aussie barbecue is a serious tradition, most of their parks and public areas have at least a minimum of three barbecue pits. There’s nothing better than a beautiful warm night, a few good beers, and some grilled-up kangaroo to make you love this place, and barbecuing is a budget-friendly as well.

5.The Wine

Australia also has amazing wine regions and these are some famous ones: Margaret River near Perth, the Barossa Valley near Adelaide, and the Hunter Valley near Sydney. There are various varieties of wine you can try when in Australia, especially pinot noir and shiraz. Day trips to any wine region from the nearby major cities and teaming it up with some barbeque will complete your day.

Vineyards in Australia
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6.Western Australia

Western Australia is truly beautiful with large expanses of outback and white sand beaches that stretch for miles without a soul in sight. This region is not visited by many travellers, and for those looking to spend some time in a secluded place with your loved ones, this is the go-to place! Karijini National Park is much more beautiful than all other parks in Australia, and Coral Bay and the Ningaloo Reef are less visited and have clear water and unexplored reefs than the ones in Cairns or the Great Barrier Reef. 


Sydney and Melbourne have always got all the attention from travellers, but Perth can hold its own against these two places. There are beautiful beaches, one of the world’s largest city parks, surfing, and don’t forget to try Australia’s best beer – Little Creatures. Perth has a lot of young people and has the vibe of a city in motion that’s just coming into its own. Don’t miss out Sunday drinking sessions at the famous Cottesloe Hotel.

8.Lush Jungles

For travellers who love to experience some lush, tropical place Queensland will be the go-to place. Here you can explore one of the oldest continuous tropical rainforests which date from the age of the dinosaur. You can go hiking, watch tons of wildlife and birds, and swim in some fresh rivers. If you want to get away from crowded cities, visit Cape Tribulation, your loved ones, the jungle, and some ocean.

Surfing in Australia
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Though surfing was not invented here but has become a part of Australian culture. The East Coast of Australia has a lot of places where you can catch a good wave to surf. You can also get to Sydney especially Bondi Beach if you don’t get a chance to visit Queensland. Noosa is one of the best places to surf because waves there are for both professionals and beginners.

10.Beautiful Beaches

With a coastline of over 50,000km, Australia’s beauty exists with these beautiful beaches. The western coastline is deserted whereas the ones on the East Coast are far busier. With so many options, you can always choose a spot to relax by yourself. Some of the top-notch beaches in Australia are Coral Bay, Cable Beach, Noosa, Manly, and any beach in Perth. Bondi beach in Sydney is another favourite beach among Aussies. It is one of the best places to go for a picnic and has one of the oldest surfing clubs. There are also so many restaurants and cafes across the road where you can try out new cuisines with your family.

Australia has a lot more apart from the 10 things listed here. With PickYourTrail you can plan your vacation to Australia and customize your itinerary. Excited to plan your trip already? You check out some itineraries here.

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