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City of Costa Brava
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Trip to Costa Brava: Top 10 Things you must know beforehand

Go on a Trip to Costa Brava, the coastal zone which runs right from merely over the city of Barcelona to the French outskirt. It’s portrayed by charming little towns and towns, harsh, rough coastlines, sloping pinnacles and dazzling seashores, straights and channels. Here are 10 things you have to know before visiting the Costa Brava. 

1. It is an enormous place

Aerial View of Costa Brava
Image Credits: Unsplash

The Costa Brava makes up an enormous part of the Spanish area of Catalonia. It gets right from the French fringe down to the best cities in Spain, Barcelona. It likewise expands west from the coastline, including a portion of the inside cities and villages en route. 

2. You truly need a car to explore it fully

You can get to specific places in the Costa Brava by transport. However, the routes are not very much extensive, and journeys are quite long – halting in all the small communities en route. A lot of the small towns and hidden bays can’t be reached by public vehicle, so if you genuinely need to see the best of the Costa Brava, it’s ideal to hire a car. 

3. Dalí country

One of the Costa Brava’s most well known previous occupants is the craftsman Salvador Dalí. Dalí was born in the town of Figueres, around 43km north of Girona. Today, this is also where you’ll see one of his commonly celebrated and purportedly his best historical centres – The Dalí Theater-Museum. Changed over from a previous venue by Dali himself, it is home to a lot of his most renowned works. Other Dalí places you can discover in the Costa Brava include his particular summer home in Portlligat, near the town of Cadaqués, and his château in the town of Púbol. 

4. Home to a lot of Spain’s best beaches 

Beaches of Costa Brava
Image Credits: Unsplash

The Costa Brava is home to a lot of Spain’s best beaches. They may not have a place and clearing. However, they’re little and private, surrounded by clifftops and unique rock formations. A large part of the beaches can be reached by walking as well, scrambling down steep coasts there are ways to discover pebbly shorelines lapped by clear sky blue waters. This is one such good experience on your Trip to Costa Brava.

5. Most visits are during summer. 

Summer time in beach on Trip to Costa Brava
Image Credits: Unsplash

The zone is exceptionally famous in summer, with many Barcelona residents holidaying there, just as those from the south of France and other European countries. Hotels get reserved a very long time ahead of time, so plan your vacation early. This implies; indeed, a lot of the larger cities can become busy, but since the zone is so enormous. The coastline so long, you’re ensured continuously to locate some tranquil towns and small seashores with nobody on them – even in August. 

6. Brimming with interesting, noteworthy towns 

The territory in and around the Costa Brava is specked with many beguiling cities and towns. The must-visit places include the old town of Besalú, the lovely peak town of Begur with its castle, the dilettantish white-washed community of Cadaqués and the beachfront towns of Calella de Palafrugell and Llafranc. 

7. Enter Costa Brava through Girona

Girona resembles the capital and the passage of the Costa Brava district. On the off chance that you would prefer not to take them a few hour transport venture up from Barcelona, you can generally fly straight into Girona Airport. Girona additionally makes for an excellent base to put in a couple of days before or after your Costa Brava occasion. It has many intriguing, notable sights, from an enormous house of prayer and religious communities to a city divider, antiquated Arabic Baths and a labyrinth-like Jewish Quarter. 

8. It’s home to a variety of fascinating historical centres. 

City view
Image Credits: Unsplash

The place has fascinating historical centres where you can find all way of strange and superb things. Visit the Cinema Museum (Museu del Cinema) in Girona to discover about the moving picture, or the intriguing Cork Museum in Palafrugell (Museu del Suro). Or on the other hand what about a visit to the Museum of Dolls (Museo de la Muñeca) in Castell d’Aro with the children? There’s even a Museum of Jam (Museu de la Confiture) in the town of Torrent. 

9. They speak Catalan here. 

The Costa Brava is a part of Catalonia, so you’ll discover obviously that Catalan is spoken among local people, instead of Spanish. It’s likewise an incredible place to become familiar with Catalan culture, heritage and architecture. Nearly everybody will get Spanish however, so if you do talk a few, you’ll despite everything have the option to utilize it. Learning a couple of words in Catalan will go far, however. 

10. The inside is loaded up with mountains and natural parks. 

West of the beachfront region of the Costa Brava, the area is loaded up with high mountains, valleys and large natural parks. It’s an incredible zone for hiking and mountain biking, mainly. The absolute best zones include the Montseny Mountain Range, the Cap de Creus National Park and La Garrotxa Natural Park – loaded up with old volcanoes.

Costa Brava is a perfect place to Unwind on your Spain holiday packages. It is usually the most preferred day trip from Barcelona. Make sure you customise your plan with Pickyourtrail to have the best experience.

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