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10 Unexplored European Destinations to Visit in 2021

Looking for options beyond Barcelona, Venice, Paris, Interlaken or Rome?  Some of the cities that until the recent past was the crème de la crème destinations are no more as attractive as they used to be.

The below list of 10 cities are on Pickyourtrail’s leaderboard of unexplored European destinations which are upcoming destinations! These cities offer you a perfect mix of culture, architecture, and cuisine.  If you’re considering taking a vacation in Europe anytime soon, try throwing in a few of these unexplored European destinations as well. If you are tired of packaged tours and would love to have your vacation planned by genuine travellers, reach out to us and we will hand craft a personalized trail based on your interests!


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10 Undiscovered European Destinations

  • Seville, Spain
  • Lyon, France
  • Krakow, Poland
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Tallinn, Estonia
  • Lviv, Ukraine
  • Bruges, Belgium
  • Utrecht, Holland
  • Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Turin, Italy

1. Seville, Spain

Image credit – flickr

One of the most unexplored European destinations, Seville boasts of a rich culture as it brings together Spanish and Moorish histories. From antique architecture to spectacular museums it has something to offer for everyone! Some of the places to visit include, Cas de Pilatos, the Seville Cathedral and the Flamenco Museum. The best time to visit Seville would be between the months of April and June when the weather is conducive. It’s quite hot, (for European standards) in July and August.

Our Pick: Explore Seville in a cycle. With close to 100 Kilometers of cycle lanes and 250 cycle stations where you can grab a bike, it’s as easy as it can get!

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2. Lyon, France

Image credit – flickr
Did you know that Lyon is considered as the gastronomic capital of Europe? Some of the finest chefs in Europe are either in/from Lyon. It is the second largest metropolis in France after Paris yet one of the most unexplored European destinations although the number of visitors to this city is on the rise. Lyon boasts imposing buildings and monuments apart from the regular museums and gardens. The city is also home to the celebrated Opera House and has a vibrant nightlife.

Our Pick: Visit Lyon during the Festival of Lights in December!

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3. Krakow, Poland

Image credit – flickr

Besides being one of the oldest cities in Poland, Krakow has a rich and diverse cultural inheritance yet is one of the most unexplored European destinations. Visitors can take pleasure in attractions such as the Wawel Castle and Old Town. Be sure to explore some of city’s illustrious buildings like the Town Hall Square and buy some crafts at the Cloth Hall. Here’s a Krakow story no one told you! 

Our Pick: Try out tatanka. It is a unique (and delicious) Polish beverage made with apple juice and a special kind of vodka called żubrówka. To make things wilder, it is flavored with bison grass.

4. Vienna, Austria

Image credit – flickr

If Music and Museums is your thing, do not miss Vienna. The city has a deep-rooted music history and it’s not surprising it has been as christened as the City of Music. Although it is one of the most unexplored European destinations, some of the biggest musical names like Beethoven, Mozart and Strauss come out of Vienna. The Danube River is a popular Sunday retreat. And it’s perfect for a last minute trip given the city boasts of more the one thousand hotel rooms.

Our Pick: Have a ball! Literally. If you are in during the carnival season, do try to make it to one of the glamorous balls in the city.

5. Tallinn, Estonia

Image credit – flickr

Tallinn features in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list and is Northern Europe’s oldest city and one of the most unexplored European destinations. This city is famous for its winding cobblestone streets and prehistoric architecture. Ensure that you make the best use of free public Wi-Fi a factor that has seen Tallin named as one of the world’s top ten digital cities. Did you know, Skype’s founder was from Tallin?

Our Pick: Take the Culture Kilometer trail. It is a 2.2 kilometer trail passing through the most interesting sights of Tallinn.


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6. Lviv, Ukraine

Image credit – flickr

One of the most unexplored European destinations, Lviv is the architectural jewel of Ukraine. There are cozy coffee shops along the streets where you can pop in and relax as you explore the city. While you’re in Lviv, check out the most imposing building, the Chapel of Boim Family, a late Renaissance monument. Also, lviv is one of the very few cities where you can still climb the tower at the market square.

Our Pick: Do try out one of the many local walking tours in Lviv.

7. Bruges, Belgium

Image credit – flickr

Bruges is one of the best-preserved cities in Europe and offers the kind of charms rarely available elsewhere. It is also referred to as the Venice of the North, although remains one of the most unexplored European destinations by tourists! One of the must see sights in this beautiful and prehistoric city is the Belfry Tower which offers panoramic views of the city. The city also offers the best Belgian culinary delights, chocolate and craft beers.

Our Pick: If you decide to visit during winter, do stop over at the annual Ice Sculpture (November to January).

8. Utrecht, Holland

Image credit – flickr

Founded in AD 47 as a Roman garrison, Utrecht is one of the oldest cities in Netherlands and one of the most unexplored European destinations. The best way to explore Utrecht is by hoping on a horse drawn carriage. Do explore the outer canals, narrow alleyways and numerous parks.  The Monasteries and convents that define the city’s skyline are a perfect setting for wonderful pictures.

Our Pick: Rent a canal bike and pedal your own way around the canals.

9. Bratislava, Slovakia

Image credit – flickr

Bratislava is one of the most beautiful unexplored European destinations and has long existed in the shadow of Prague and is now coming out of it. It has an incredible past with a myriad of cultural influences from the Celtics, Germans and Hungarians. Some of the attractions you must visit include Slovak National Museum and the Bratislava Castle.

Our Pick: If you are on a backpacking trip, join in any of the International Students Parties. You definition of parties is sure to be redefined.

Did you know? Slovakia features on the top affordable destinations in Europe! 😮

10. Turin, Italy

Image credit – flickr

There’s more to Turin other than being the home of FIAT. For instance did you know that it was Italy’s first capital city in 1861? Turin is conveniently located at the foot of the Alps and is rising fast as desired destination in Europe. Turin has some of the best Layered espresso, prehistoric palaces, and Italian cuisine in Italy.

Our Pick: Play hit ball, a sport born in Turin in 1986 and today the very specialty of the city. Various associations provide free trials.

Can’t wait to explore these unexplored European destinations? Whenever you want to plan that Europe Tour Packages, hit us up. We will help you out!

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