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turtle island in Malaysia
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Turtle Island National Park In Malaysia

The National park is located on the heart of the island. It serves as the home and a famous hatching spot for many of the endangered turtle species around the globe. The marque ones are Green turtles and the hawksbill. The Island is surrounded by few other islands which are also worth visiting, namely Selingan and Little Bakkungan Locals also call this place as Pulau Penyu National Park. One Just can’t travel to an Island just to visit the turtle hatchery and a National park. Don’t forget to add this in your Malaysia trip

Turtle island
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This place sure has other things than just the turtle hatchery to have an experience on. Without any more delay, we take a look at the various Insights on things to do and also places to visit when you are in Turtle Island.

About Turtle Island National Park

Turtle Island
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The primary aim of this national park is to rescue and preserve the endangered species of green turtle and hawksbill in the Sulu sea. This is like a protected environment for these creatures to hatch their eggs and for shelter as well. If you have always wanted to see the animals in nature and not in a cage then go visit the place to feel the freedom. The beach is absolutely calm and peaceful, as you get to see a lot of turtle on the shoreline. After the hatching period is over, they migrate to a different place with their offsprings.

People travelling to this place can witness the whole process find detail starting from nesting, egg-laying till they take their first journey into the sea. Since this is one of the oldest turtle conservation programme in the world, this place has abundant stats and data about this creature that you might not be able to find anywhere else in the world. They were available in abundance around this Island about 100 years back, the human civilization has made them an endangered species.

This Island treats you with an insight into the beautiful world of sea turtles. This is a must-visit for the people who love the aquatic creatures and want to relax alongside them.

How to Reach Turtle Islands National Park

Travellers around the world travel to the Turtle Island National park by hiring a boat from Sandakan Town. And the major reason for that is the non-availability of public boats. The national park has its headquarters on the largest Island of the Turtle Island national park, the Selingan Island. The basic facilities, the turtle hatchery and the preservation centre are also located in Selingan Island. Sandakan is the closest place where people set their sail to the national park.

This was the capital of Sabah due to its industrial growth in the 1970s. They had some of the great timber industries of the world back in the time. Nowadays, this place is known for the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation centre. It takes a speedboat ride of an hour to reach the national park from Sandakan. If you are fortunate enough you can get to see the Irrawaddy Dolphins on your way to the Island.

Best Time to Visit Turtle Island National Park

The ideal time to visit this place is between July and October, which is when the turtles start migrating this beautiful coastline for their breeding season. It is located at a distance of about 40 Kms from the Sandakan in the northern Borneo. Jalan Buli Sim Sim is where the boats leave from Sabah Parks jetty every day. And also this is the best place for you to observe the turtles laying eggs.

This is a place where you can visit anytime round the year. But the population of the sea turtles are the highest in the months between July and October. As the weather is calm and the waves in the sea are moderate. The turtles not only land on this place to lay eggs, but they also stay here for a day or two and hatch the previously laid eggs. They take the offerings with them for their first journey into the sea.

As the turtles approach this storyline mostly in the late evening and night times, one might have to stay in this place for a night at least to witness these creatures. Make sure to maintain silence and see to that your camera’s slash doesn’t scare the turtles as they might go away. They are soft creature and very sensitive to the right as well.

The boat from Sabah parks jetty leaves at 9.30 every day and will be an hour’s journey through the scenic sea of Sulu to reach the national park. Plan your trip to this Island in such a way that you reach there by the afternoon and have some ample time to get yourself the much-needed rest to get rid of any sort of pain due to the boat ride.

Things To Do – Turtle Island National Park

As I would have already explained pretty much about the turtle watching experience let me take this part of the article to take you through the activities that one can do apart from the turtle hatching spots.

1. High Gravity Adventures

Swing Malaysia,
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This is one of the activities that you can experience with your friends when you are in this awesome place. This place has a three-person giant swing and a few other ground elements to make your day more exciting. You get to experience a few of the 75 different challenges at different heights from 15 to 50 feet off the ground.

2. Sky Valley Zip Tours

Ziplines is another exciting activity that you can try out with your kids as they are specifically for them. You get to choose between two of the famous tours provided bu sky valley zip tours. 1. A canopy tour and 2. kids zip tour are the ones provided here. The adults can just take a stroll around the place when the kids are having the time of their lives. You can also click some pics of your kids.

3. High Mountain Expeditions

trekking in Malaysia
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These place is located in the centre of the blue ridge mountains and offers some of the activities for families and friends. Some the outdoor activities are river rafting, caving and hiking.

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