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Opera House in Australia
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Undara Lava Caves – A Unique Experience in Australia

The Undara Volcanic National Park is located 265km from south-west of Cairns. As you enter the park, trees and vines hang overhead, silhouetted against the warm evening sky. You can spend a placid time on the savannah with your loved ones. Every opening you see in the leafy latticework above is an aerial expressway. You’ll be able to observe thousands of micro-bats whirling past into the night. Their frantic wing-beats will fan your faces with musty cave air. The sound is incessant, a streaming white noise like the patter of rain on a forest canopy. The Undara Lava Tubes will be an outback experience tour offering a unique travel opportunity from Cairns Far North Queensland Australia.

Undara National Park has the renowned world-famous Undara Lava Tubes. This creation is one of the rarest and most interesting natural attractions in the world. These unique lava tubes beneath the land are now acclaimed as one of the longest known in the world today. As visitors of the Undara lava tube experience, you will have the option to explore the remains of the world’s longest progression of lava that began from a single volcano.

The emission made lava stream over 90kms north and 160kms northwest. With various tour options taking into account all degrees of wellness and physical capacities, Undara Lava Tubes really is an encounter you will always remember. This is the best grand helicopter trip to see the Undara Lava Tubes. You can also go for a private charter scenic flight from Cairns to Undara National Park.

Undara Lava Caves in Australia
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The Undara Lava Tubes

The word Undara means ‘a long way’ in an Aboriginal language. The Undara Lava Tubes formed when a significant volcano of gushing lava ejected. Its liquid magma streamed down a rough waterway bed. As the top layer immediately cooled and crusted, the red hot magma underneath kept on coursing through the tubes taking it further and further from the fountain of liquid magma and along these lines making the present-day Undara magma tubes.

As the eruption eased back and halted later, the magma depleted out of the cylinders leaving a progression of long, empty passages. Antiquated rooftop breakdown made profound, dull and wet segments where rich pockets of rainforest would now be able to be seen. On the dusk visit from the highest point of this slope, and fall awe-struck watching the darker pockets of rainforest that are developing on the antiquated Undara magma tubes.

Flora & Fauna in Undara

Flora & Fauna in Undara Caves
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Rainforest plants and creatures flourish in this region. As the Undara is a national park and the lava tubes are so old. So the only way they are open to the public is through a visit with an authorized guide. Once inside the tube, it feels as though you have ventured into a different universe! In most caves you hope to discover stalactites and stalagmites, Undara is special among those as tube walls are smooth. This is down to process the hot magma streamed and cooled through the tubes making a smooth surface.

You will see some hangings along the grounds and down from the lava tubes roofs. The various kinds of tree roots make extraordinary patterns along the walls as the roots search for water. The Undara lava tubes are an astounding natural miracle that has to be seen to believe.

Journey to Undara Lava Tubes

Undara Lava Tubes Journey
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There’s a lot to see en route to Undara. By starting early morning, you’ll have the option to fit it all in and arrive at Undara by early morning after a couple of interesting stops en route. The Savannah Way is the way taken to Undara and it is completely safe for driving all types of vehicles.

Accommodation at Undara

There are five unique types of accommodation available for visitors at the Undara Experience. The most unique type is the wonderfully reestablished turn of the century railway carriages. that can rest up to six individuals. Also, there’s a dormitory-style accommodation at the Wilderness Lodge, the Safari Shelter which is a reserved campsite for those with their own tent and the outback caravan park which have both controlled and unpowered sites. All these sites have amenities like both hot and cold water, campfire pits and free gas grills. There’s an amazing swimming pool for visitors which is the ideal spot to chill around. You can revive yourselves after your long journey to the outback Undara Lava Tubes.

Tours sightseeing Undara Wildlife at Sunset Tour

Sunset Dinner at Undara Lava Caves
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The Undara sunset visit takes place every day, throughout the year. Beginning with a short ride on a 24 seat minibus into Undara National Park, along with a guide into the park which includes wallabies, snakes, and owls. Your destination is a small, rocky hill that is the perfect height for the purpose of this tour – a spectacular outback sunset. When you arrive at the highest point of the hill, your guide sets up a little snack of cheddar, wafers and fresh fruits along with beverages.

Enjoy a chilled glass of Australian beverages while taking in one of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever observe. The tough, barren landscape of the outback and the endless sky end to a beautiful sunset. At dusk, the nocturnal creatures that live in and around the Undara lava tubes come out to the night sky as your guide will take you to the passage of one of those lava tubes to see bug-eating bats rise up to the dark sky. This is definitely a once in a blue moon nature experience.

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