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A click in Tijuana
Written by Rahul on October 18, 2020 Share on

Top things to do in Tijuana – A beautiful tourist location!

Many people would not even consider visiting this place. It is because of the city of Tijuana does not have the best of impressions and somewhat has a very bad reputation. But a city like this is also something that it can brag about. If you are wondering what bought many people across the globe to Tijuana even though considering its bad reputation is owing to its exciting activities in the city. The other reason is Seedy activity. This used to be a hub for nefarious activities. But the government schemes and investments and the cultural renaissance is what has turned this city 180 degrees. With great dining to a colourful art scene in the city, there at many things to do in the city. So here are the top things to do in Tijuana.

The beautiful Skyline and shores of Tijuana, Mexico
Image Credits: Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

Top things to do in Tijuana

The city runs in a small bit of caution but there is nothing to worry about in this city. The tourists will not be the main focus of any illegal activities if it exists. The tourist’s sections in this place are more than fine so that you can enjoy the utmost experience. The breathing new life of this city is through the contemporary arts, exotic and tasty cuisines and great cafes. Even though you may get some kind of a sceptical look when you say you will be visiting this city, go for it and you will get to explore one of the most exciting cities. So here are the top things to do in Tijuana.

Tijuana Cultural Center

Known for its spherical shape and the colour of the sand dunes, this cultural centre is one of the top places to visit in Tijuana. Since the year 1980, the year of opening of this monument, this is an iconic building to the city of Tijuana. Located in Zona Rio, this is just 5 miles from the US border present here at the city. This is the one and only institution for the national council for culture and arts in Mexico. You can interestingly learn about the history of Baja California in this place which will be quite intriguing. This can be learnt in many ways in the form of museums, an IMAX film in the dome and many more. This Dome has its own Cineteca Tijuana which screens films. This has also been a meeting point of many actors, screenplay writers and directors. Visit this place to know in depths about this region.

Tijuana Cultural Centre
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Playas de Tijuana

Your Tijuana vacation can never complete without visiting the Playas de Tijuana, a western borough of the entire municipality. Explore past the Downtown and you will stumble upon this place. This is a 4-mile ring of a pedestrian bridge that runs from Azteca Park to the U.S. border. This is just the reminder of the political dispute between the Mexicans and the Americans. The political dispute is just unmissable as this reminder of a wall that runs far into the pacific ocean. Fish is kind of the staple food here and you must try out the bounty of snacks made out of fish. And yes, never miss trying the yummy fish tacos. Many of them miss this place and directly go to Tijuana, but people have to stop by this place to view the varied side of the northern Baja.

The border wall at Playas de Tijuana,
Image Credits: Photo by Max Böhme on Unsplash

Caesar Salad

When you hear of the Caesars Salad, what comes to your mind? It is definitely not Mexican. But do understand that every time you order and eat this salad, you have to owe it to the Mexicans for inventing it. The birthplace of this salad is said to be the Caesars Restaurants Bar at the Caesar Hotel in Tijuana. What more do you need than to taste the Caesars salad from its birthplace and taste the real flavours? Many other theories are there as to how and when it has been created. It is said to be invented by Caesar Cardini, who was the owner of the hotel at the time. Many people think that this story is the best version of it and are still believing it. This Table side salad is still on their menu and doesn’t miss out on this as it is one kind of an opportunity and experience.

Caesar Salad tasing, one of the top things to do in Tijuana
Image Credits: Image by ALFONSO CHARLES from Pixabay

Plaza Santa Cecilia

Want to visit the historic side of Tijuana, then Plaza Santa Cecilia is a must-visit. Located at the intersection of First Street and La Revu, it is believed that this is the plaza from where Tijuana was born. Said to be the oldest part of the city, this plaza is very historic and that you will not believe that you will be standing in the iconic Mexican Bordertown. From the stalls here to the flattering flags flying above your head, the imagination of how ancient this place will be is just a fascinating thought in itself. Visit this place while in Tijuana, as this is the birthplace of this city and there is much more to explore out of this area. That is why this is also one of the top things to do in Tijuana.

Plaza Santa Cecilia, Tijuana, Mexico
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Avenida Revolucion

One word to tell about this place is it is just legendary. Once a place that was a front for all the notorious seedy activities, is now as one of the main attractions and a top thing to do in Tijuana. Locally known as “La Revu”, this holds a secret of past activities and is also a very trendy location with different pop colours illuminating the place. With brilliant street murals, this place is like a new life to this place that has many restaurants, hotels and cafes that are always buzzing with people. Visit this place for the unique experience that you will get by visiting it.

Avenida Revolucion, Mexico
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Tijuana, with its very exciting activities, will certainly entertain you to the fullest. You have got to visit this city at least once in your lifetime. Book your favourite United States holiday packages with some killer deals with Pickyourtrail. You will also be able to create and customize your own itinerary on the Pickyourtrail website. Do contact us on WhatsApp as our very skilled travel advisers will be there to help you out with booking a tourist experience. Also, check more of our international blogs on our website.

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