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Switch on this travel playlist to tune out your self-isolation blues

There are only two things in the world that can take you places. Travel and Music. Now that travel is not on the horizon, why not tune in some good music and switch off those quarantine blues?

These are playlists curated by tourism boards themselves to transport travellers worlds away from their homes.

1. Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright by Visit Jamaica

254 songs

Aptly named as “Every Little Thing is Gonna Be Alright”, this playlist curated by the Jamaican tourism board will take you worlds away, to a tropical state of mind itself.

2. Philadelphia From Home by Philadelphia CVB

36 Songs

Featuring uplifting songs like “Gonna Fly Now” and “You Make My Dreams”, Philadelphia From Home reflects the true spirit of Philadelphia like nothing else.

3. New in Britain 2020 by Visit Britain

53 Songs

In love with British culture, cuisine, art, artists, literature and in short, everything British? Tune right in, a better playlist you can’t find.

4. The New Orleans Playlist – Side A by New Orleans Tourism

37 Songs

What was created as a music experience for boredom cure on Spotify soon reincarnated as a whole new live performance campaign that captures the culture of New Orleans.

5. The New Orleans Playlist – Side B by New Orleans Tourism

13 Songs

“This playlist is an attempt to shed light on our artists, the rich music scene and the essence of New Orleans in a memorably authentic way”, says the New Orleans tourism board.

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