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Visit these 5 places in Rome for the best dining experience

With stunning architecture, majestic hills, beautiful parks, amazing city life and a rich culture and heritage that dates back to 2nd century BC, Rome truly deserves to be known as the Capital Mundi meaning capital of the world. After being given the name Eternal City by the Roman poet Tibullus, Rome has been christened with other names like City of Love and Land of Seven Seas.

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Today, Rome is a popular tourist destination in the world not just for its buildings, statues, bridges, art centres and remains of Romans architecture but also for the gastronomic delight it provides. The Italian cuisine traces its origin from the ancient Roman Empire where bread and fruits, and later leek, asparagus, lettuce and carrots was the staple food. For drinks, Romans went for wine.

Over time, Italian cuisine evolved – new dishes were discovered, pasta became central to it and soon dishes like Suppli, Bruschetta, Scaloppine and Trippa which originated in Rome came to be loved and eaten worldwide. Today the city offers everything from small food joints to cafes, restaurants, and bars – along with cuisines of different countries too! If you are in Rome, visit these top dine-in places in the city to enjoy the taste of authentic Italian food:

1. Ad Hoc

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Address: Via Ripetta 43, 00186 Rome, Italy

Welcome to Rome’s most popular luxury restaurant that serves up Italian, European and Mediterranean dishes. With an amazing location and a beautiful ambiance coupled with great service, this place offers a true fine dining experience.

The menu is divided into different sections like the Land Menu, Sea Menu, and Truffle Menu. The bar menu is equally extensive with personalized mini wine cellars available at request. Try ordering Burrata Ravioli, Potato Encrusted Sea Bass over Spinach and Suckling Pig – some of the bestselling dishes.

2. Tonnarello

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Address: Via della Paglia 1, 00153 Rome, Italy

This peppy Italian restaurant in Rome is filled with fun, laughter and great tasting food. The restaurant serves the city’s best Italian dishes at very reasonable rates. The staff is extremely courteous and although the restaurant is buzzing with people all through the day, they make sure that every person gets their food on time. The dishes prepared here are authentic and fresh. Try out their Calamari, Lasagna with Meatballs, Cacio e Pepe and Cestino di Supplì.

3. Pane e Salame

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Address: Via di Santa Maria in Via 19, 00187 Rome, Italy

This restaurant in Rome is an ultimate treasure for its cheap yet tasty food. The ambiance of the place carries hints of an ancient Roman charm. Trust the food served here to be fresh, tasty and absolute value for money. The waiters are very attentive and will help you pick your dish too. While Pane e Salame serves mouth-watering sandwiches, Pesto Chicken, Bruschetta, and Prosecco wine are also highly recommended.

4. D’Angelo – Gastronomia Caffe

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Address: Via Venti Settembre 25, 00187 Rome, Italy

Your Rome trip is really incomplete until you visit D’Angelo – Gastronomia Caffe. Not your usual café, you can enjoy everything from coffee to snacks to even a meal! The cafe’s ambiance is peaceful and its staff courteous. You can start off with a cup of coffee and then order Ciabattas, Prosciutto Crudo, and their flavoured cookies, cakes, pastries and bread.

5. La Pergola

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Address: Via Alberto Cadlolo 101 | Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, 00136 Rome, Italy

One of the world’s top 3 star Michelin restaurants, the rooftop La Pergola offers an out-of-the-world dining experience. With a classy décor, an amazing staff, and great food; the entire experience is worth spending on. Especially in the night when the city below is beautifully lit by the street lights.

The restaurant has various menus catering to different tastes – even gluten free – and even an extensive bar menu! Word on the street is some appetizers are complementary. Head here for an amazing once-in-a-lifetime dining experience.

Rome has always been a top place to visit for foodies and food connoisseurs. Although these places are our top picks, the real list is exhaustive. Have you been to Rome yet? If not, start planning your trip to Rome today with our experts today!


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