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offbeat things to do in Athens
Written by Akshaya Seshadri on March 29, 2018 Share on

Athens Undiscovered – Top offbeat things to do in Athens

When you are in Athens, it is very tough to get bored. Home to historical monuments of Erechtheion, Parthenon, Temple of Hephaestus and top-rated museums of Acropolis and National Archaeological Museum – no time is long enough to completely drench in the beauty of this city. Apart from all of the regular hot-spots, there’s more to Athens! Here, we have a list of the top- offbeat things to do in Athens. Give it a read, for you might want to embark on this Greek trip the minute you are done reading this blog!

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1. Acropolis Museum – Art in its best form!

Acropolis Museum,offbeat things to do in Athens
Image credit- thespruce

Built in the Makrigianni district of central Athens, Acropolis Museum has rich archaeological collections from the Acropolis region. When you are here, don’t forget to check out the Athena Nike relief, Erechtheion statutes and other Parthenon artefacts. This museum does justice to Acropolis’ remains and the architecture of this place has admirers from all over the world.

2. Brettos Bar – Pretty bottles and yummy wines!

Brettos Bar,offbeat things to do in Athens
Image credit- pinterest

If you enjoy good drinks and pretty ambience, head straight to Brettos Bar in Plaka. The brightly lit bottles portray the pride the bar has for its in-house liqueurs. Coloured walls and artistic ceilings make this place picturesque on the whole. Stop by this bar and help yourself with one of their best Greek wines! Don’t you feel a visit to Brettos Bar is one of the top offbeat things to do in Athens?

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3.  Anafiotika Village- Cats, art and more!

Anafiotika Village,offbeat things to do in Athens
Image credit- pinterest

The neighbourhood of Anafiotika was built in order to resemble Cyclades islands’ architecture. The houses over here have stone walls, flat roofs and are rich in colours. You can not miss out on the bougainvillaea flowers which are spread all over the walls of these tiny houses. Roof-top patios and gardens can be spotted in some of the houses and potted plants are also very common. Adding to this, don’t get taken aback if you find cats happily resting on the doorsteps of almost all the houses in the Anafiotika neighbourhood. However, only close to 45 houses are currently present in this village since most of them were destroyed in 1950.

4. Plaka’s Stairs- Spying with permission?

Plaka's Stairs,offbeat things to do in Athens
Image credit- traveltoathens

If you are a foodie who badly wants to grab a bite in an off-beat location, march your way out to Plaka stairs. With series of stairs surrounding the area, bars, restaurants, traditional live music and dance programs come to life here all the time. We’d advise you to book in advance to avoid any commotion. Also, kittens are all over this place, so pet a kitty or two and get your *awwww* feels up!

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5.  Monastiraki Flea Market – Antiques and Souvenirs!

Monastiraki Flea Market,offbeat things to do in Athens
Image credit- pinterest

Who wouldn’t love a place which has antiques of the best kind? Yes! We are talking about the Monastiraki flea market. Back home, if you have ample places to fill in your showcase, use the charming and quirky souvenirs you buy at this flea market to fill them up!  From furniture sets, cameras, musical instruments, teacups and Nazi belongings, fill your bag with goodie old pieces from the Monastiraki flea market.

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6. Panathenaic Stadium – The VIEW!

Panathenaic Stadium,offbeat things to do in Athens
Image credit- theculturetrip

If you are at the Mets neighbourhood, head to the entrance spot right next to the stadium, where you can find two fence bars pushed close to together. Get inside this opening and be stunned at the views offered in the end. YES! You will be gawking at the Panathenaic Stadium from a different angle and get the free pass making it even more perfect. Now that’s a secret to be kept yeah?

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7. Pittaki Street – Lights and only Lights

Pittaki Street,offbeat things to do in Athens
Image credit- flickr

Who would have thought unused lights collected from Athens’ neighbourhood would turn a gloomy street into a lively one? As fabulous as it sounds while reading, we swear you’d get thrilled once you are in this vibrant alley of Pittaki. The Pittaki Street is where you can find boutiques lined up, super funky walls with the paintings of kitchen essentials and colourful lights. The whole arena is known for its bustling nature and a visit to this busy alley of Athens is definitely one of the top off-beat things to do in Athens.

8. Pireos Street – Some Tango Action

Pireos Street,offbeat things to do in Athens
Image credit- startribune

Eight years ago, a couple who loved dancing got their stereo set and started dancing on the pedestrian marble platform of Pireos Street. Ever since then, it became more like a tradition for groups to gather and dance their hearts out in the Pireos Street. People from all age groups and dance schools, sport tango shoes and dance to the groovy beats. Fascinated much? Then, why don’t you suit yourself for some happy dancing scenes at Pireos Street?

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