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A Complete Travel Guide to Balaclava Mauritius

Balaclava is a tiny village situated on the North-western region of the Mauritius Mainland. The entire west coast is along the ocean lines. Therefore, you will able to find a lot of charming beaches and luxury beach facing properties in this region. There are a couple of amazing sunset viewpoints in this region that will surely mesmerize you. In this article, we will walk through the some best beaches you must visit in and around Balaclava, must-try water sports and a few of the luxury accommodations for an impeccable travel experience.

Must-visit beaches in Balaclava

Trou Aux Biches Beach

Trou Aux Biches Beach
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Trou Aux Biches Beach is a perfect family vacation beach. The beach has a good amount of low-risk water sports to engage children. There are a couple of boutique and luxury properties right next to the beach, hence you don’t have to travel a lot to reach the beach. In addition, there are plenty of food stalls to try out different cuisines. Furthermore, there are regular public buses from Port Louis to Trou Aux Biches.

La Cuvette Beach Grand Bay

La Cuvette Beach Grand Bay is a paradise for the travellers who prefer to enjoy their holiday in solitude. The ultramarine waters, serene ambience, attractive cliffs, white sands will indeed make you feel like you are in heaven. You will also be able to find a couple of adventure sports like sailing and yachting in this beach. The beach is 28 kilometres away from Port Louis, and you will have to take a taxi as public buses are not frequently available.

Mont Choisy Beach

At a distance of 12 kilometres from Balaclava is one of the largest beaches in this region, Mont Choisy Beach. The beach is famous for its water activities and offers waters sports ranging from fishing to deep scuba diving. This beach is one of the few beaches that are closest to the airport and hence is often a transit getaway for passengers with long layovers.

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Must-try Watersports in Balaclava

Deep Scuba: Balaclava region is rich in underwater flora and fauna. Beginner level scuba is often popular, but if you are a certified scuba expert, there are amazing spots for deep scuba diving.

Dolphin Watching: Dolphin watching is famous is Balaclava, but this is season-specific. If you are comfortable with swimming and a bit adventurous, swimming around dolphins is also possible but at an additional cost.

Turtle Tours
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Turtle Tours: There are a couple of indigenous turtle cruises in Balaclava. You will able to swim and snorkel with turtles in their natural habitat. Again it is a season-dependent water activity, so do check with tour operators and plan the itinerary accordingly.

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Accommodation options in Balaclava

Balaclava village hosts a couple of luxury properties bang on the beach. The Oberoi properties and Victoria Beach Resort tops the list of elite properties. Both properties have sea-facing rooms and suites with private beaches. It is a perfect getaway for honeymooners looking for a tropical island holiday. There are various seasons offers and upgrades for honeymooners. So, do carry a wedding card to avail the offers.

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