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Travel checklist 2019- Our destination picks for every month of the year!!

Every New Year we make resolutions and break them after a week. That has been a standard for a while now. But this year let’s vow for the one thing that we cannot possibly go wrong with- travel. Let’s travel the world with more spirited people and tick off things from the bucket list. This post will guide you better in the coming months. Here’s your travel checklist for the year 2019.


New Zealand

This nature’s paradise will be basking in the sun during the early months of the year and the whole country is in rejoice. The beaches are greater than ever and hangi chicken is being sold everywhere! January is a good time to be in New Zealand.


Winter in Tuscany is beautiful as opposed to the famous sunny days. Spa treatments are in full swing. The kitchens keep whipping up hot dishes and the whole atmosphere is chirpy. The winter sales and markets are delightful too.



The summer in the Aussie country and the Great Ocean Road lovers flocking to the city is a huge bonus in February. There are so many food, wine and seafood festivals that you shouldn’t miss!



The East’s green paradise is a tourist hub yearlong but March is when it’s at its best. The weather is pleasant as ever and the festivals and carnivals start popping up everywhere. Food is at it’s best and the beaches are surrounded by parties.


In March, it is springtime in Japan. That only means one thing, one beautiful thing: the entire country being turned into a painting with cherry blossom season. The trees are capped with pink and white flowers while people are everywhere viewing the falling flowers. Even food takes on a new attire with these flowers entering every little aspect!



Right before the summer arrives, Netherlands sees a lot of wind blowing in each direction. The windmills love it and so do the people. The beautiful cities and towns observe calmer weather conditions during this time which makes it an optimum time to visit the country.


Similarly, nicer weather and reduced tourist populations make it a great time to visit Italy’s popular destinations.



Jazz festivals, tennis tournaments, chocolate festivals and great summer food- this is what May is like in Paris. The great numbers of tourists haven’t arrived yet. What’s more? The Cannes film festival takes place during this time!


You know Switzerland and it’s beautiful Alps. This time imagine all the beautiful scenery shown in different sunlight. If you’re not one for cold temperatures, but would still want to see Switzerland, this is when you should go.



Sunlight is everywhere and the only colours you see are cobalt blue and calcium white. If that isn’t beautiful I don’t know what is! The nights are even more beautiful with DJs from all over the world playing into the night.

Amalfi Coast

Italy gems are surely going to be the top of bucket lists this year. The cliffside villages with their colourful houses latching on to the side will not only be a sight to watch but also be a great place to vacation at. Instagram just cannot get enough of it!



Honeymooners, beach lovers, wanderlusters, travel-bloggers- can you find one traveller who doesn’t want to visit Seychelles? The ever-blue waters go perfectly well with romance. The beach houses and lagoon-villas, they just shell out luxury. July makes sure the entire place is perfectly suited for travellers.


The sweet-scented lavender fields of France’s Provence are in full bloom during this month. The smell is so prominent that it is caught miles away. Just find an overlooking cafe or take a simple walk done these lanes. Imagining gliding in the smell of lavenders. Now, who doesn’t want that?



The Scottish capital is crawling with pubs and nightclubs that especially come to life during the season. The art shows and parade play their part in enhancing this experience. August is just Edinburgh’s month!


During the last months of summer, even the air, like everyone’s spirits, is fresher. The green peeking out from every landscape is beautiful. Vienna, Salzburg, name it, thy’re all beautiful during this time.



The last days of summers mean only one thing in Barcelona- party! Everyone is out on the streets eating, going to the beach and frolicking in the sun. The biggest street festivals take place during this time. Everyone is happy!


The red-roofed cities enjoy the sunny weather. It is beautiful to watch them. The whole King’s Landing charm is definitely intact during those days. So Game of Thrones fans, September is your time!



In October, Rome is the freest and the weather is the calmest. All the famous tourist spots can be explored much easier in this season, hence making it the perfect time to visit.


Taipei is Vietnam’s semi-urban capital city. It is full of stunning buildings that are strikingly surrounded by nature. Food is always at it’s best, so is roadside beer.



November brings warm, cuddly weather to the streets of Istanbul. The streets are all the more vibrant and shopping picks up. So November is when Istanbul is at it’s best.


Winter in Iceland marks the start of the Aurora season too. Every country in the Arctic circle, witness the show of these lights every night. Iceland is one such Nordic country that promises you a Northern Lights every night in the vicinity of your trip. The indigenous cuisines, surreal landscapes and warm people summed up makes it the best place to view Northern Lights from.



December brings Christmas and all the good spirits to the people of Germany. Along come the glorious Christmas Markets and Gluhwein. Christmas is strictly for the party-lovers, so why not make a visit to Germany this December? After all, even Europeans rank Germany pretty high in their December travel checklist.


Sydney enjoy sunny Christmases on the other hand! Yes, it’s something with the spinning of the earth. Nonetheless, these months in Sydney are in the middle of summer, which provides much-needed breaks for people from the cold regions. A cold December, like who wouldn’t want that.


Who doesn’t know about the classical Viennese Christmases, right? The mid-European vibes attached to it are all intact, after centuries of visitors. People just can’t get enough of the beautiful houses and Christmas markets capped in snow. Every city square has a Christmas Market happening so you can picture it. All in all, December is when you should visit Vienna.

How exciting are your travel plans going to be this year? Leave it to us and lean back and be excited! Or here’s a bunch of pre-planned trips.

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