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Europe in March
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Europe in March – Weather, Places to Visit in March & More

Europe is a leading contributor to the world tourism industry. It has some rich history as well as has very high regard around the world for its fashion, technology, art and medicine and several other fields. This was once the home of many popular kingdoms, so it is very obvious that the traces of their empire are leftover. Which now serves as the major attractions that pull crowd from around the world. The whole vacation experience depends on the way you plan it.

Europe in March would be the right choice for people who want to spend some time strolling with less crowd. Europe in March has a lot to offer, each country has its own uniqueness. Often Europe is done in such a way that you get to cover two or three different countries. Without any further due, let’s take a look at the top 5 places to visit in Europe during the month of March.

Weather In Europe In March

Weather in Europe in March

March marks the end of winter and the start of a beautiful spring in Europe. This is kind of a transition month for the Europe weather. You get to see the best of nature in this period of the year. Still, you can expect snow during this period in a few places but not too much as this is not a peak winter season. The pleasant breeze makes it even more enjoyable for you to take a stroll along the history-filled streets in Europe. Anyways you still have beaches all the time in one place or the other at different times of the year.

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Best 5 Places To Visit In Europe In March

  • Tenerife, Spain
  • Rome, Italy
  • Paris, France
  • London, England
  • Lisbon, Portugal

1. Tenerife, Spain

Tenerife, Spain
Source: Google Images

This spectacular place is situated in Spain and is a go-to destination in Europe in March. You can soak under the sun for a while here. The whole beach will be filled with amenities to make a perfect sunbath. Since it is located n the Canary Island this is a weekend getaway for the locals. Even if you don’t know Spanish you could easily manage as you can see enough people who can speak English. People here are very friendly and open-minded.

The language would never be a hindrance. Of course, like all other beaches, this has some wonderful restaurants that provide lip-smacking food. The average temperature during this month is around 12 degree Celsius. Other attractions that you shouldn’t miss in Spain in March are Siam Park, Loro Park, Teide National Park, Teide.


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2. Rome, Italy

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How can I not mention the historical capital of Italy to visit in Europe in March? The first thing that comes to once mind when I say Rome would be the image of Colosseum. Should I say anything more that? Apart from the world-famous Colosseum, Rome also has many other architectural marvels which were built during the Roman empire. The city itself has a touch of Roman empire even now in their buildings.

The Trevi fountain is a well-known place for romantic marriages. Last but not least, the authentic pizza’s from its birthplace. Vatican city is another autonomous place to visit and the temperature in this place is quite pleasant around 16 degree Celsius. The other attractions one must not miss are St. Peter’s Basilica, Roman Forum, Pantheon.


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3. Paris, France

Eiffel towers
Source: Google Images

The city of Love, Paris is more often visited by couples in Europe in March. First attraction picks itself into this blog, Eiffel Tower. You get to see the paranormal city view from the tower in the evenings. Next up, you have Louvre museum which has the world-famous Mona Lisa and other exotic paintings. Let alone these things, it would be pleasant to even take a nice stroll with your loved one in any of the streets under the lights in the evening.

If I have to use a phrase to explain the beauty of this place – ‘Even the cemeteries are aesthetic in Paris’. The Seine riverboat ride is one of the must-do activities in Paris. Taking a boat ride in the Seine river in the evenings is one of the best things to do after spending an entire day touring around Paris. The temperature during this month stays just above 13 degrees.


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4. London, England

Great Britain is one of the highlights of tourism in Europe in March. The capital of England, London has played a vital role in inspiring many political setups all over the world. You can take a nice stroll down the Westminster Abbey and next up reach the London Eye.

The London Bridge is another must-visit sight. In the evenings, you have the Cruise in the River Thames, the lifeline of London. The temperature of this place is around 12 degree Celsius for the most part. Other marque attractions that one shouldn’t miss in this place in the month of march are Tate Modern, British Museum and Big Ben.


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5. Lisbon, Portugal

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Portugal is to the east end of Europe has some of Europe’s best attractions. It is one of the hottest places in Europe in March. Lisbon, in particular, would be the best choice. The good thing about this is that the cost of living in this place is one of the lowest in the whole of Europe.

This is the place where the world’s oldest voyagers were born. This place played some serious role in the colonialism. And the buildings with their vibrant nature is sure to give you an awesome experience. The temperature in this place stays around 12-degree celsius. The other attractions are Tower of Belem, Jeronimos Monastery and Castelo de S. Jorge.

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And the list has to come to an end, sadly. But want to know more about the places to visit in Europe in March? Check out our guides page. Want to know the best combination of cities to visit on your next Europe Tour Packages? We at Pickyourtrail help travellers with customizable itineraries to all their dream destinations. Get in touch with our destination experts to get the best advice on how to go about the planning. Happy Planning:)

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