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Turkey In October 2023: Complete Guide to a Fun Turkey Trip

Turkey is rich in cultural heritage. Also, it offers you a vast diversion of cuisine, carved with splendid mountains along with spectacular beaches. Positioned on the border of Europe and Asia, Turkey is a throbbing country, rich in historical perfection. Also, the natural beauty of this country is wonderful as you can observe lots of diversions here. The Mediterranean coastline will surprise with its beauty. The alpine plains of the Kackar Mountains in Turkey in October give you a stunning view. These alpine plains will mesmerize you with its natural beauty.


Turkey exhibits a flawless and engaging country. It has ardent mountain ranges, velvety plain lands, glittering cities and quiet countryside. Also, Turkey offers some vast grainy deserts. The destination will also ooze out the vibes of the movie, Aladdin. With its pleasant climate and clean city, Turkey in October has proven to be a fabulous time to see the countryside at its best. Turkey is known for its hot air balloon journey in Cappadocia during October. The country allures more than 1 million tourists every year due to its pleasing temperatures in October. Also, tourist loves the country golden seasides in Patara and fascinating scenic landscapes. If you are looking to raft through the beautiful gorges, ensure turkey tops your list. Turkey is a destination that calls out to every kind of explorer in every corner of the world. Run through this blog for a butter-smooth Turkey holiday in October!


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Weather in Turkey in October

Lying in the midst of Europe and Asia, unlike other nations, Turkey encounters different climatic situations in different areas. Also some regions like Central Anatolia and Aegean witnesses a continental climate. With the environment remaining dry and warm, the areas nearby the Black Sea experiences rainfall almost all year long. Weather in Turkey in October is pleasant and soothing. The days last for 10 hours with a mediocre temperature hovering at 25℃. Tourists can face little chilly nights though when on their Turkey trip in October.

Photo by Osman Köycü on Unsplash

Places to visit in Turkey in October

People talks so much about scenic beaches in Turkey. There are so several attractions to visit in Turkey. But there are few places that give you a memorable vacation in October. If you plan a Turkey vacation in October, here are the best things to do in Turkey. Keep scrolling to virtually experience Turkey in October

1. Konya: A City Of Romance

Honeymoon travellers your paradise awaits. Konya is one of the most romantic city to visit in Turkey in October. Poets and shears travel to Konya as it gives an endless number of hopeless romantics. The city of romance is also known for its historic charm. Konya offers a mix of old-world history and contemporary economic importance. It has diverse attractions and interest. Turkey has maze-like flea markets to ancient mosques. The city is not just attracting a lot of tourists but also students from different parts of the world. The city allures students for its academic excellence too. In short, Konya – City of Romance will make you fall in love with its beauty.

Photo by Hulki Okan Tabak on Unsplash

2. Cappadocia: A Fairytale Land

Cappadocia is called fairyland with clear blue skies and hot air balloons. Located on the plains of Anatolian, Cappadocia will mesmerise you with its clear blue skies on your trip to Turkey in October. Located on the plains of Anatolian, walking in the village of Cappadocia feels like touring around an open-air, gigantic museum. Also, the destination has breathtakingly beautiful rock formations, locally known as ‘fairy chimneys’. Cappadocia is a mystical destination. It is a destination like no other. The topography of this place is a result of volcanic bursts, breeze, rainfall, and ice over a point of millions of years, displaying the marvels of mother nature beautifully.

Photo by Soyoung Han on Unsplash

3. Pamukkale: A Blessing From Mother Nature

Pamukkale is famous for its gorgeous travertine terraces. These terraces are natural, mineral-rich hot springs running from the mountain. A cold white, cotton castle, is what Pamukkale is. It was a spa city to Romans and Byzantines. This gorgeous city is now a UNESCO world heritage site. It offers plenty of opportunities to the photographers to capture the most picturesque sceneries. Pamukkale is not just a cotton castle, but also a place with well-preserved ruins of the Greek city of Hierapolis. Turkey tour in October will be worth it as Pamukkale is best visited during the spring or autumn season.

Photo by Arns Civray on Unsplash

4. Kekova Islands: Witness The Entrancing Sunken City

Kekova is one of the oldest islands in turkey. This ancient island located in the town of Kale caters a fabulous spot for a day trip. Also, travellers can encounter certain memorable and astounding experiences in Kekova island. The island offers a turquoise, glass-like waters surrounded by luxuriant and green foliage. The island has a perfect connect with nature. You will be amazed by its beauty. Also, you can enjoy taking a dip in the warm water and witnessing the enthralling historic ruins. Kekova is one island in Turkey that you should never miss on your trip to Turkey in October.

Photo by Stefan Kostoski on Unsplash

5. Lycian Rock Tombs: Get An Insight Into The Intriguiging Past

Lycian rock tombs also called as mountain tomb of Turkey, is one of the oldest historical ruins in Turkey. Millions of tourists add this activity to their Turkey holiday packages. This activity comes as an integral part of all Turkey tour packages. The tomb had a religious significant latched to itself in ancient times. Thes carved mountains were built by the Lycians. Also, the tombs were used to store the bodies of the dead, high above in the sky so that the magical winged creatures could carry them to the afterlife. Lycian rock tomb is worth beholding on your Turkey travel in October.

6. Spice Bazaar: Take A Whiff Of The Aromatic Ingredients

if you wish to carry back a few Turkish vibes, then head to Spice Bazaar in Turkey. Spice Bazaar is a covered area that blankets around 85 stalls. Located in the city of Istanbul, Spice Bazaar is an ideal market to spend some bucks on the souvenirs on your trip to Turkey in October. Also, the spice market has exotic spices, jewellery, nuts, coffee, dried fruits, and Turkish sweets.

Turkey is a truly magical destination that will etch memories of a lifetime in your heart. With the plethora of places to visit, you can indeed be spoilt for choice. Book your cheapest turkey tour packages through Pickyourtrail to revel in a hassle-free holiday. 


Turkey Tour Package Starting @ ₹52,448

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