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Monochrome of the Trevi Fountain in Rome
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Trevi Fountain – Time To Toss

The City of Rome is famous for its fountains but the Trevi Fountain or the Fontana di Trevi is the largest fountain of them all. It is also known for its spectaculars design and statues which are bigger than real life. Visiting the Trevi Fountain is one of the best things to do in Italy. This aquatic spectacle is also known for its coin-tossing tradition beyond being an aquatic marvel. Here is your guide on history and some interesting facts about this wish-granting spring.

Front view of the Trevi Fountain in Rome
Photo by Chris Malinao Burgett on Unsplash

Natural outlines and man-made marble designs surround the statues to compose a breathtaking display. A row of seats is present in front of the fountain like a theatre. The water and stones enhance the appeal of this attraction. As you can near the fountain from across the streets, you can hear the soothing sounds of the spouting water.

Interesting Facts About Trevi Fountain

  • The fountain is 85 feet tall and has multiple water sources tapping the water to the large pool at the front making it a stunning beauty and the most awe-gasping fountain in Rome and the world.
  • The large basin of the fountain is present in the point where three little streets meet ( “ tre vie” ) which probably gave the name to the fountain.
  • It is one of the oldest fountains and you will find the statue of Oceanus, one of the Titan gods, at the centre of the fountain holding a triumphal arch. Oceanus was the god of the earth-encircling River Okeanos in Greek Mythology. His statue is a representation of the freshwater which forms the fountain.
  •  There are also extraordinary statues of Titans at the fountain including a piece of Copia, the goddess of Abundance. Also, it features a statue of Agrippa.
  • The fountain receives water from the aqueduct named Aqua Virgo. According to Roman myth, A young virgin girl saw the fountain who showed it to the thirsty Roman soldiers.

Three Coins In The Fountain

The Trevi Fountain in Rome is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world. Beyond its beauty and elegance, people arrive here to toss the coins and make a wish. There are different fortunes the fountain grants based on the number of coins you throw into the fountain.

According to legend, you will return to Rome if you throw one coin; you will return to Rome and fall in love if you throw two coins and will return to Rome, fall in love and marry if you throw three coins. The tradition has been in place since the Ancient Roman era. Back in the day, people would toss a coin and then drink a cup of water off the fountain. It became popular after the release of the film “Three Coins in the Fountain”,  back in 1954. In that film, three women throw the coins in this fountain as they wish a return to Rome, falling in love and Marriage.

People tossing coins into the Trevi Fountain
Photo by Jeff Ackley on Unsplash

The money in the fountain goes to charity. Approximately 3000 Euros is the collection in one day from the fountain. Do you want to be part of goodwill and at the same time have fun, get inspired by the beauty and at the same time make your own wishes? You can customise or plan your own itinerary with Pickyourtrail. Click here to check on some of the delightful itineraries to Italy.

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