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Written by Rohitha Bollipalli on March 14, 2019 Share on

Go on a virtual trip to the best of Venice

Valentine’s day is over but that doesn’t mean you should stay away from those lovely vibes of Venice and it’s baby islands. The indisputed romantics’ Paradise is here again with its beautiful vistas and is about to rock your world. Here’s how you round up Venice on Instagram or on a Gondola.

Grand Canal

150 Canals in the city? Forget all of them, this one is where your focus should be at! A famed location of a hundred wallpapers and a ground for a hundred other Instagram’s pictures, the Grand Canal kills it at first sight. Galleries and entire gateways to the city surround this strip of jade waters. Sunrises and sunsets don’t find a better frame to make an appearance in!

The Rialto

As if the title of being ‘the oldest few bridges in town’ wasn’t enough, the Rialto bridge sits in a glamorous spot connecting two famous city squares. It marks the centre of the city by almost being at its heart. You’d again think, being the heart of a great city like Venice should suffice, but no! It had to have several revamps to look as stunning as it now is.

The architect, rightly known as Anthony of the Bridge, used to give Michelangelo and Palladio a run for their money! Good ‘Ol times…

Right now all it does is paving the way to Gondoliers on their path to going gaga over the city.

St. Mark’s Square

I’m not here for providing the first picture I could find of the famous St. Mark’s Square. This picture is so artistically perfect, just the way the photographer intended it to be. It is a legacy to Venice’s masquerade ball mask obsessed culture and the days of the parades dedicated entirely to them.

Gondola Rides

How I wish this list never ended! Every picture that I found on Instagram under the hashtag ‘#VeniceGondola’ made me want to get flight and boat and book an evening Gondola with a full musical quartet of my own!

Burano and Murano

Venice isn’t really all the deal without the package of Murano and Burano islands. Someone really painted the place to keep the tourists coming! It works like magic on the eye. The kaleidoscopical houses along with the pristine canals are picture perfect! The artisans of the region also are famous for glass making, their product being the splendid Murano glass!

What are you waiting for? You wouldn’t wanna keep Venice waiting, do you? Book a trip right away.

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