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Cameron Highlands
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Travel Guide to the Cameron Highlands, A friend you need during your trip

One of the most sought after tourist location is Malaysia. It is most visited for its architectural brilliance and its culturally oriented places. Malaysia is one such population mix with varied races of people. It contains half the population of Malays and the rest being Chinese, Indians and other indigenous people. It houses the most famous Petronas Twin Tower, the face of Malaysia. One quick fact about the Petronas tower is that it was the world’s largest building from the year 1998- 2003. It is located in the Capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lampur. This is all about Malaysia. One famous place in Malaysia is the Cameron Highlands district. One of the most visited places too. Let us take a look at what Cameron Highlands is all about and why and when to visit it. This is the ultimate Travel Guide to the Cameron Highlands.

The Beautiful Malaysia (Travel Guide to the Cameron Highlands)
The Beautiful Malaysia | P.C – Google Images

Cameron Highlands District: The place of Highland Retreats

The Cameron Highlands is a district located in Panang. It is most famous for its highland retreats and Tea estates. Situated 200 KM from the Capital of Malaysia, it is known for many other things after its popularity with its tea estates. Best known for the cold weather, The Plateaus in the Cameron Highlands has many places to visit. Some given examples are places of worship, rivers, lakes, Golf course and many more. A getaway spot for the tourists of Malaysia, it is the oldest tourist location of Malaysia. This is a spot that should never be missed out while visiting Malaysia. Cameron Highlands, named after the British soldier and geologist William Cameron, have a majority of Plateaus and slopes. The weather averages around 25 degrees in the morning and 18 degrees in the night.

Cameron Highlands | P.C – Google Images

Travel Guide to the Cameron Highlands

Smell the fresh smell of Tea at the Boh Tea Plantation

Created by a businessman from Britain obviously, the Boh Tea plantation is a must-visit in Cameron Highlands. Founded in the year 1929, it is the leading tea grower in Malaysia. There is a lookout point in this tea plantation from where you will be able to see rolling hills of greenery. This forms to be one of the most picturesque locations to take quality pictures. The walk between the well-organized tea plantation is one of the most soothing parts of this location. The sweet scent of dress tea leaves will be heavenly. After the wonderful walk, enjoy some Boh Tea and Scones at the cafe in the cool air outdoors. Even though the country happens to give out varies experience with various attractions in Malaysia, the Cameron Highlands is one where you connect and live with nature.

Cameron Highlands Boh Tea Plantation (Travel Guide to the Cameron Highlands)
Cameron Highlands Boh Tea Plantation | P.C – Google Images

Enjoy the colours of the Cameron Lavender Garden

There is a common phrase that says “Stop and smell the roses”. An extension to it is Stop and smell the flowers at the Cameron Lavender Garden. It is definitely one of the newest and also one of the prettiest attractions at Cameron Highland. If you expect to be like the lavender fields of Banstead in the UK, then you will not be amazed but this activity is worth it. There is a cafe at this park which sells flavoured soft-serve ice cream, which also includes the lavender flavour. Come here to experience the beauty in reality.

Lavender Garden
Lavender Garden | P.C – Google Images

Experience the Butterfly Effect at the Butterfly Park

Step into this wonderland by purchasing a ticket. This is one of the oldest attractions at the Cameron Highlands. In this tranquil garden, when you enter, the butterfly starts dancing around you. Clearly not for the ones with entomophobia (Fear of one or more classes of insects). This is because this park contains several other insects like the beetles and many exotic insects.

The butterfly at the Butterfly Park
The butterfly at the Butterfly Park | P.C – Google Images

Give your foot some work at the Mossy Forest

What people are most worried about is getting a heat stroke while hiking. Well, you will not have to worry about the same at the Mossy forest. This forest is very comfortable to hike in due to its cool setting. The forest got its name as the forest is covered with moss. This makes it a very magical environment. There are many trails from the easy ones to the difficult ones. But you will not find one which will deadly. These are the great aspects of the Mossy Forest.

Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands
Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands | P.C – Google Images

Get the real fresh products from the Kea Farm market

A trip to the Cameron Highlands does not end until you get to stock up some fresh farm produces. Due to the cool climate the produces is extremely fresh and inexhaustible. Shop your heart’s content and also develop your bargaining skills there with the local shoppers. If you do not want to purchase vegetables, they also have many fresh fruits and flowers to purchase.

Kea Farm market
Kea Farm market | P.C – Google Images

Dip your legs in the wonderful Lata Iskandar Waterfall

The large Lata Iskandar Waterfall will be a small pitstop from Downhill of Cameron Highlands or uphill from Tapah. You will not be able to miss it as it is located on the main road. This is the best place for the tourists to have their little lunch picnic or a small dip in the waterfall. There will be several shops that sell vegetables. The corn on the cub sold here is one of the sweetest corns that you would have ever tasted.

Lata Iskandar Waterfall
Lata Iskandar Waterfall | P.C – Google Images

Best Place to stay at Cameron Highlands:

The whole of Cameron Islands is divided by 3 parts: Tanah Rata, Brinchang and Kea Farm. Tanah Rata and Brinchang have budget-friendly hotels and guest houses. You want the best of the experience at a stay, try booking at the Cameron Highland resort and Smokehouse hotel. There are other places in which you can stay.

What to take for the trip?

Daytime temperature is 20C and the night times are at 15C. There are also instances where it drops to a single-digit temperature. Pack a jean and at least one jumper to take on cold temperatures. There are persistent drizzles found in this region. It would be better if the jacket is slightly waterproof. These things come under the travel Guide to the Cameron Highlands.

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