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Koala Sleeping
Written by Kajani Shivam on June 27, 2021 Share on

Unique Animals Of Australia – Get Ready For An Into The Wild Experience!

Australia, the world’s smallest continent and the largest island is undoubtedly one of the top tourist destinations that anyone would love to land on, right? Right from quirkiest wildlife, larger-than-life attractions, stunning coral reefs, breathtaking adventure activities, amazing beaches, to picturesque landscapes, Australia is a complete package to have the best vacation. We must say that the country stands as per its tag – There is nothing like Australia! Also, if you would have noticed well, Australia is a perfect example for many unique things and just like that today we are going to cover the top unique animals of Australia. You might like wildlife or not, but I can assure you these cute unique animals are surely worth a visit. Excited? Well, just keep reading…

Just a heads up – I am sure these animals are definitely gonna make you say AWE! Get ready for a cuteness overloaded visit!

An animal in Australia
Image Credits: Unsplash

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Unique animals of Australia

  • Kangaroos
  • Wallaby
  • Tasmanian Devils
  • Platypus
  • Koalas
  • Dingo
  • Quokkas
  • Wombats
  • Lyrebirds
  • Short-beaked Echidna

1. Kangaroos

Image Credits: Unsplash

Obvious, right? As soon as you start thinking of Australia, I am sure the pretty kangaroos would have crossed your mind. It is endemic to Australia and is one of the red kangaroo species which is also known as the surviving marsupial of the world. These 6’7 tall creatures can be found in nearly all Australian wildlife sanctuaries & zoos. And make sure you get a chance to feed these kangaroos which could be the ultimate highlight on your Australian vacation.

2. Wallaby

Image Credits: Unsplash

As soon as you see a wallaby, I am sure you are about to say it as a Kangaroo. But, making it clear here, wallaby and Kangaroo are not the same. Even though they belong to the same taxonomic family, they aren’t the same. There is an overall of 30 different species of wallabies and you may see them along the roads in the outskirts of the major Australian cities. Apart from that, you may spot them in wildlife parks and zoos.

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3. Tasmanian Devils

Tasmanian Devil
Image Credits: Unsplash

Some might find it cute and some might find it devilish, but trust me, these creatures are definitely worth seeing. It is a carnivorous animal found only in the Australian forests. The interesting part about its name is that these creatures have been spot on Tasmania for the very first time and people found it very devilish with its annoying screams and frightening growls. And so does it’s called Tasmanian Devils. Never miss seeing these cute devils in Australia.

4. Platypus

Image credits: Unsplash

Even though it doesn’t look like our very own greeny Perry the Platypus from the famous Phineas and Ferb, this is how a platypus looks like. Now that’s truly one of the unique animals of Australia. It is a semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal with shinny brown fur. One can generally find platypus in the riverbanks of Australia’s eastern coast and can mostly be seen in Tasmania.

5. Koalas

Image Credits: Unsplash

The fifth one to enter the list of unique animals of Australia is the adorable koalas. Koalas are marsupials and are also called joeys. Their cuddly exterior and the way they sleep on the trees for hours and hours makes them much prettier, right? However, many might think that a koala is a bear but making it clear that it isn’t a bear even though it looks cute as a teddy bear. Koalas generally are seen hanging in tall eucalyptus forests and in the woodlands of Queensland, South Australia, and New South Wales. Even though they look incredibly cute, they are capable to attack you if they feel threatened. So, it’s always good to maintain a distance.

6. Dingo

Image Credits: Unsplash

Dingo is known as Australia’s wild dog and the largest predator. They are often called warrigal and are said to be originally migrated from Central Asia across land bridges over 18,000 years ago. Interestingly, dingoes are the ultimate escape artists as they can rotate their neck up to 180 degrees around. Well, that’s crazy, huh? Dingoes are rarely kept as pet animals. However, you can have a dingo as a pet animal with a proper license in the states of New South Wales, Western Australia, Victoria and Northern Territory.

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7. Quokkas

Image Credits: Unsplash

Here’s another cute animal on the list of unique animals in Australia. Yes, they are quokkas! Their cute appearance makes them look like the happiest animal on earth. These quokkas belong to the family of kangaroos and wallabies which are often seen roaming around the Rottnest Island. Seeing this cute creature, many would have wanted to feed the quokkas, isn’t it? But, there are many reports which say that the quokkas mostly bite people who are in an attempt to feed them. So, before trying to feed the quokkas, make sure you have a guide near you to take care of any such situation.

8. Wombats

Image Credits: Unsplash

These short-legged muscular marsupials are just like a miniature bear with chunky cheeks which weights up to 44 and 77 pounds. Wombats are generally of three species as the Vombatus ursinus, Lasiorhinus krefftii and Lasiorhinus latifrons and they do walk with a waddle with a backwards-facing pouch. Even though it’s rare to see wombats as they are nocturnal creatures, one can simply find them roaming on the Cradle Mountain in Tasmania and on the Blue Mountains which are located outside Sydney.

9. Lyrebirds

Image Credits: Unsplash

Lyrebirds are undoubtedly one of the most impressive birds in Australia. The unique feather-like feature makes them look more attractive. Interestingly, lyrebirds are great mimics, they do mimic the car alarms, camera shutters, workmen, shooting from video games and many more. Impressive, huh? One can see lyrebirds at Healesville Sanctuary near Melbourne, Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges.

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10. Short-beaked Echidna

Short-beaked Echidna
Image Credits: Unsplash

The last one to enter the list of unique animals of Australia is the short-beaked echidna. Just like the platypus, the short-beaked echidna is an egg-laying mammal that lays an egg at a time. The short-beaked echidna is easily spotted by sharp spines, short legs and long snout. Even though short-beaked echidna can be found all over Australia, one can specifically find a short-beaked echidna on a larger number in Tasmania and Sydney.

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Well, aren’t these unique animals of Australia really worth a visit? You may be an animal lover or not, but I am sure these unique animals are sure to give you an amazing experience. So, what’s next? Obviously, vacation, huh? Check on the Pickyourtrail and do have a look at the interesting Asutralia tour packages. Get ready to unwrap the world with Pickyourtrail!

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