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9 Most Unusual & Unique Places to Stay in Bali For Its Crazy Creativity

The latest fad of travellers with offbeat destinations to travel to and quirky experiences they’ve never tried before, one thing is clear. Offbeat is the new mainstream. Travelling, sometimes, is all about experiencing what doesn’t come at the comfort of your couch. Agree? Then you should as well renounce your quintessential-luxury-resort-experience for a bit and find comfort in what look like the unusual and unique places to stay in Bali!

9 Unusual & Unique Places to Stay in Bali

  • Amethyst Crystal Dome
  • Jungle Bubble Lodge
  • Mara River Safari Lodge
  • Villa Cella Bella
  • Sharma Springs Bamboo House
  • Bambu Indah
  • Camaya Bali Suboya
  • Morabito Art Cliff
  • Firefly Eco Lodge

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1. Amethyst Crystal Dome

In Bali where even treetop and underwater stays have become common, this addition still manages to nail perfection and is one of the most unique places to stay in Bali! They call it the bio-home or amethyst laboratory but I honestly can’t unsee an alien spacecraft!

2. Jungle Bubble Lodge

Iceland can have you hunting northern lights through a glass igloo, while Bali can treat you to stunning jungle views through a transparent bubble! Definitely an amazing and unique place to stay in Bali.

3. Mara River Safari Lodge

This one just levels up Bali in the travel game! Mara River Safari Lodge is a wildlife-themed stay that allows travellers to enjoy close proximity to wild animals. Even lions! The whole place carries the savage vibes similar to that of an African safari.

4. Villa Cella Bella

If sleeping in a hammock that protrudes into a lush green jungle doesn’t spell unusual, I’m not sure what does. Cella Bella’s nearness to the major attractions of Bali is only an added advantage.

5. Sharma Springs Bamboo House

Falling asleep to the chirps of birds and waking up to the warm rays of sunlight is a night in Sharma springs all about. Also, this place is constructed entirely with bamboos in a symbiotic manner, considering the prime importance of sustainable tourism.

6. Bambu Indah

Every element of this ambience, from the furniture and the accessories to the rugs reflect ancient Javanese culture at its best. If you’re wondering why Bali seems so obsessed with bamboo hotels, there are reasons. Environmentalists are more in love with this tourism business now as Bali is too beautiful a nature paradise to get ruined in the name of tourism.

7. Camaya Bali Suboya

We already know you’ll not miss Tegallalang for the world. But why admire the stunning rice fields and leave half-hearted when you can actually spend a night amidst the paradisiacal setting? Camaya Bali Suboya is your best bet if you love nature. And Bali. And life.

8. Morabito Art Cliff

No, we are not mistaken. This is neither Miami nor Santorini. This stunning scenery legit exists in Bali and you can actually stay there. Morabito Art Cliff offers stays across hippiest destinations from across the world and is definitely one of the best unique and unusual places to stay in Bali.

9. Firefly Eco Lodge

Only Bali can think of such an idea and pull it off in style. Firefly Eco Lodge is a special mention considering it has a quaint coconut-shaped private space to peek into the far fields.

Beautiful Bali is waiting to be explored

Like these unique and unusual places to stay in Bali? Where did you stay in Bali that you would suggest? Pickyourtrail is all ears! Or contact us and get your Bali vacation fixed in no time!

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