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Vaccine Passports And Why You Will Need Them For International Travel

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Keep reading to know more about Vaccine Passports. . .

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What are Vaccine Passports?

Digital vaccine certificates otherwise called the “vaccine passports,” are an emerging documentation technology to record a person’s immunization status. Many countries in the world have been focussing on COVID 19 vaccination drives to #staysafe from the pandemic. These vaccine passports aka immunity passports are the new normal which would serve as proof of COVID-19 vaccination for travellers. In addition to this, these passports will be the licenses to kick-start International travel. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Tired of being locked down in your country and wanted to enjoy your dream holidays? The COVID vaccine is here to restore confidence in global travel. So yes, Get vaccinated ASAP!

The need for Vaccine Passports

With COVID-19 vaccine drives in a full swing worldwide, these digital health passports/Vaccine passports will be one of the many tools to help resume travel internationally. If these certificates become a part of the system, every traveller will need to submit a digital or paper document that carries one’s vaccination status. Moreover, if such a system is integrated into global travel, it will be a reassurance for all travellers of their safety and health status.

With the COVID-19 pandemic posing a huge health threat to the world, such declarations As a result of which, many countries around the world are thinking about vaccine passports. Currently, each country has its own travel-related requirement to enter its borders. While many of them require travellers to quarantine upon arrival, few require RT-PCR test reports. In addition to this, few countries mandate travellers to install contract tracing apps to ensure safety and health. And that’s indeed a laudable idea to ease travel and travel-related requirements.

Why you will need them for International travel

Vaccine passports will be in digital format only. These digitalized vaccine/health passports are indeed the best way to share their health-related information easily. With the digital venture, travellers can just use their smartphones to save this information and use it for their international travel purposes. You can save information like COVID-19 test results, the date of Covid 19 vaccinations and other information. This replaces the necessity to carry different documents while travelling too!


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What’s the next step?

Did you know Israel was the first country to provide a vaccine passport? It was done in the month of February 2021. Following the path laid by Israel, Bahrain, Japan and China also issued vaccine passports. In addition to this, the European Union, China are also working on their own digital vaccine certificates. They are keen on this as these certificates will serve the purpose of cross-border travel. Even in the United Kingdom talks are underway to let vaccinated individuals use the National Health Service app. All these efforts are giving us a ray of hope towards hassle-free travel.

vaccine passports
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Many countries are also working on more scalable versions of digital health passports. Moreover, several Governmental organisations, private ventures, non-profits organisations, world travel organisations are discussing these digitalised health passports and their use cases. Several working models of these vaccine passports including the technology they will require are being discussed too! These efforts will soon make Vaccine passports a reality.
Dear travellers with itchy feet, there is some good news coming your way real soon!

The use of vaccine passports is being debated worldwide. Several governments across the globe are ideating regarding the digitalised version. In addition to this, the cool fact is that even pubs, concerts and sporting events can verify these passports to let travellers in. In fact, countries like Iceland have opened their borders for vaccinated globe trotters. Even Saudi Arabia is showing a green signal for these vaccinated travellers.


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What does the Global public think about these Passports?

Several business travellers around the world were worried by the 7-14 days of quarantine period which is still applicable to countries globally. This will have negative implications as business travel usually lasts for 3-4 days but the new normal is changing the way they operate. Similarly, leisure travellers with kids are also worried about these quarantine rules upon arrival. Many travel lovers around the world who eagerly waiting to escape their home see this as a positive signal to boos travel.

A new research survey in association with the World Economic Forum has revealed that about three-quarters of people, amidst the global audience, think vaccine passports can be made mandatory for travel. In addition to this,  An Ipsos survey for the World Economic Forum also found out that, about three in four adults living across 28 countries agreed that Covid 19 vaccine certificates would be effective to restart global travel in the coming years.

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The Future of Vaccine Passports

Imagine world borders opening up without any quarantine requirements! Even after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, digital vaccine passports are here to stay. Are you wondering why? This will remain a very useful digital tool to record traveller’s vaccination history. While checking into your flight you can be very sure of your co-passengers health history. In addition to this, fear of contact tracing slowly growing up due to the Covid 19 pandemic, this vaccine passport will remain a necessary requirement to travel. These Digital credentials will let diminish all the other country-specific travel requirements.

Vaccine passports
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Moreover, these passports will be developed only with specific guidelines and principles by the World organisations like WHO, safeguarding the health protocols. Hence, there is nothing to worry about their usage. And yes, Vaccine certificates might get new developments after these ideations. Each country will try to scale it as per its use case. For now, there are also few uncertainties about the usage of Vaccine passports. For example, we are still not clear about the standardization protocols.


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Thus, the vaccine certificates will serve as a potential tool to help Governments reopen the borders and promote hassle-free travel. When these passports become real, they can be leveraged as a solution to pave the road to the new normal. Check out for more amazing travel packages around the world.

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