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Ubud Art market
Written by Kajani Shivam on May 21, 2020 Share on

Ubud Art Market in Bali – Make your shopping list

Bali being the Indonesian Paradise has a lot to offer for every kind of traveller. You can start your day with the stunning sunrise at the Balinese temple and end the day soaking out in parties. The island literally favours all your needs. It really does. One of the major tourist need is to bag the best of the place you visit. Shopping? Exactly. And welcome to the Ubud Art Market in Bali, get to view the best of Balinese craftsmanship. It is a must-visit place in Bali. Let’s find out why is that.

Ubud art market, Bali
Image Credits: Unsplash

You can’t miss taking a stroll in Ubud Art Market on your Bali vacation.
Shopping lover? Well, you definitely can’t skip this place from your Bali vacation itinerary.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time you have heard about this place right. Seen it somewhere? Wondering where?
Well… This beautiful Ubud Art Market captured a scene in Julia Roberts Eat, Pray and Love movie. When Julia Roberts couldn’t miss, why should you?😛

Wanna take a look?
Take a stroll with Pickyourtrail virtually to experience the Art Market in Ubud.

Trooper Tip and Facts 💡

Its hard to see all the shops in a single day. So start your day early at the Ubud Art market or plan your visit for two days. Plan Accordingly !

What to expect in Ubud Art Market?

You will find a lot of unique things in the Ubud Art Market which is basically a street maze of shops. It’s unique because they are all Balinese. All these goods found in the market are actually made in the neighbouring villages of Tegallalang, Payangan, Peliatan and Pengosekan. This makes each item very original, high quality and special for the visitors too. And yes, how can you miss bargaining. If you are good enough in bargaining, you can kill it with your bargaining skills. If not, take a bargaining champ with you.

chains in  Ubud art market
Image Credits: Unsplash

Trooper Tip and Facts 💡

Visit the Ubud Art Market early morning as the vendors used to believe their first sale as the lucky one. This also makes it easy for the visitors to bargain with the vendors. Just try your luck !

What to find in Ubud Art Market?

Here is a list of few famous things which you can find in almost all the shops in the Ubud Art Market. Get ready to make your own list.


Clothes at ubud art market
Image Credits: Unsplash

You will find various types of clothing here. Bali is famous for its Batik work, you will be able to view Batik handworks on fabrics. Colourfully designed sarongs, cool hats, attractive scarves, skirts, t-shirts etc. Get some beautifully designed vivid clothes and make your shopping colourful.

2. Jewellery

a collection of jewellary
Image Credits: Unsplash

Ubud is well known for its silver collections. You can find a huge amount of silver jewellery collections and gold jewellery collections too. You can see an enormous collection of jewellery almost in all shops. Ensure you have a good knowledge regarding the prices and quality of jewellery.

3. Bags

Round ratten bags
Image Credits: Unsplash

How can you miss the traditional round rattan bags which is tremendously famous in Bali! Almost all the shop has a collection of such bags. These bags are available in different shapes, colours and unique pattern.

4.Balinese Handicrafts

Wanted to bag a traditional souvenir? You will find a lot of them.
You will find some mind-boggling handicrafts such as the beautiful wood carvings, small statues, stone carvings and paintings which will awe-struck you.

5. Homewares

Apart from the fancy stuff, you will be able to find some dazzling homewares such as coconut bowls, baskets, bamboo straws and a lot more.

Trooper Tip and Facts 💡

The famous Monkey Forest is near the Ubud Art Market. You can make a quick visit to the forest and say a “Hi” to the notorious monkeys.


It is open daily from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM and is located opposite to the Puri Saren Royal Ubud Palace.  

Trooper Tip and Facts 💡

The locals call the Ubud Art Market as Pasar Seni Ubud

Never miss to visit this beautiful place in Ubud and make your shopping dreams come true. From different styles of clothes to different size of beer openers, the market provides every kind of goods to the visitors with its own Balinese touch. Come on board with your shopping partner and seize your day in the Ubud Art Market. Reach out to Pickyourtrail to get the cheapest Bali Indonesia tour package and shop it with style! Get ready with your list among with Pickyourtrail. Bags full and happy journey!

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