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Sri Lankan Food Tours
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The Ultimate Sri Lankan Food Tours – Explore the Delicacies of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island nation and is rightly known as the gem of the Indian Ocean. The enthralling landscapes, history and culture of this island makes it the most loved tourist destination in South Asia. There are a great deal of attractions to visit and activities to do in Sri Lanka. It is also home to a few striking UNESCO World Heritage sites. Sri Lanka also has a blend of foreign cultures with the native culture. The essence of the culture is felt majorly in the food and architecture of the country. Speaking of food, how does a food tour to explore the delectable local cuisines of Sri Lanka sound? Exhilarating, isn’t it? If you’re a foodie who enjoys flavoursome spices, Sri Lanka should be on your bucket-list. Let’s now dive in to see some of the ultimate Sri Lankan food tours.

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1. Colombo Rustic Food Tour

Colombo Food Tour
Image Credits: Unsplash

Colombo, as we all know is the capital city of Sri Lanka. It is the most culturally diverse city and is also known as the culinary capital of Sri Lanka. It dates back to the early centuries, where this island was colonised by the Britain, Netherlands and Portugal. A a result of that, the country now has a remarkable blend in cultures that reflects in the mouth-watering cuisines the city has to offer. It is one of the best Sri Lankan food tours you wouldn’t want to miss.

You are sure to witness the quintessence of the above as you explore the delicacies in this food tour. Right from plant based meals to meat meals, you will find anything that suits your diet. You will also get to taste the authentic Sri Lankan meals, street food, fusion food, gourmet eats, short eats, non-vegetarian, vegan and vegetarian food. This food tour is made interesting for you by a local guide who would run you through the culture and history of the city, over a meal. The food tour would essentially take about 5 hours and is suggested for dinner. Cinnamon gardens, Pettah and Viharamahadevi Park are the 3 places you will be taken to on this tour.

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2. Colombo Street Food Tour

If you want to experience the authentic street food while strolling along the streets of the capital city, this food tour is for you. You will get to taste a wide variety of savoury and sweet food and drinks that are a daily source of diet for the locals in Sri Lanka. This tour would ideally take about 3 hours and is a private food tour.

You can kickstart your day near the Dutch museum with a king coconut also known as Thambili, that is native to Sri Lanka. It is a natural and healthy drink that would boost your energy. Next you will get to relish the vibe of the Pettah market while you enjoy a cup of some refreshing milk tea. Just about a 2 minute walk from Pettah is the Red Masjid. This is a place to add up some spice to your food tour. You will get to try various pickled fruits and the famous fresh cassava crips here. Next on your adventure would be the Kayman’s Gate to get a taste of the famous street food, the delicious samosas.


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Going forward, you will get to visit the Old Town Hall for a short bite with exquisite juicy fruits in the market. Then, visit the All Saints Church to taste the Lamprais and Kottu in a local restaurant. You can also visit the New Kathiresan Kovil to discover the various types of bananas. Lastly, to end this food adventure on a sweet note, you will get to taste the winter melon candy by the Wolvendaal Church. This is one among the best Sri Lankan food tours you must try.

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3. Kandy Street Food Tour

Kandy Food Tour
Image Credits: Unsplash

Kandy, another well-known city in Sri Lanka is famous for its rich cuisines that it has to offer. This food tour makes it easy for tourists to skip the chaos and thought process of picking places to eat. It is a private tour you can opt for, with a local guide. The ideal time for this tour is about 3 hours. The guide will take you around the streets where you can enjoy the luscious flavours of the city.

You will be taken to the Kandy Municipal Central Market to kickstart your day. You will get to try some fresh juicy exotic fruits along with the divine Sri Lankan sweetmeat candy. Next on the food adventure, is the Hela Bojun restaurant. It is a famous and a must try restaurant in Kandy. You can taste some delicious vadais, fish cutlets and dosas here. The next place would be the Colombo street wherein you can taste the famous cassava crisps. You would next get to stroll in the Cross Street where you can taste a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian street food. Post that, you will be taken to a restaurant named Balaji Dosai which is famous for dosa and king coconuts. Finally, end your food tour with a sip of Ceylon tea at the Mlesna Tea Centre.

4. Negombo Street Food Tour

Negombo is a city on the western cost of Sri Lanka. It takes about 40 minutes by road to reach this city from Colombo. Negombo has a beautiful lagoon where you can find fisherman’s huts lined up. This city, being closely located to the capital city, is known for the authentic Sri Lankan cuisine. This is tour would take about 3 to 4 hours approximately.

The authentic local street food tour in this city calls for egg hoppers, vadais and samosas. These are the most famous and mouth-watering street food one would enjoy having with a cup of tea. The dish that tops the list is Kottu roti, with a mix of spices, egg, onions and meat. This dish is a must try as it would leave your taste buds craving for more. Lastly, don’t forget to try Achcharu. Achcharu is a sweet and tangy pickle that is a go to snack in Sri Lanka. It is made out of unripe fruits and is a blend of sweet, sour, tangy and spicy flavours.

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5. Romantic Barbecue Dinner in Yala National Park

Romantic Barbecue Dinner in Yala National Park
Image Credits: Unsplash

Isn’t it exciting to think about having a romantic candle light dinner amidst the wildlife in Sri Lanka? Well, yes! If you have always wanted to do something this exciting, this is the right place. Yala National Park is home to the largest number of leopards in the World. It is located in the South eastern cost and is a major attraction in Sri Lanka. While you stroll through the day in the park, you could enjoy a delectable meal for dinner in the park. The ideal time for this tour would be 2 hours 30 minutes.

This place is open to sky and hence, you can enjoy the breeze and sounds of animals far in the jungle over a delicious meal. You can experience the live counters and delicious barbecue that is made in front of you. What more do you need than a perfect ambiance with a 4 course romantic dinner along with BBQ and chilled beer? Doesn’t it sound like a perfect night? This experience along with the warm welcome at the location, would leave you delighted and hence is one of the best Sri Lankan food tours.

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