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Wine and Dine in Florence
Written by Rhea Alex on May 23, 2020 Share on

Unique Wine and Dine Experiences in Florence

Florence is known by tourists to be the gateway to ‘Tuscany,’ the world-renowned wine escapade; meaning tourists get to embrace world-class wine at their fingertips. The Wine and Dine experiences in Florence range from food streets, to food markets, family-run trattorias; giving tourists an overall world-class culinary experience. 

If you’re a first time tourist to this region, the wine and dine experiences in Florence is something you’ll cherish for a long time to come. Florence witnesses tourists from across the world, travelling all the way to the region just to gain insight into what makes the wine and dine experiences in Florence is so special. The amazing breweries available in the region makes for some exquisite wine, while the fresh produce from the countryside makes for some delicious food throughout the whole of Florence. The dine aspect most often includes a several course meal and isn’t necessarily just one single meal. The varied produce coupled with the right ingredients makes for some mouth-watering food across the region.

The relationship between the Florentine folks and wine began centuries ago and was sold by noble families across the countryside. This strong relationship of the people with wine, continues to this day. The very first winemakers were the ‘the Arte dei Vinattieri,’ and the ‘buchette del vino,’ which began to be commonly used during the 20th century. 

There are numerous wineries that organize Wine Dine tours for tourists in century-old villas, while others offer tours that have embraced the vibe of the historic city. The innumerable wineries in the region is what Florence is most known for. Be it the exquisite beauty of the old town regions or the very vibe that the region has to offer, it truly is a once in a lifetime experience for tourists looking to have the time of their life. Make sure to make the best of your visit by trying out the innumerable varieties of wines and heading towards the wide array of small foodies across the place. Be sure to be pleasantly surprised as you travel through the entire region, exploring the countryside and trying out some great produce.

Buchette del Vino – Wine and Dine Experiences in Florence

buchette del vino
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Tourists will notice a number of small windows placed right next to the main doors of the noble houses. These tiny little openings are called ‘buchette del vino,’ or the ‘finestrini del vino,’ denoting small door openings for wine selling; used by the noble families in Florence. These small little openings have been in existence since time immemorial and continue to be in use, even to this date.

The very act of taking wine through this opening is a whole new experience altogether for tourists who are visiting the region for the very first time. These are family-run businesses and therefore have followed traditions to the tee, for the longest time to come. Thus, tourists witness a traditional manner of enjoying these exquisite wine and take back memories that are sure to last them for a long time to come.

Vinaio and Fiaschetteria – Wine and Dine Experiences in Florence

Besides the ‘Buchette del Vino,’ there are also the ‘Vinaio and Fiaschetteria,’ both of which continue to be extremely popular by tourists visiting the Florence city centre. 

Bring your own wine bottles – sell them yourselves or refill your old skins with your choice of wine; Fiaschetterias are small areas wherein tourists can shop for a large variety of their preferred wine bottles. Whereas, a ‘Vinaio,’ on the other hand, are tiny shops that sell wine per glass and are most often located near the Florence street food streets.  This is an entirely different and unique experience altogether, as it also happens to be one of its kind in the world. The extensive variety of wines available for tourists to choose from, cannot be underestimated in any kind. Thus, you will most definitely enjoy an evening worth remembering.

Wine and Dine like a Local – Wine and Dine Experiences in Florence

Wine and Dine in Florence
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Tourists are fortunate enough to have a true ‘Tuscan Wine Tour’ experience, have a shot at the best ‘vinaio and fiaschetteri,’ all through a borough exploration through the Tuscan countryside. 

There is a wide array of tours for tourists to be part of through the course of their Florence Journey. You could either try out a guided tour, that most often proves to be more helpful as the guides give you a detailed explanation of the history and significance behind each winery you come across. In case you’d like additional details or clarifications along the way – the guides provide the necessary information as well. If you think, you can explore the place for yourself, feel free to talk to the locals and understand the deep history behind the region; as you make your way through the Florence countryside. 

San Giovanni Borough

Tourists visit the areas between the Duomo and Piazza Della Signoria and explore the streets of the ‘San Giovanni Borough.’ The  ‘I Due Fratellini,’ ‘Fiaschetteria Nuvoli’ and the ‘ Buca del Vino,’ remain some of the most iconic wineries in the ‘San Giovanni Borough.’

The Borough of Santo Spirito

Located on the other side of the Arno, stretching across Porta San Frediano to Porta San niccolò, this borough is popular amongst tourists for its rustic charm and is commonly referred to as the ‘Real Florence.’

The Borough of Santa Croce

Extending between the Church of Santa Croce to Piazza Beccaria, the ‘ Borough of Santa Croce,’ has a wide array of wine and dine shops that are known to have the ‘most visited shops in the world,’ and are best for their combo’s of wine and schiacciata. 

Cost For Wine Dine-in Florence

Wine Dine tours in Florence would cost tourists approximately between 50 to 60 Euros per head.

Tourists are most definitely spoiled for choice when it comes to the ‘wine and dine,’ experience they are looking for. What are you waiting for? We at ‘Pickyourtrail,’ would love to craft an amazing Florence – wine and dine Tour package just for you. Start planning and Happy Travelling.

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