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Europe Walking Trails
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Top 5 Walking Tours In Europe To Savour Some Breathtaking Sceneries

Europe has so many wonderful walking tours and definitely it’s not easy to spot the top best as all walking tours in Europe are mesmerising making it really difficult to make a list of the best. So, here’s a list of some of the best walking tours in Europe for you to choose when you plan your vacation!

1. Mallorca : Deia to Valldemossa

Mallorca boasts incredible exotic coastal walks with secluded coves and the smell of citrus everywhere. You can stay at remarkable hotels in unforgettable themes here. The island is well-known as a hardcore cyclist’s paradise and encourages walkers to discover corners with even more cachet, far from the reach of wheels.

One of the best walking tours in Europe, on this route, you can experience breathtaking views of the Mediterranean on one side, alongside the towering Tramuntana mountain range on the other. Beginning in the rugged and rough surroundings of Deia along the coast then you will experience a flattening and softening surface as you slip behind the Tramontana range where small fields and olive groves are present.

Your final destination is the small town of Valldemossa, one of Mallorca’s most scenic. It’s cobble-stone streets, courtyards and patios are lined with stone houses, boutiques and cafes. There’s no better place to reward yourself with a refreshing drink! Experience the Spanish views on the Mallorca Walking trip that combines outstanding walks with unique authentic cuisine and wines, creating a different experience altogether.


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2. Sicily: Necropoli di Pantalica

Sicily in Europe
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You will take this walk into a deep quiet right into the nature of the Anapo Valley. You will uncover the history of old archaeological sites en route. Start from the town of Sortino on a gravel path and head into Anapo Valley. You will visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Necropolis di Pantalica during this trail, which is one of the best walking tours in Europe. During the 7th century, the site created by the Sicel people with more than 5,000 rock-cut burial chambers. The tombs dug into the limestone rock throughout the valley had war refugees on later days.

The first 5 km are on a path which passes by an ancient Byzantine village site and the Anaktron, a Mycanean princely palace. Walk past numerous panoramic spots with views up to the Necropolis. Along the Anapo River, you will be able to see views of small lakes and waterfalls. From there the route then connects with the old railway path which is now a wide gravel road and continues for 8 km to the Ferla entrance. You will pass across waterfalls covered by oak forest on your way throughout the trail.


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3. Douro Valley : Sabroso to Pinhao

Douro Valley in Europe
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The Douro River flows westward from Spain into Portugal and is known as the ‘Duero’ to the Spanish. It has sculpted one of the most dramatically beautiful landscapes in all of Europe. Terraced vineyards tumble down to the water as it cuts its serpentine course to the Atlantic. Around every bend sits a graceful riverside village.

One of the best walking tours in Europe, on this walk, featured on the Douro to Porto Walking trip, pass through Provosende where you’ll feel as though you’ve taken a step back in time as you meander past ancient stone mills and communal baking ovens. Finish at the Quinta do Bomfim for a rewarding picnic and a glass of authentic port wine.

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4. Amalfi Coast: Path of the Gods

Amalfi Coast in Europe
Image Credits: Google Images

Everybody knows the famed Amalfi Coast but not all bring their hiking boots when they come to luxuriate here. Il Sentiero Degli Dei is a highlight walk that is located high above the Amalfi Coast. One of the best walking tours in Europe, visitors generally start from the town of Agerola, which is 2,000 ft above the sea. Minutes away from your start point you can start enjoying spectacular views. You will see a variety of terraced lands like vineyards, walnut trees and private vegetable gardens.

The path is a proper hiking trail that is rough and dirty but not that difficult to walk. The general tendency is downhill by walking in this direction but there are plenty of little ups and downs over rocky mountain steps to give you a nice workout. After a short while, once you round a corner, you can see all the way to the island of Capri with the seaside town of Positano getting closer.

You may see some nearby goats and you will certainly smell oregano, thyme and wild fennel. We recommend that you end your walk at the village of Nocelle (about 2 – 2.5 hours), as you will have experienced the best of the trail. The trail avoids you to get to 1,500 downhill steps that lead to the sea! You can take either a bus or taxi and in 15 minutes you will be another world, where you exchange the rustic beauty of the Milky Mountains for the luxurious Amalfi Coast.

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5. Austria: Wachau Trail

Wachau World Heritage Trail in Europe
Image Credits: Google Images

This Austria’s gorgeous hike is one of the best walking tours in Europe and is the most beautiful, both culturally and landscape wise. Even the Alps isn’t a part of the UNESCO World Heritage but the Wachau Valley wine district along the banks of the Danube has made its way to it! The riverside along Durnstein is known as the “Pearl of the Wachau” with its landmark blue monastery tower.

You can then climb up along the old mule path to Austria’s most famous castle ruins. This place is where Richard the Lionheart was held for ransom in the 11th century. The 25 km section upstream from here to Melk Monastery, is generally considered the most beautiful on the whole Vienna.

Towering over the village alongside the vineyards, you will be able to see the views down to the river as it curves upstream through the steep river valley. These vineyards are 1000 years old and one classic image of a medieval wine-making village.


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