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Written by Akshaya Devi on March 31, 2020 Share on

These Tourism Portals are Offering Virtual Salsa Lessons, Cocktail Mixing and Cookery Classes Among Others

What’s your weekend looking like? Hope you do have some slots left:) These Tourism Portals are offering virtual Salsa lessons, Cocktail mixing and Cookery classes on Instagram Live and Zoom.

1. Discover Puerto Rico asks all “daydreamers” to come aboard for a tropical weekend getaway, of course, virtually.

Do you want to use the quarantined time to explore your creative skills and learn something new? Go ahead and sign up for this deal, it can’t get better than this! Starting Friday, Discover Puerto Rico offers Sansa classes by Tito Ortos and Tamara Livolsi followed by Cocktail mixing and Cooking demos on the next two days. Roberto Berdecía, bartender of the famous La Factoría bar will take you through an exciting Cocktail mixing class while Wilo Benet, Chef of Wilo Eatery & Bar will teach you about cooking the famous tropical Puerto Rican cuisine. Join here.

2. Visit Britain treats followers and travel-lovers with all quintessential British experiences in one place.

Listen to classic British hits on a curated Spotify playlist, find Harry Potter filming locations on an Instagram quiz or watch a Royal Opera House Performance. A must-do for the culturally curious, they say. Join here.

3. Discover Philadelphia offers a similar experience where travellers and locals can explore the city and its culture like never before.

Filled with hope, charming vistas, curated music playlists and indigenous recipes, their homepage is a must-visit if you have plans of visiting Philadelphia at some point. Join here.

4. Yoga overlooking Pitons? A live cooking class featuring delicious Caribbean cuisine? Or just pretty pictures of this breathtaking island? Head over to Travel St Lucia’s official page.

Travel St Lucia helps people get rid of their quarantine blues by featuring genuinely helpful Yoga sessions and cheerful DJ parties. No surprise if you end up choosing the Caribbean as the first place to visit once the world switches back on. Join here.

For more travel-inspired quarantine ideas, follow Pickyourtrail.

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