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Amazing night view of Budapest in lights
Written by Preetha Manivelan on May 14, 2020 Share on

Top things to do in Budapest – What makes this city fun-filled?

Budapest is a fun-loving city. The capital of Hungary is a vibrant city with a lot of tourist attractions starting from museums to Ruin pubs. It has the perfect mix of cultural heritage with a cosmopolitan vibe, making it one amongst the top liked cities in Europe. The city is bisected by the River Danube into two sides, Buda and Pest representing two different characters of the city. Be it the history or having the amazing nightlife, Budapest stands unique.

Photo by Keszthelyi Timi on Unsplash

Top 10 Must-Do things in Budapest

Budapest has something for everyone. For the very reason that even a week or two cannot completely cover Budapest, it makes it difficult for one to limit to a certain number. To make it easy for you, we have put together a list of top 10 things to do and make sure to include while making it to this beautiful city.

1. Danube River cruise

A cruise at the Danube river stands as one of the must-do things in Budapest. There are so many tourist excursions available to cruise the Danube. Especially the city looks the most beautiful when it is lit up in lights with some dance and music around. If you feel me here, then taking an evening cruise at Budapest is one decision you will never regret.

The view of the Danube river cruise, Budapest
Image by Erich Westendarp from Pixabay

2. Gellert Bath

A trip to Budapest is only half-done without a thermal bath in one of grandest spas. I must say Budapest got the name “city of spas” for a reason. Out of which, Gellert Bath and Spa is very popular. It was one of the places which stood strong despite the damages by World war II. This place offers steam rooms, sauna, massage rooms and thermal baths. Even though the baths are open every day from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m, it is good to reach early to avoid long queues.

One of the swimming pools in Gellert Bath and Spa in Budapest, Hungary
Image credits: Google Images

3. Central Market Hall

The central market hall is one of the famous marketplaces in Budapest which is visited by both the locals as well as the tourists. If you want to shop for the best of everything, then this place is where you should go. The place has so many options for you from tasting the local food stalls to buying some amazing clothes. Make sure you carry a few bags!

Central Market Hall in Budapest
Image by Rene Staempfli from Pixabay

4. Margaret Island

Margaret Island is one of the soothing places to visit in Budapest. Located gracefully in the middle of the Danube, it has so much to offer from the magical fountains to the bright face of the locals as well as the tourists. The place also has golf carts and pedal carts to take you through the island. There are several other attractions which include a playground for children, two fountains dancing to the rhythm of music, swimming pools and a small zoo. This is a must-visit place for someone who wants their soul rejuvenated.

The view of the mountains in Margaret island, Budapest
Image by TravelCoffeeBook from Pixabay

5. Budapest Ruin Bars

Budapest is well known for its ruin bars. This is one of the places where you can have a chilled-out experience. These bars are extremely unique just by the way it appears. These are mainly reconstructed by the castles and buildings that sustained several damages during World war II. It is now famous especially for its architecture which makes it remembered for life with the theme it had.

Szimpla Kert, one of the top things to do in Budapest
Photo by Liam McKay on Unsplash

6. House of Terror

The House of Terror holds exhibitions that talk about the memory of those tortured or killed in this building during the regimes that ruled Hungary in the 20th century. It is also used as a torture venue and prison by the security services of the country. Never miss visiting this major attraction in Budapest!

House of Terror, Budapest, Hungary
Photo by Justin Schüler on Unsplash

7. St. Stephen’s Basilica

Apart from the places of exploring the beauty of the city and partying, here comes one of the very famous religious places in the city. There will be so many classical music concerts taking place inside the Basilica. Though the place sustained a lot of damages during World War II, it was reconstructed and brought back to glory. While you are there, do not miss to witness the panoramic views of the city from the observation deck.

A famous attraction - St. Stephen’s Basilica, Budapest, Hungary
Photo by Liam McKay on Unsplash

8. Invisible Museum

The Invisible Museum is one of the worth visiting places that Budapest has. The museum’s exhibition gives you a unique experience of traveling with the visually impaired. The tours that take place here will have personal guides who are blind. They will take you to furnished rooms that are completely dark and experience the invisible world by the sense of touching or hearing. Interesting, isn’t it? Never forget to add this to your itinerary as you may regret the decision later.

The outer look of the invisible museum, Budapest
Image credits: Google images

9. Hungarian State Opera House

Being the second-largest Opera house in the country, it can seat over 1200 people. You can find the statues outside the building which makes it look more beautiful. There are several guided tours that are provided in a total of six languages. With the paintings and sculptures by leading artists in Hungary, this is beautiful inside as well as outside making it a must-see attraction in Budapest

Hungarian state opera house, Budapest, Hungary
Image credits: Google images

10. Buda Castle

Buda Castle is one of the famous attractions in the world. What makes this so popular is the view you will get after reaching the top of Castle Hill. You can reach the top by funiculars which is the fastest way possible. One great way to witness the beauty of Pest is in the night as the track will be open till 10 pm. You can see the green dome of the castle almost from anywhere in the world but visiting it like none other.

The view of the Buda Castle, Budapest
Image by Waldo Miguez from Pixabay

The above-mentioned places are the top-visited in Budapest but there’s so much more to explore in this city. There can be different reasons to love Budapest but you will surely love this city. This place can give you a complete European experience and amaze you with everything that it has to offer. Check out the standard itineraries that we have or customize it the way you want to discover the place. We would craft it for you in the best way possible.

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