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Top Things to do in Barcelona: 7 Best Barcelona Bucketlist

Capital of Catalonia and Spain’s next city, Barcelona is absolutely exceptional. It’s one of a few must-see cities with its own character. The city gives you the feel of the age of mid-twentieth century artists and modellers, as Antoni Gaudí due to its architectural style. Their magnificent structures resemble nothing you’ll see anyplace else. Here are a few Top things to do in Barcelona for your vacation goals.

There’s something to please everybody in Barcelona. If you’re a food darling, at that point, the city has a total of 20 Michelin stars. If you require to experience the Spanish culture, you have a limitless decision of lovely structures and events. Apart from these, you have tidy city beaches, world-class nightlife and also an incredible shopping experience you won’t realize where to start. 

How about we explore the best activities in Barcelona: 

1. Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Top Things to do
Image Credits: Google Images

Stop worrying about that a lot of local people at this place of promenades that gets from Plaça de Catalunya down to the Columbus Monument at the waterfront. In case you’re a traveller to Spain, it is one of the must-do things to experience. Do not worry about the crowd, just explore through the place at your own pace.

In summer you’ll be under the shade of the tall plane trees and resetting through the groups that pass living statues, street entertainers, bird vendors and nearby flower stands. Once in a while, you’ll get the smell of waffles (gofres) being baked. Just walk to it, have a quick snack.

2. Sagrada Família

This is the place to start your experience through Barcelona and the fantastic works of Antoni Gaudí. His minor basilica is a venture of incredible scale and desire that is still just around seventy-five per cent complete over 140 years after Gaudí first got involved. At the point when its towers are done, it will be the tallest church operating on the planet. It scarcely takes after any religious structure you’ll have seen in your life. It is one of the best things to do in Barcelona, so make sure you do not miss it out in your Barcelona Bucketlist.

The Sagrada Família joins a few building styles including Catalan Modernism, Art Nouveau and Spanish Late-Gothic. In any case, Gaudí’s magnum opus challenges these kinds of definitions when you look into surprised at the roof of the nave. 

3. Casa Batlló 

Another of Antoni Gaudí’s most postcard-friendly manifestations, this condo square wasn’t made without any preparation. All things considered, it was a rebuild attempted at the turn of the twentieth century. You won’t need Barcelona to see the structure’s rooftop, the roofing of which are the sizes of an incredible flying serpent. 

Like the universality of his work inside and outside of Casa Batlló has that twisted quality, with not too many straight lines. Astonishing scrupulousness, take the mushroom-moulded chimney on the respectable floor, which like a comfortable cavern was intended for couples to heat up in winter.

4. Casa Milà 

Casa Milà, Best place to visit in Barcelona
Image Credits: Unspalsh

Also known as La Pedrera, as the front of the structure looks somewhat like the face of a quarry, Casa Milà was finished in 1912 and is another average Gaudí building. It’s one of a few of Catalan innovator efforts to be UNESCO listed and was the fourth and last Gaudí expanding on Passeig de Gràcia. 

Modellers will welcome the modern additions here, including oneself supporting stone exterior and underground vehicle leave. It was intended for the industrialist Pere Milà I Camps to be his family home, with condos for rent on the top floors. The lucidness between the plan of the structure and Casa Milà’s decorations is a real delight to see, and it’s everything from when Gaudí was at the head of his game. 

5. City Beaches

Barcelona’s beachfront promenade extends for a significant distance. It will take a decent hour to get from Barceloneta to Diagonal Mar by walking. However, it’s a walk that indeed causes you to comprehend the city. The westernmost seashores like Sant Sebastià are busier and increasingly touristy. In any case, they are upheld by Barceloneta’s tight grid of in vogue shops and bars with patios and open-air seating. 

As you move along the waterfront after the Olympic Port, you’ll discover more space and more Barcelona local people. 

At last, directly up from Platja de Llevant is the large and new Diagonal Mar shopping centre, reviving a previous modern piece of the city. 

6. La Boqueria 

This is a famous sight and educational involvement with one. There’s been a Boqueria exhibition in Barcelona since medieval occasions. Nonetheless, this particular place has just seen a lot of market for around 200 years. That exquisite and distinct metal and glass rooftop you’ll see was set up in 1914. 

Regardless of whether you need to grab some food, go shopping or simply take in the views and reflections of a clamouring city market, it’s a real treat for you to stroll around this place. It’s a grid of permanent shops that see natural products, vegetables, cold meats, cheddar just as olive items. The entire market meets on an oval form of fishmongers in the middle. Or just Chill with a beer and a tapa at one of the market’s bars. 

7. Camp Nou 

Casa Milà, The top thing to do for your Barcelona Bucketlist
Image Credits: Unspalsh

Well, We think you have been wondering for Camp Nou in this list. In the western Les Corts area is the 99,000-seater stadium that has been the home ground of FC Barcelona since 1957. It is one of Europe’s football houses of prayer, and regardless of whether you have no partiality for the group. You must take time to visit Camp Nou to enjoy the bewildering size of the field. The best activity one can do while being in Barcelona. 

Also, If you are a fan, you’ll be in paradise, visiting the stadium and perusing the memorabilia of one of the world’s most famous clubs at the exhibition hall. The stadium visit is not accessible just before match days, so make sure you plan it accordingly. Additionally, consider exploring our Spain packages to enhance your trip experience.

Well, Barcelona is famous for its History, Architecture and Cuisine an is a must-visit place on your Vacation to Spain. Make sure you choose the above activities and add them to your Spain Itinerary with Pickyourtrail. There’s always a great deal exclusively for you. So, Why wait? Pack your bags and get set, go to Barcelona!

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